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A hand-picked collection of the best free portfolio themes for business, portfolio, corporate, private and all other websites. And if you're looking for a little more functionality, check out our list of the best premium portfolio themes. Subjects are all appealing.

Twenty free portfolio WordPress themes for 2018

Reflect on your portfolio website and what your objectives are. Do you want it to be an on-line galery, a blogs that describes your work in detail or a mix of both? Fortunately, WordPress makes it simple to build and maintain different kinds of portfolio sites. We have a large number of free and paying WordPress portfolio themes that you can use, but we know how difficult it can be to find this one.

That' s why we have created a free WordPress Portfolio Themes page for anyone from professional photography to art, blogging, design, and other creativity. No matter whether you are relaunching your existing portfolio or launching a new portfolio website, you can use one of the following themes. The WordPress themes are provided free of cost by reputable WordPress themes firms.

Even though the articles contain only 20 free WordPress portfolio themes in all, you are sure to find something nice and neat. A good portfolio website, we believe, is one that has a clear layout and is simple to use. It is also important to use an appealing and SEO-friendly WordPress topic to make sure your website is optimised for both desktops and travel.

And, of course, all the topics listed below fulfil these demands. Eight Degree is a great free portfolio WordPress topic that is perfect for portfolio, businesses, corporations, freelancers, agencies, blogs and any other advanced or imaginative sites. The topic is entirely based on customized tool, which have user-friendly customized option that make it easier for your customers to create the website quickly and simply.

Its design is fully browser friendly and well optimised, which will help your site stay ahead of Google. There are many stunning feature and function that are simple to use. Main characteristics of Eight-Degree: The Sydney WordPress topic is extremely adaptable, high-performance, developed with best practice, and provides everything you need to build a compelling website.

It is fully Elementor compliant, has the ability to set the backdrop to your palladium and puts your whole site in the shade of style and reactivity. Sydney' s main feature: it is a high-performance, highly reactive, retina-capable WordPress topic that offers enhanced customisation capabilities and elegant home page areas.

It is perfect for many different kinds of sites such as businesses, portfolios, e-commerce, shops, businesses, shops, personal sites and so on. The topic is well processed taking into account all the latest industry practice in the field of advanced search engine optimization, and this is a topic that is perfect for almost all WordPress plug-ins. Main characteristics of Shapely: Here is a really minimalistic WordPress topic from Dessign. net that is neat and appealing at the same as well.

It' perfectly suited for many kinds of sites, from face-to-face blogging to portfolio sites to agencies sites. phones. The topic is portable and SEO-friendly. Brickwork is a free and easy way to present your work and your own unique styles, and the best part is that you should not be an expert designers or developers to create your website with this subject in mind.

Are you an artists who wants to resell photographs, illustration or other works of art on-line? Free Shop may be the right place for you. The WooCommerce topic is free, straightforward and easily customizable. They have everything you need to turn your website visitor into a customer: from attractive designs and clear layouts to outstanding user-friendliness and intuitional navigational ease.

The Free Shop is fast reacting. No matter if your site is using smart phones, tables or desktops, your site will react when you create it with this versatile eCommerce themed. In search of the ultimative WordPress-ressources? There is a hand-picked listing of themes, plug-ins, WordPress developers, theme/plug-in writers, shops, markets, WP customisation and supply firms, WP vouchers and offers, etc. for ease of use.

Next on our free portfolio themes page is vertical. It' a highly reactive WordPress topic from, perfectly suited for blogs, companies, non-profit organizations and start-ups. Using your website with us, you can make a website that will attract traffic, work on all your equipment and be simple to use. No matter whether you want to set up a face-to-face or company logo, a portfolio website or a newsgroup website, Vertik meets your needs now.

This is a free portfolio WordPress topic for photographs, artist and other creative people who want to show big pictures on their web pages. This topic is interoperable across browsers and devices. There is a permanent navigational toolbar that makes it easier for the user to search the topic and find the information they are looking for.

The Gallery is a portfolio WordPress topic that does not cost anything. It' great for designer, photographer, agency and more. Topic looks neat and appealing. It' also simple to manipulate, which means you'll be spending very little of your attention adjusting the look of your website. The Gallery allows you to build a contemporary, classy portfolio for your website.

The portfolio that's right for your company. Look at this free WordPress topic if you are considering creating a nice, user-friendly portfolio website. Design is simple to edit: customise the look of your website with topic options and your portfolio will look the way you want it to. In order to make sure your work gets the visibility it merits, use this WordPress topic to help establish an efficient Web site.

This is the next point on today's WordPress Portfolio Themes mailing list. What is it? It is a really neat subject for creating a good looking website, be it a private portfolio, a corporate website or an advertising website. This topic was designed with legibility in view. You can use Screens to publish your creativity and keep your portfolio website up to date.

Generic WP is a free WordPress topic that can be used to operate any website from a portfolio website to a company website to an advertising website. There are two kinds of design layouts: a full-width and a box-type. WordPress themed customizer has been incorporated into WP Generic Design, making it more attractive to designers and website users.

The EightPhoto is a wonderful free WordPress themed photo book designed for professional photo professionals, digitizers, and other creatives who want to share their work with the world over. It' s fast and comes with several pages (homepage, gallery page, blog page, team page, testimonial page, etc.) and laysouts (a boxed and a full width layout).

Thanks to CS3 motion, palladium effect and other funky things, the subject looks interactively and trendily. The Eight Sec is a free one-page WordPress topic with eight chapters (Home, About Us, Portfolio, Team, CTA, Blog, Testimonial and Contacts Us). It' a good addition for portfolio sites, as well as web sites, agencies and the like.

Design is simple to edit: you can easily manipulate it using an intuitively WYSIWYG user surface. Comes with a built-in menus, a fast reactive slide control, and CSS3 animation. The Ripple also matches our free WordPress themes for the portfolio. It' a minimalistic one-page WordPress topic tailor-made for designer, artist, photographer and other creatives.

Design is reactive, translatable, cross-browser interoperable, and has all the customizations you need: Home page, Features, Portfolio, About us, Blog, Contact. Integrated custom izable themes allow you to create and administer your website really quickly. If you have any questions about the installation or editing of the topic, you can always find detailed information in the corresponding document.

Ripple is actually available in two versions: free and per. PerallaxSome is a classy one-page wordpress topic. It' perfectly suited for fotographers, Freelancer, digital agents, start-ups, etc.. A full -width slide bar, multi-section (Home, Team, Services, Portfolio, Blog, Client, Testimonials and Contact), full -width maps and fun animation give your site an interactivity feeling.

PerallaxSome is a multi-purpose topic, so you can use it to create a portfolio, a website for a creativity company, a website for your company or a target page. This is a free WordPress topic photograph. Filled with functions like a full-width slide bar, a gooey menue, para-lax scroll, several homepage and galery-page layout, etc., it's all there for you.

It' content is ideal for on-line portfolio, photo blog, photo blog, photo blog and other image-heavy sites. FotoGraphy is built into the custom izable themes customizer, which allows you to modify the design via a WYSIWYG user-interface, and modify the design to your liking. One of the newest WordPress themes on our roster is Orsey.

You can navigate easily thanks to the intuitional way of navigating. Additional functions includes a full width side bar and full width page layout, a wide range of postal page routing choices, as well as full width page spacing and social widgets. The Astrid is a free WordPress topic suitable for both portfolio and online businesses. Design is cross-browser compliant and translatable; it also includes a full-width headers picture, a gooey interface, user-defined widgets, a full-featured blogs and many other optionalities.

Astrid' built-in WordPress theming customizer allows you to customize the design to look exactly the way you want it to look. Extensive tutorials are also available with useful hints for installing and setting up the topic. The West is an elegantly designed portfolio WordPress topic.

Comes with a full-width headers picture, a gooey meal, a fat print typeface, a full-featured blogs and several paragraphs (Our Work, Team, Blogs, Contact Us, etc.). You can use West for a portfolio or an advertising website. It has a clear, concise look. It' simple to adapt it to your needs, thanks to the WordPress themme customizer.

Frame is a free WordPress portfolio thread that lets you share your best pictures or other work. You can even resell your works on-line as the subject is WooCommerce-ready. Featuring a user-defined head picture, easy to navigate interface, soft key menus, a sleek portfolio area, and more, the frame topic is a great way to create your own personalized photo.

In addition, it is simple to work with thanks to the integrated Live Customizer. Incidentally, the themes are available in a free and a professional edition. The Emmet is a neat WordPress topic designed for enterprise and portfolio Web sites. Indeed, if you want to advertise your works on your website, it won't be a hassle as the design is WooCommerce-ready.

Immet is fast, light and easy to use. There comes with ready-to-use blogs page and several chapters inclusive portfolio, team, testimonials, price table, contact, about us, etc.. All this makes Emmet one of the best choices on our free WordPress portfolio themes page. Unnwind is a free multi-purpose topic suitable for any website, from a photoblog to a face-to-face website to a commercial website.

It' s fast reacting and WooCommerce capable. There' a neat blogs look and feel and a number of great functions like a permanent navigator panel, a sleek picture slide, a number of Widgets (a Contacts page, a pricing chart and a Call to action button) and much more. All this makes Unwind a great place for a photographer, blogger, fashion blogger and other creator who wants to exchange images and thoughts on a frequent base.

The Piclectic is a classy WordPress topic for the portfolio. It' s an appealing topic and makes it simple to upload and upload pictures for sharing. They are available in both the free and the paid version. We have a special bonuses topic for all of you, we have a bonuses topic for you in our collections. Although this topic is not a portfolio topic, it is one of the best blogs and magazines topics available.

What we're discussing here is VMagazine. Mmagazine is a WordPress topic created with the latest technologies and an intuitive user interface. Now you can build any blog/magazine/newspaper website with this topic - easy, fast and without programming knowledge. This is a high-performance, low weight topic, the VMagazine is a topic you can definitely profit from if you are looking forward to building a news/magazine/blog website.

Now I will take you through some of the outstanding characteristics of this theme: This is a quick look at one of the demonstrations of the theme: I' ve now given you a brief outline of the subject. To learn more about the topic, please visit the following links:

You' ve just seen 20 of the most amazing free WordPress themes from the portfolio of different thematic businesses. Perhaps one of them is simply perfectly suited for your portfolio website. Once you have found this useful and instructive item, it would really help us if you shared it with your buddies If you think we have missing some great portfolio themes for WordPress, please let us know in your commentary.

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