Free Wordpress Magazine Themes 2016

Download free Wordpress Magazine topics 2016

GreatMag WordPress theme is one of our favorites as it offers a clean and modern design for larger blogs and all kinds of magazines. The Envince is a drag & drop magazine Responsive WordPress Theme. Explore over 20 more free WordPress themes for 2017. This year we show you the top 10 of such topics. olorMag is a free magazine WordPress theme for 2016.

60 Best Free WordPress Magazine Topics

Like you probably already know, the new standard WordPress topic is a magazine topic.... Whilst the new standard topic of a magazine styled look was an interesting and welcome step, of course still not exactly to your taste, even if you happened to be looking for a magazine styled topic.

Don't be afraid, we have 60 great free choices for you. You' re sure to find at least one who will do for you what the new TwentyFourteen topic couldn't do for you.

10 free magazines WordPress Themes 2017

We' ll do it again and search the vast WordPress themes for you. Our 10 fantastic finds for WordPress Themes magazines have been collected this past weekend (go to the themes folder to find these gems). Magazine-templates are refreshed every day (mostly) and pictures are an important part of the layouts and designs.

A fast-reacting WordPress magazine, Fluid Magazine will help you build a beautiful WordPress page that your users will love. Ideal for newspapers, magazines, groceries, newspapers, technology, virus free contents and web sites. Fully packed with fantastic functions that you can use to make a magazine topic that' s truly something special.

With a fully fluids-compliant lay-out that adapts to different display resolutions, it looks amazing on any machine. Om3Magazine is a cutting-edge, fast-reacting WordPress topic with beautiful and vibrant colours that can turn your blogs into a cutting-edge on-line magazine or dynamically updated website that is particularly suited for newspapers, magazines, publishers, shops, blogs, company blogs and any type of website such as editing web pages, sport magazines, foods magazines,

Magazine for political, global affairs, economic, business affairs, non-profit, media, consumer, military, technological, lifestyle, food, recipe, sport, schools, technologies, sciences, gadgets, travelling, hints, reviews, affiliate blogs, affiliate email ing, tours and trips, automatic, comedy, games, entertainment, music, photographs, political, journalistic, lifestyle or anything else you can think of.

Made by Madd Magazine, a fully reactive and WordPress topic for magazines, newspaper or blog. Made by Madd Magazine has a built-in, fast reacting slide control with either picture or movie options. Easy to use and set up Madd Magazine is a nice magazine encoded magazine look and feel for professionals blogging. Completely reactive, easy and easy to use, to give your website the look of a magazine.

Managerage Issue Based Magazine is a fast-reacting topic developed for publishing houses. Using free plug-ins you can post your contents in editions, otherwise it works as a basic blogs topic. There are several topic choices to help you customise the look and feel of your website.

The topic is also translateable, so that you can localise it in the desired languages with ease. The MH Magazine is one of the most favorite free-reacting magazine, WordPress related news and blog themes for today's free web magazine, vibrant newsg sites, pro weblog, weblog, and other content sites. A free magazine topic that's great for global affairs, political, lifestyle, clothing, entertainment, business, sport, gifts, travel and more.

And if you want to get more fantastic functionality, customizable widgets and useful customization tools for your website, you can update to the MH Magazine Premier Edition and take your website to the next step. Or you can read more about this vibrant magazine WordPress topic on the MH Themes website.

The Gambit is a sophisticated and extremely versatile WordPress topic that is perfect for any newsgroup, magazine or blogs website. Simple to use magazine homepage templates allow you to build a high-performance magazine within a few moments. NewsMag is the WordPress topic that fits your need to simply build the magazine and your message pages.

You can use it to create blogs and your own pages. Nearly the entire WordPress mail file is supported for this topic to clearly show the posting on your website. The topic provides the ability to view the latest posting as a heading and support the user-defined sozialemenü. The entire magazine styling in this topic is driven by the Widget so that they are displayed in a unique way.

Globe is a versatile, neat, easy to use WordPress topic, perfectly suited for any message or magazine website. Nouminous is a neat and stylish WordPress magazine. It' a fast-moving WordPress topic in the magazine format, suited for newspapers, magazines, groceries, technologies and web sites with virtual contents. Design is easy to customize using the customization features available in the configurator.

The design was created with visitors' commitment in view, and features a clear lay-out and excellent typeography to produce a beautifully looking website that combines to deliver a great viewing experience. What's more, the website is easy to use and has a high degree of usability. This topic is created with Google Geo in the back of your head, so you can get to the top of the Google rankings with ease. This is the ultimative, fast-reacting magazine in the Free WordPress spirit.

Designed for on-line magazine, newspapers, publications, private blog and any type of website. It' fully based on the Customizer, which allows you to adjust most themes simply with previewing. It' s fully widgetized topic, so the user can administer the site with the help of easy-to-use widgets.

It' a versatile and high-performance design that offers the user many customisation options. The Maggie Lite is a neat and up to date WordPress magazine. It' perfect for newspapers, magazines, on-line magazines, blogs or face-to-face websites. It' an innovative, feature-rich, free WordPress topic and is fully reactive.

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