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This design was developed specifically for working with WordPress page creators such as Beaver Builder & Elementor. This Drag & Drop Page Builder plugin might be just right for you.

Which is the best free page creator for WordPress?

In my opinion the best Wordpress Page Builder is this one. The first time I looked at the Page Builder, I was amazed what functions it has. Also the free copy of Page Builder even has many functions that other major page developers have in their plans. Any time WordPress publishes new updates, legacy page creators must ensure that they are supporting new Wordpress editions and older Wordpress editions, as all Wordpress end users do not upgrade their Wordpress, but they can do so.

Being the latest addition to our database, the creators of our software are not concerned about the backwards compatible nature of their plugins. Many of the page builders are packed with features we don't even need, which makes us annoying because we loose our focused on what we're trying to achieve. Being the latest page creator, it has an easy-to-use user surface and is also clear because it only displays option during edit, rather than constantly bombing us with them.

Brizy's Style Dashboard lets you use this function to customize any color as a globale color or your favourite fonts to globale fonts, if you want, you can customize the color of your whole website with one click, for example, you have written some entries that you don't like afterwards, instead of going to each posting and customizing the fonts with Brizy's globale style options, you can customize the fonts of all your Brizy websites with one click.

It provides desktops and mobiles views, so you can see exactly what the page you want to create looks like on the desktops and mobiles screens. In this way, you can create highly reactive pages for your desktops and mobiles and optimise your page to meet your needs before you go online.

The Brizy Page Builder plug-in stores your changes online, i.e. you do not have to store your changes manual by pressing the button below every change you make to your page. In contrast to other Wordpress page building software where you have to store your update manual. Currently there is a preferential advance booking rebate and even now you can buy Brizy Pro[1] forever.

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