Free Wordpress Portfolio Themes 2016

Complimentary Wordpress Portfolio Topics 2016

Have a look at this curated list of over 30 topics to get started. Are you working on a portfolio site? View our list of over 25 of the best free WordPress portfolio themes for photographers.

Fifty+ the best free portfolio WordPress themes from 2018

One of the first things I had to do for my own firm as a free-lance author was to set up a portfolio website containing all my previous work. Whether you're running a corporation or just want to find a job in another corporation, the portfolio website is a great way to present your work.

Reactive Portfolio WordPress topics available. It is the primary aim of a portfolio website to inspire prospective customers or employees. Therefore, your portfolio must clearly state who you are, what you are doing, identifying your audiences and presenting a resolution to their immediate problems.

Of course, an appealing look is a must these times, as is the possibility to customise your website to your own unique style. What makes portfolio themes useful? Just think how much simpler it would be to post a shortcut to your portfolio than to change a CV for each customer and attach it to an e-mail.

It is important that we compile a shortlist of the best ones currently available, as many individuals do not want to pay a lot of attention to a topic. Continue reading for the Kompendium - and if you find a free topic that is not and should not be covered, please let us know in the comment section.

Allgiant is a fast-reacting multi-purpose topic with a neat and organised portfolio that certainly attracts the interest of prospective customers. Topic begins with a breathtaking slide bar above that allows you to give a brief outline of your service or ways you can help your customers. Even address members of your own teams and exchange experiences to gain credence and take advantages of several page styles to give your designs a change.

There are also many shortcuts in the topic, so you can add button, column, accordion and more without coding them yourself. Having a blogs section is great for viewing a current feedback of your postings and to improve your ranking in SEO. You can customize the design in the backend to fit your store and you can modify not only colours and lettering, but also layout slightly.

Simpleshift may not seem like a portfolio topic at first, but it is one of the most potent on the chart. It' s a totally free design, and you can even perform an update if you want to get extended functionality on the platforms. As a portfolio, it is presented in a nice grid-based format and can be generated in two ways.

Firstly, you can use the Current Post feature to post and post blogs for each of your portfolio entries. Or you can use the Recent Post Wizard to show these contributions in the special Portfolio section. Simpleshift WordPress topic responds fully so you can be sure that your prospects can see your website and portfolio on your portable device.

It is really an impressing topic that should not be ignored. Nimbus' venture theming is the ultimative free one-page templates for any creativity studio, contractor or designer to create their portfolio. Single -sided display means that everything your visitors need is shown on a clear, thoughtful page. When you start a website for any kind of imaginative deal, venture should be the first topic on your mailing schedule.

The Gaga Corp by AccessPress Themes is a lightweight yet high-performance WordPress submission perfectly suited for portfolio use. It has a clear and reduced look, which covers all important areas of the homepage. It' a multifunctional WP topic built on the Living Customizer - now it' s simpler and quicker than ever to build a whole website.

There are several simple adjustment possibilities in the look - you don't have to tap a line of coding that works with that look. The Gaga Corp provides user-defined headers choices, typographic choices, an appealing Call to Action section, three bottom line widgets, side bar choices, and more. They can arrange your Website after your desires.

Fully designed to be fully compatible with Sony Internet Explorer and optimised to work error free on any machine and every web browsing application. Concerning Ember WordPress we begin with the responsiveness part. Looks great on smaller machines and goes well with the one-sided outfit. Portfolio section is shown as a listing of the latest blogs post with presented pictures and description, all organised in a clear and concise way.

Every TIFF Portfolio refresh, make a new contribution, insert a feature enhanced picture that serves as a projekt miniature, and insert any extra detail into the message text box. Don't miss to insert a hyperlink so they can click on it and see the web site alive in action - it's one of the best ways to persuade prospects that you have the capabilities they're looking for.

WP Simpl e D esign provides a portable, flexible lay-out with a minimum and clear styling. It is a one-page topic that makes it easier to present your portfolio directly on the homepage. Top of the page is a great place to start a call to trade that directs your traffic to your contacts or portfolio.

Located directly below the headline, the Portfolio Area provides a place for a brief overview of your work and the portfolio elements themselves, including a miniature image and a brief outline of the work. That makes it incredibly simple for prospective customers to see your work instantly without having to click through several pages.

Remember that the WP Basic topic also includes several other functions such as shortcuts, contacts form and softwares. Simplified Web Site Templates are the perfect web site templates for anyone who wants to create a small company or start-up web site for their businesses. It''s packed with great functionality that allows you to change almost any aspect of the site, but it's also so easy to use that your site can be up and running in just a few moments.

The Aglee Lite is a neat and minimally free WordPress topic that is best suited for face-to-face blogging, portfolio and corporate web sites. What sets it apart is its sleek yet stylish styling with sleek practicality. It' a user-friendly styling with many high performance functions. This topic covers all the fundamental functions and functions needed to build a full portfolio or branch.

The Aglee Lite contains several web layout options, an appealing slide control, an infinite colour palette, a user-defined logo/faicon area and much more. Subject is SEO-friendly, fully reactive, bbpress-friendly, RTL supported and localizable. Virtue is a portfolio issue that is equipped with a variety of adjustment functions. Its design has an elegant slide control and a clear user surface, so it's difficult to believe that it's free.

This topic contains a full portfolio page, and you can present these portfolio parts on the homepage with eye-catching miniature views. It follows the latest fashions in responsive styling. Font Customizing lets you adjust your scripts, layout, and slider without having to touch the source text. The Hestia website is the ideal plattform for creating a responsible portfolio website.

Communication with your audiences, imprinting them with your best works and invitation to buy or sign up for your e-mail lists are just some of the things this free portfolio topic can do for you. In addition, Hestia is constructed with fashionable materials designs, which means that your shallow web site differs from the remainder of the portfolio sites that now orbit the web.

Create an on-line store by incorporating the WooCommerce plug-in, translating your contents to target a more globally diverse audience, and knowing that Hestia is created with clear and verified coding to ensure optimum page load speed, overall website experience, and protection from external injury. Ultimately, this free portfolio issue competes with all other products available on today's markets in terms of functionality and overall styling.

Portfolio Press is a very succinct topic, as you can see all portfolio parts on the homepage. Design incorporates a high-performance option pane where you can modify your layouts slightly and add your own logos and pictures. There are two different ways to present the topic: Clicking on a portfolio element takes you to a bigger picture and a descriptive section where you can add a descriptive link to the web site and a descriptive section of the portfolio.

Mixfolio's topic has an interesting look as it offers a one of a kind headers where you can send a welcome note to your website visitor. Directly leading to your portfolio project, all of which have distinctive and large miniature views to showcase your work to date. Adaptive themes also contain a number of robust Widget's with which you can share your community and more.

Every portfolio entry shows a brief descriptive text when a mouse pointer is over it, and then a click on a descriptive text allows the pointer to click to read it. Mixfolio with its appealing look is definitely an interesting choice for your next portfolio website. Photum's topic is totally free and works well for the photographer as the photographs are the most important items on the homepage.

It works well on all machines, and when prospective customers click on single pictures, they can find out more about a specific product. It also comes with a basic Topic Option section for you to upload a Google Analytics image and track it by Google Analytics or other scripting you might need to include.

All in all, it is a high-quality portfolio topic that focuses on your contents. Another prime topic is ArtWorks with its nice miniature views and classy design definitely deserves a look. It offers great socially integrated features, a large text heading area for a welcome post, and easy ways to upload wallpapers and logo.

It' s totally reactive and even optimised for searching, so you can be sure that your website will be easy for your webmasters to index. Together with user-defined menu items and Widgets, you can't really ask for more in a topic to present your work. It takes its name from the fact that the home page is only a slide.

It will leave a permanent mark on everyone who visited your website, as it puts your most important contents in the foreground. This way, when someone arrives at your website, they will immediately see your portfolio. Others slice everything down to thumbnail views until you reach the most important portfolio pages.

The topic only shows big pictures, which makes sure that your prospective customers are more likely to employ you. WPExplorer Adapt themes are from the people at WPExplorer, and it's a neat and free design with many customizations in the backend. It is a good option for anyone who wants to create their portfolio website as quickly as possible.

Design incorporates various widgets as well as features that make customization a snap. Or you can organise the stages as you wish, whether you want to concentrate on your service or your portfolio first. Whatever the objectives for your website are, this topic can help you to reach them.

Creative Portfolio Topic is another free design that offers all the functionality of a premier topic. This homepage contains a beautiful slide control that is perfectly suited to present your latest contributions or your latest work. There is a separate portfolio area directly below. Everyone on the site responds, even the slide bar, so your prospects can see your work on a tray, computer, or smart phone.

Topic choices are rugged, and you can edit the menus as you like. Lukenthema has a clear and easy to understand look that focuses on photography. That makes it a good option for any kind of portfolio website. You can use this style to customise your wallpaper and headers, as well as changing the layouts and designs by organising and consolidating the preferences page.

Design is completely reactive and looks good on any machine, so you can be sure that prospective customers will always have the ultimate portfolio view for you. Snaps Portfolio Topic is the ideal option for any professional who wants to build a portfolio website. This homepage contains a breathtaking slide control and large pictures to show portrait, landscape, stills and more.

It has a light and minimum weight construction. As soon as a user has clicked on a portfolio element, he or she can see more information about a specific product or photoshoot. As far as designing is concerned, the subject is very appealing. If you are looking for a fast and simple way to put your contents on line, I would strongly suggest using the Snaps-Topic.

One of the ten most beloved themes on WordPress, Zerif Lite is well placed to find prospects for an elegantly designed topic for your portfolio. Free design is based on a unique page, which means that all your contents are placed on your homepage, so you don't have to click through several pages.

Sleek, contemporary and slim, the site is also portable so your site users can get the most out of your site on hand. Pure WordPress is a favourite because of its stile and sobriety. Full width designs offer ample room for all your portfolio project needs without making your website appear overloaded.

Fast-response designs make your website look great on portable equipment, and raster and brick layout give it a one-of-a-kind look. While this is a free redesign, designers can get their hands dirty using HTML and CSS and the GT3 Page Builder plugin is perfect for those who don't want to work with it.

Together with the FontAwesome symbols and translation-friendly items, you can't go wrong with Pure WordPress design for your portfolio. UPDATING: We have got some strongly formulated feedbacks from a readers about supporting this topic. Take a look at the Torch topic if you are one of those creative people who wants to give your on-line portfolio a business-oriented look.

It is a totally free and reactive topic suitable for private and corporate web sites. Topic contains various societal symbols so you can expand your societal fan base with ease. Torch topic is translatable, which makes it simple to have your whole website translated. In addition you can use the backend of the topic to post your own logos andavicon.

All in all, the torch topic is a great option when it comes to a portfolio, as it offers you a gallery where you can present your best work. The Pinbin is a neat, minimalist and reactive WordPress portfolio topic that is ideal for graphics artists, web developers, photography professionals and anyone who wants to put their work first.

Due to its minimum size, the styling removes all detractions and focuses on your most important contents. Pinbin Topic has neat and streamlined coding that makes sure your website loads quickly. The only thing you have to do is post your pictures and the artwork will do the work.

This design also comes with a wallpaper section so you don't have to work with any arbitrary coding. Best of all, click on a portfolio item to get a bigger picture and more information about the portfolio. The Pinbin is definitely an issue not to be ignored.

OnePress gives you unparalleled functionality for your portfolio. The OnePress is a one-sided subject with appealing features and nice stretches with gentle parallelism. It provides full localisation and page rate optimisation to make sure your prospects are more likely to see your portfolio. Concerning the portfolio itself, you can use video or pictures with this topic.

Like most one-page themes, the OnePress Topic has multiple areas of contents where you can present your teammates along with their profiles pictures and your favorite community networking sites. Parametrics are distributed throughout the homepage, and the slide control contains superimposed text and button that can be used as a call to Action.

Latte WordPress Topic is an amazing portfolio application for professional photo professionals, freelancers, agencies or any other creatives. It is a fully reactive topic with an emphasis on core contents. Adjustment back-end utilities are far more efficient than an ordinary portfolio issue. Modify font styles and create a breathtaking portfolio to delight your customers.

It' also the ideal place to create your own logos or pictures to enhance your previous work. Or, if you're an author, use the blogs as a way to persuade prospective customers that you're the right guy for the job. What's more, if you're an author, use the blogs as a way to help your customers know that you're the right one. After all, you can customize the look and feel of portfolio thumbnails easily, which give more information about a given task when someone is clicking on them.

The Opulus is a proven tool for anyone who wants to create a portfolio website with WordPress. It has been successfully used by everyone from Ivy League colleges to sole traders, performers and craftsmen. It' also featured clear styling and beautiful type to ensure your portfolio stood out from the game.

This is it for the best free WordPress themes of the portfolio. In the comment section, let us know if you can think of any other free portfolio items that you have successfully used. Speaking for myself, I think that the most important part of a portfolio issue is having instant exposure to your previous work, followed by an appealing website.

Regardless, divide your thoughts about your adventure and try to construct the flawless portfolio.

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