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Free personal blog in the morning. BloogoLife Simple and free personal blog. blog way clean & elegant topic. Reactive WordPress websites in minutes compared to PRO/Ultimate for free.

Several of them are free, but work like a premium version.

Free WordPress Thèmes pour un Content Effective Marketings efficace

You probably already know that WordPress is a popular CMS and content marketingers love it.... Selon has earned on WpTavern, 50% de tous les thèmes WordPress sur ThemeForest ont gagné jusqu'à $1,000 en profits parce que les experts débutants, avancés et en marketing en ligne ont besoin de thèmes. Are you on WordPress? A recent study by ManageWp announced that "22% of U.S. registered domain names run on WordPress.

"So that each of these domains can run actively on WordPress, they need WordPress themes. The question is, "Comment choisir le bon thème WordPress s'il y en a tant ? "Did you know that success as a content author goes far beyond writing good articles ? There are many factors that make sure that you always play at the top.

Your attitude to work, your marketing technique and, most importantly, the look of your blog - that's what plays a key role. I often talk about improving your WordPress loading time. 95% des conversations tournent autour du thème que vous utilisez. To be exact, WordPress représente plus de 50% du marché CMS.

Investirng in a professional look topic is important, but what if you're a beginner and would rather have a free WordPress topic that still looks nice ? Can you find one? Of course you can. I decided to write this article because I get a lot of emails from readers who would like to know where to find the right WordPress topic.

Without to be afraid, voici une liste de 32 thèmes WP professionnels que vous pouvez télécharger gratuitement : It' s time to make your blog shine. If you' re looking for a simple, clean and professional looking topic, Sparkling might be just the thing for you.

It was developed with Bootstrap 3. This modern topic has a fronttend framework feature that helps to optimize the blog to look good on smartphones, Desktops, tablests and other devices. This WordPress thème est unique par rapport aux millions d'autres là-bas en raison de sa conception pixel-parfait, des curseurs plein écran et des widgets que vous allez adorer.

If you' re looking for a helpful SEO-friendly topic, that's a stroke of luck. Googles n'a pas d'autre moyen que de suivre votre blog. For effective content marketing, you need a WordPress topic that gives you control so you can add, edit, delete plug-ins, and divide and edit the layout as you see fit.

Whether you're interested in using the Sparkling WordPress theme for personal or business purposes, you've hit the jackpot with it. It is a versatile topic for various trades like education, business, web design, marketingmarketing, health & fitness and many others. It was developed with Bootstrap 3 and comes with an optional full-width slider.

This is very handy when you are building your first business and portfolio website. and will inspire you to enjoy the best side of content marketing. I like this topic very much because it is very clean and imbattable and will enhance your personal brand. The great modern topic peut vous aider à améliorer votre réputation en ligne grâce à ses grandes fonctionnalités.

Your online reputation is something you should continue to build, because 87% of people believe that your reputation is a very important part of your company's reputation. The " Daszling " WordPress thème inclut des optimisations pour tous les principaux plugins, tels que All-in-one séo pack, JetPack, Contact Form 7 et plus. EDDIE VOICE est un thème libre et professionnel.

Red Captik est doté d'une fonctionnalité moderne qui vous permet de structurer vos pages d'accueil et de rendre visible la "ligne de pliage" des pages. You can use Red Captik for almost anything. I know a gaming enthusiast who uses this theme and a tabloid blogger who uses it. If you have useful videos on YouTube, you could use this topic to guide visitors to your channel.

Tovelify is another free WordPress topic. lt a des fonctionnalités that give you the possibility to change the topic layout (full, no sidebar, wide, etc.). and you can use it virtually for any topic or business goal. For example, if you are a content marketinger, show the value of your products and highlight your best work so that it can be enjoyed by your readers.

It' s a perfect structured design with a featured slider that you can turn on and off with a single click. The flexibility offered by this topic gives you the opportunity to edit the layout until it meets your expectations. You can also use a wallpaper to customize your theme to your brand.

The " Ascent " WordPress themme was designed with flexibility as a basic idea. This means it displays well on tablets, smartphones, laptops and desktop computers of all sizes. THeC utilise une technologie innovante basée sur CSS3 et HTML5. In other words, vos images seront optimisées et se démarqueront des autres. If you are a photographer, information marketinger or content marketinger, you can use Ascent to optimize user experiences.

Describe a été téléchargé plus de 30 000 fois jusqu'à présent, ce qui en fait l'un des thèmes WordPress gratuits et professionnels les plus populaires. In addition, this topic is translatable. Vous trouble à créer le bon contenu pour vos clients ? If you want to attract and serve audiences with your blog, you need a variety of content.

Selon has difficulty of whatech, 9% de tous les spécialistes du marketing B2B ont des difficultés à produire des contenus diversifiés. But let's assume that you've created a variety of content. You need the right WordPress theme and Auberge could be just just for you. This impressive theme is free, professionally designed and is currently used on more than 30,000 blogs. No !

The overwhelming quality and usefulness of Auberge makes it a one-stop topic for anyone who wants to expand their content marketing area. An important reason why you should consider this topic is that your content will be compatible with high resolution retina displays. One challenge that most website owners face when trying to show their best content is the changing scaling and resulting compatibility problem, which can greatly reduce the value of the content.

and café websites. Le thème s'inscrit dans n'importe quel créneau, mais il convient probablement mieux aux restaurants et aux sites Web de cafés. As you build your pages, you can use the Beaver Page Builder plugin. You can download and use the Lite version for free. is an advanced WordPress topic based on CSS3 and HTML5. It helps you to keep your layout simple because it uses a single page to display various information in a professional way.

As a stylish, modern, simple and flexible topic, Oneetone gives you the opportunity to change and personalize your user experience and other elements while making a good impression on your customers. One-tone is great for business. You can customize different areas from the admin panel (for example gallery, about us and services).

Last but not least, le thème Onetone WordPress est topic l'optimisation d'optimisation SEO. This gives search engine users the ability to find your content and websites. If you like, you can add Parallax scrolling, your own backgrounds, different fonts and icons. The " Awaken " WordPress thème est gratuit et a une note de 4 sur 5 étoiles.

If you like minimalist designs, this is the theme for you. Its large white areas emphasize your content and eliminate unnecessary distractions. The layout of this theme was built with the bootstrap framework, with smartphone compatibility in mind. Ce mobile en particulier bénéficiera de votre blog si vous utilisez ce thème. theoretically-internal vous offre encore plus de flexibilité et la possibilité de changer la couleur du thème, les attributs de police et les liens.

Lite est un thème WordPress élégant, flexible et moderne qui satisfait vos besoins de content marketeer car il a un code propre et validé. That is, no matter how minimally your technical skills are, you can edit and structure your topic so that it displays your content well. With some basic HTML/PHP knowledge, you can also structure your content area.

If you' ; t un développeur expérimenté, vous n'avez pas à vous inquiéter, parce que le panneau d'option vous permet de changer vos paramètres, y compris votre logo, couleurs, liens de médias sociaux et plus. Another feature of the Constructzine Lite WorthPress theme is that it gives you the rare privilege of customizing various areas of your homepage, such as Services, About Us, and Products.

who want to position themselves as experts in the industry of their choice. Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome). TSMAG est un thème WordPress prêt à l'emploi avec une structure de grille. Authors, les auteurs de contenu trouvent ce thème utile parce qu'il positionne votre contenu pour qu'il devienne so that it becomes viral as quickly as possible.

The design layout has been optimized to captivate readers so they can explore the site further. sSSMAG was created in 2015. In addition to browser compatibility, the spacesmag support also videos that can play an important role in explaining what your blog is about, rather than simply using your featured images on a post page.

and has been developed for book reviews. If you use this theme, you can review each book, display it in the correct order, and give other users the opportunity to write feedback about their favorite book. As a book reviewer, vous pouvez faire de l'argent à partir de votre contenu de blog avec des liens publicitaires Amazon, ainsi que de promouvoir des liens publicitaires et des livres d'autres magasins en ligne.

BuchRev Lite possède de puissantes options de thème qui vous permettent d'éditer et de personnaliser la fonctionnalité du thème en fonction de vos besoins sans avoir à toucher le code. Remember, quand il s'agit de boutons d'appel à l'action ou d'un formulaire d'inscription, le positionnement joue un rôle clé dans l'augmentation de votre taux de clics, l'augmentation de votre taux de conversion, ou la réduction des sauts depuis votre site.

For the same reason, the positioning of your book and product reviews is critical to how appealing the site is to your users. Most new bloggers are looking for a WordPress topic that displays their portfolios and patterns so potential customers can easily find them. If that' s what you're looking for that you're looking for, Esteem is for you.

Estheem est un thème simple qui offre un nombre illimité d'options de couleurs pour que vous puissiez changer l'apparence de votre site pour le distinguer de la concurrence. One of the themes is designed to showcase your products, portfolio or services.

You can use the Options panel to upload your custom logo and specify a page title. If you want to have a secure foothold in the market, promote a loyal audience, and establish your brand online, you should leverage the custom header image. Who says you can't find a modern WordPress theme it with a premium look for your site ?

The Accelerate themme sends a strong, clear message to your target audience with its simple and point to point design that perfectly flatters your content (videos, blog entries, audio, etc.).

In addition, the topic is Retina-Ready in order to make the site appealing to mobile device users and to reduce the jump rate. It' s time to personnalisez votre blog avec un thème professionnel qui attire l'attention. Ammle est un thème WordPress gratuit, minimaliste et flexible qui offre de nombreuses fonctionnalités et de nombreuses options pour personnaliser votre mise en page et définir les bonnes dimensions pour votre page.

Building your personal brand is an essential part of a successful online business. So it is necessary to customize your site with your professional logo and a relevant headline to suit your target audience. The Ample Multipurpose WordPress themme fits business and private users and combines well with all industries.

However, it is particularly useful for authors, freelance authors and book reviewers. If you are familiar with Copyblogger, you will agree that their theme looks similar to this one. I know a few bloggers who started with this theme, but changed it later when their business grew. To let you know that this free WordPress topic offers a great experience for end users, as well as premium functionality and a chic look.

It is 100% responsive, which means that the texts and images are displayed well on all terminals. A frontend framework qui est flexible, convivial et professionnel. The Homepage widget areas allow you control your sidebar, header, navigation menu and footer individually. There is also a advertising widget that can turn your content into money with AdSense, ClickBank, CJ and other platforms.

It is a free and professional theme from What qui distingue ce thème des autres est que vous pouvez structurer la mise en page de votre blog comme vous le souhaitez. Your category page n'a pas besoin d'être une liste d'éléments ennuyeux. You can add the right content and attract your audience. Out of the topic control panel, you can quickly select alternate header templates.

Localization support is also available as Quickstart is designed to attract international as well as local site owners. There is also another feature that makes this theme unique on the Gabfire module. It' s a professional looking theme that could have been sold for $39 or more. But you can download and use it for free.

It has a clever'above-the-fold' slider that shows off your best and latest work. If you are an author, you can use him to promote your book. The free Transhik WordPress themme shows your content in a very clear and professional looking standard font par défaut. If you are a casual blogger or online entrepreneur and need a sophisticated topic that includes all the modern features, then Transhik might be for you.

As the name suggests, Onesie est un thème WordPress simple et gratuit. It is a 1 page and responsive topic that can be used for business and private pages. It adjusts to different screen sizes, allowing you to display your text and content on iPads, iPhones, tablets and other mobile devices, including SmartWatches.

You can change the wallpaper according to your wishes. The header images can also be customized to your taste and you can create custom navigation menus, choose the font that suits you, and change the layout for optimal user experience. Oneesie is browser compatible, ce qui signifie que l'affichage fonctionne parfaitement dans tous les navigateurs courants - que votre groupe cible utilise Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, IE Explorer ou tout autre navigateur.

It includes other standard topic features such as topic options, automatic updates and translation reader functionality. You can use Path, a stylish WordPress theme, if you are working on an author or magazine website. A strong feature of Path is that you can use the built-in, custom WordPress header to control the feel of your page, logo, and other brand aspects as long as it understands the WordPress and hybrid code.

Whatever votre entreprise, tant que vous avez une passion pour le développement de votre communauté, l'écriture de contenu viral, et la génération de pistes pour votre entreprise, vous pouvez utiliser le thème Chemin. If your topic looks professional, it gives you the feeling of being at the top.

That you can download free. That' s it. That' s it. est un puissant thème WordPress premium que vous pouvez télécharger gratuitement. It was developed by ZJTThemes. It' s one of those themes that could easily have been sold for $39 or more, but the company decided to release it for free. You can download it for your next blog while it's still free.

It is compatible avec les appareils mobiles, SEO-friendly et comprend des panneaux d'option thème pour personnaliser la mise en page de votre blog afin que votre contenu attire l'attention. The Calenotis Magazine WordPress themme is free. lt est idéal pour tous les types de projets.

But Calenotis is a popular topic in the health and fitness industry. The majority of Internet marketers, however, do not know this theme. No. The good news is that you have the opportunity to use it immediately while it's still free. The full width sliders showcase your best work, latest pictures, upcoming events and more.

to a minimalist principle : "Leave out unnecessary things ! The default size of the main text may not be perfectly readable, but with some HTML and CSS experience, you can redize the text to fit fit your users. The Magi Porfolio WordPress Topic ressemble beaucoup au Thème Transhik.

Magic est gratuit, réceptif et dispose d'un curseur de page d'accueil élégant qui vous permet de montrer votre meilleur travail. Diese est compatible avec les outils et plugins web tools and plugins modern. I mean, this themme' s great fast. Your users will thank you for that. It is a truly modern theme used by thousands of site owners and fits well in the modern business world.

The Typress est un thème WordPress libre et coloré. It has been found that certain colors can increase the number of clicks on call to action buttons and thus increase sales. If you' re looking for a free topic that's colorful, agile, and has all the useful features you need to build your business, Typeress is the solution.

It was developed by Arm Studio and is made available to the world free of charge. La compatibility des navigateurs est une caractéristique qui rend ce thème spécial. No matter what browser you or your visitors use, they will have no problem reading your content or watching and downloading videos. Even on mobile devices, your users will enjoy navigating through your site, thanks to the theme's mobile-friendly.

Don't think that the iPad Fieden WordPress topic is limited to iPads and portable devices only. It ? C'est également grand pour les blogs de technologie. Check out the example of the popular TechCrunch blog. Sites like these are designed from the ground up to appeal to technology enthusiasts and start-up entrepreneurs. At the same time, iPad Fieden est conçu pour aider les utilisateurs à naviguer sur votre site comme ils naviguent et lire votre contenu utile.

If your content is not helpful, users will not react as they should, no matter what your topic looks like. So if you decide to use this free WordPress topic to build your business, you should be ready to publish high-quality content on a regular basis. If you do, the great features of iPad Fieden will bear fruit and position you high among the go-to experts in your niche.

If you' re out on business (un site qui vous rapporte de l'argent), vous devriez penser à un thème qui a été conçu spécialement pour cela. There are several ways to turn your blog into money. Do you know that the way in which you place your advertising links, banners and other prompts plays an important role in your conversion rate ?

The " business " WordPress thème peut être gratuit, mais il est livré avec une fonctionnalité premium qui le rend plus facile de faire de la publicité sur votre blog comme un pro. You can customize your logo, header image, background color, and other images. The drag and drop slider interface is another powerful element your visitors will fall in love with.

It' s a magazine themed and offers features that gives you give the opportunity to optimize your homepage and add important areas like About Us, Our Portfolio, Products and Careers. The image slider on the homepage is ideally to showcase your latest completed projects, clients you've worked with, testimonials, or works you're proud of.

You can upload your logo in the header area and it will be clearly displayed because the space provided for it is large. The free Eliaten WordPress themme is mobile-friendly, SEO-optimisé et s'adapte aux blogs privés, professionnels ou d'entreprise. At some point in your blogging career, you'll need to focus on publishing the right content, attracting loyal audiences, and answering their questions.

At this point, vous pouvez ne pas avoir besoin d'un thème de fantaisie à moins que vous n'avez pas assez d'argent pour acheter un thème prime. However, you can use the basic theme. Mmm. You might think that there is nothing special about this free'Basic' theme, but that' s not true. If you' re just getting started with WordPress, you need a theme to learn from and nothing challenging that requires a high level of programming experience.

The layout of the free Basic WordPress topic is super simple and gives you freedom to customize the look and feel of your site. You can do this with your themeify option panel. has been given features to take your content marketing career to take your content marketing career to next level. The lightbox gallery, flux RSS, menu en bas de page, 5 skins thématiques différents, icônes sociales, support des thèmes enfants et bien plus encore amélioreront votre expérience de blogging et celle de vos utilisateurs.

As the name suggests, design is a free topic and I've seen it on several industry blogs. A challenge when it comes to content marketing is to create appealing content. </ i>. If you are successful in creating the right content, how do you best present it to your audience ?

Which format would be best for you ? Of course, asking your audience is the easiest way to find out what matters to them. What if you could bring it to the point where you use different widgets for the header, sidebar, footer and individual entries to show different content like videos, slide presentations, blog entries and e-books and develop your site based on real statistics ?

Ensuite, then you can track how many clicks each of these contents gets. You don't need magic to tell you what your users want, because numbers don't lie. GeneFes est le thème WordPress idéal pour votre blog de niche. If you have a blog with reviews about digital cameras, you can use this topic to showcase your best snapshots, edited photos, and more.

Diese a une approche Content-First (Contenu d'abord). It places a thumbnail on the left side while your blog post appears on the right side. The right sidebar is clean and optimized to direct clicks to your advertising and sponsor banners. Of course you know that more clicks bring more money. WordPress de Life for two reasons :

It was mainly developed for mobile devices and includes an extended option panel for structuring the layout. Live Wire possède une fonctionnalité qui vous permet de personnaliser plusieurs éléments, tels que votre menu de navigation, les mises en page, les CSS et même votre arrière-plan. and more. Le thème comprend également des miettes de pain, des messages collants, la compatibilité des traductions, des images vedettes et plus encore.

The free Lola WordPress topic a été spécialement développé pour les blogueurs qui veulent améliorer leur blog. Thought has been designed to adapt to the latest version of WordPress. It' s been modernized and tumbler-influenced. Avoir your blog un thème qui ressemble à une page Web 2.0 peut améliorer votre blog.

If this Social Media Web 2.0 platform is Tumblr, then you know that your business is on the way to something big. As a high-quality topic, Lola is very sleek, but the developers have deliberately kept the design minimist so that the content is always in the foreground.

It is 99% smartphone compatible, ce qui signifie que n'importe quel appareil peut afficher le thème parfaitement. Other features you'll probably like include the right sidebar, two columns, and the ability to change your page layout and design. One of the world's most known themes with over 1 million downloads (Vingt-quatre, l'un des thèmes les plus connus dans le monde).

The framework for this free WordPress topic is based on the latest Booststrap Framwork. It is a light and completely responsive topic based on a grid layout (it is well represented on any mobile and desktop device). You' ; ll aime le thème lisse qui offre deux images personnalisables et dont l'option de poteau en vedette vous permet de le structurer exactement comme vous voulez.

It is a good platform for your content and the compatibility with galleries and videos makes this topic one of the favorite of many celebrities. The free Fullby WordPress topic is thoroughly search engine optimized and offers rich features for your individual post pages, as well as a custom sidebar. ~32 thèmes WordPress professionnels et gratuits pour rendre votre marketing de contenu plus efficace.

If you take your time in choosing the best theme, especially at the beginning, then you'll set a firm foot in your niche. Your brand will be noticed by your target group and believe me, this is inestimable. I could talk about this topic forever, but I know there are thousands, if not millions, of free WordPress themes out there that you've used or found useful.

Tell us the name of the theme in the comment box and why you choose this theme. No. 2.

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