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Create your WordPress pages through a simple, intuitive drag and drop interface. It' free, so you never have to worry about anything. We released Qards, a Page Builder plugin for WordPress, three years ago. This is a free WordPress theme that contains a frontend page creator. What we want to achieve here - it is free to use (like in a free beer).

Best Free WordPress Page Builder?

SiteOrigin Page Builder is one of the most beloved free WordPress page builder plug-ins. However, with so many great site developers on the scene, can a free plug-in like SiteOrigin Page Builder be a real choice, or will it be a bad choice? At the end of this review you will hopefully be able to see for yourself whether it makes sense to save yourself a lot of cash and use a free plug-in, or whether a shortage of functions requires the purchase of a premier utility.

SiteOrigin's Page Builder (downloadable from the WordPress Professional Library here) is designed to help you create customized page layouts for your WordPress Web site contents. Whether it's assisting you in creating a truly original homepage design, providing sophisticated design for your overview and contact pages, or assisting you in publishing more compelling blogs, this plug-in updates the default WordPress editors to enhance your creativity.

Page Builder of SiteOrigin backend UI. This plug-in allows you to customize grid-based, fast-response page layout using the drag-and-drop surface, and you can then add a number of contents module to your customized layout to produce feature-rich pages. Frontend Live Editor SiteOrigin Page Builder-Modus. SiteOrigin Page Builder also offers a choice of ready-made layout options if you're looking for ideas or don't have much spare tired .

SiteOrigin Page Builder layout are all modifiable. Next, we'll examine the UI and the choice of contents module, but if you've always wanted more visibility into the look and feel of the postings and pages on your WordPress site, this could be the plug-in for you. UI, choice of contents module and widget as well as ready-made layout are the three major parts of a WordPress Page Builder plug-in.

We' ll look at these facets of this plug-in, as well as a few additional functions that will help you determine if this free utility is the right choice for your projects. If you enable the plug-in, an additional tabs is added to the WordPress Editor. After clicking, the user surface of SiteOrigin Page Builder is started.

A click on the Page Builder register card toggles the WordPress editor to the SiteOrigin Page Builder. As soon as the Page Builder user surface is ready, you can first create a wideget, a line, or a ready-made page outline. SiteOrigin Page Builder's backend user interfaces. Lines are the basis for the Page Builder page layout, and each line you insert into your page can be split into more than one column.

Simply by including several lines in your design - each with its own individual colums - you can begin to create extended page themes with just a few mouse clicks. What's more, you can add more than one line to your design, each with its own individual colums. The SiteOrigin Page Builder gives you accurate access to your grid-based page design through the use of lines and colums. It' s simple to adjust the width of the lines with the drag-and-drop surface, but if you need help designing an aesthetic look or just want to cut down on your design times, you can select from pre-defined row proportions.

Or you can customize borders and fills, and type any customized style sheet to get even more creative power over your work. The SiteOrigin Page Builder gives you full controls over the look and feel of your lines and their column. As soon as you are satisfied with the line and its column, you can attach it to your page to create your own look.

Since you can append any number of lines to your page, SiteOrigin Page Builder lets you build some really sophisticated partitions. User-defined line and columns layout can be reordered using the drag-and-drop interfaces. Wedgets are contents groups that allow you to include useful items to your pages, such as icons, cards, and faders.

However, before we discuss the Widget-Options, let's look at how they are added to the page layout. Several of the Widgets or Contents that you can include in your layout with SiteOrigin Page Builder. SiteOrigin Page Builder widgets can be fully customised. Not only can you work in the Backend Editors, but you can also go to Live Editors to see what your page will look like when it is released.

Able to make changes through the page pane, but not as interactively as some premier page creators, it' s easier to view your work in advance in the Live View modes. When you want to make changes to your page when working in frontend editor session instead of interacting directly with the contents, the plug-in will display a popup box with the control.

To make changes to your page layout in the Live Editor session, you must do so through a pop-up screen. Using the online editor provides you with an exact previews of your work, so you can find out what it will look like for your people. But since there's no such thing as straightforward online processing, it's not very similar to the sophisticated point-and-click front-end editor found in high-quality WordPress utilities like Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, or Thrive Themes Content Builder.

The Divi is a premier WordPress Wordme and Page Builder plug-in that lets you directly interface with your page layout. Missing face-to-face online processing in the Elegant Themes editor is not a big disadvantage, but the other aforementioned utilities, as well as Elegant Themes' Premier Divi, provide a much more reactive and intuitively guided use.

However, a practical function of the Live Editor is the portable pre-viewool. And to get an impression of how your contents will be experienced by phone and tablet audiences, you can use the appliance keys to view a previews of your theme via the portable viewing windows. Because all SiteOrigin Page Builder components - as well as layout and widget components - are highly reactive, your site should work well on smaller display units.

This is one of the prefabricated homepage layout from SiteOrigin Page Builder that can be edited. In addition to making your own design, you can also bring one of the pre-built page layout into your site, and for a free plug-in, SiteOrigin Page Builder contains an amazing array of pre-built page themes. They do not, however, meet the same standards as those you would get with a premier utility like Beaver Themer.

SiteOrigin Page Builder is designed to address a wide array of page styles, such as home, about, contacts, and e-commerce pages that are appropriate for a wide array of project work. After you import a design, you can use the backend page creation surface to modify it. Import laidouts consist of lines, column, and widget, all of which can be adjusted via the Builder API.

Layout contains appropriate stick photographs, so after importing the theme you can just substitute the text to quickly build the page for your website. SiteOrigin Page Builder contains a number of useful Widget's that can be added to your pages. With Page Builder, you can update your contents quickly and effortlessly, from news stories and pushbuttons to price charts and slider controls.

Page Builder offers you a good suite of Widget for your individual page layouts. As soon as you have added a Widget to your layouts, you can change its look using the Builder user area. Personalise the Widget to make sure it matches your personal style preference. As with many of the best WordPress Page Builder plug-ins, all plug-ins running on your site - even third-party plug-ins - can be added to your own themes.

Unless you find a proper widget in the SiteOrigin Page Builder selections, you should be able to find one elsewhere. While SiteOrigin provides a number of WordPress topics (some of which were made by SiteOrigin and others by third parties such as ProteusThemes and ThemeTrust), the Page Builder plug-in should work with any correctly encoded design.

StudioPress's Digital Pro Genesis children's topic, for example, was used without problem during SiteOrigin Page Builder reviews. The change of topic did not cause any problem either, as the user-defined page layouts were integrated into the new layout without any seam. If you want to build pages without the WordPress page bars or headings, your site needs a full-width style sheet.

When you want to make full-width layout, for example, for your home page, you need to make sure that your WordPress design contains a full-width layout. As an alternative, you can also program yourself or download a plug-in, e.g. the free Fullwidth Templates for Anyme & Page Builder. Live after SiteOrigin Page Builder?

Due to the way many WordPress page creators work, disabling the plug-in can cause issues. Often, you either loose control of all the contents you've added to a page with Builder, or they get misplaced in a variety of propriety codes. Its contents will still be available after the SiteOrigin Page Builder plug-in has been deactivated.

Fortunately, this is not the case with SiteOrigin Page Builder. Once the plug-in is disabled, your contents should continue to be available to your users (without the formats used by the Builder) and be edited using the WordPress Editor default. It gives you the opportunity to switch to another Page Builder in the near term without loosing your contents - which is not always possible with other Page Builder plug-ins.

Up to now, everything this SiteOrigin Page Builder Review deals with has referred to the free copy of the plug-in. But you can update the Page Builder by buying the $29 Premium SiteOrigin Add-On Bundle. The upgraded edition gives you fast track assistance and seven new Page Builder capabilities.

Among the advantages of enabling your premier add-ons are the option to generate extra mail for your website using the customized Mail type builder, the option to define pallax backgrounds for your lines of layouts to make them more attractive, and the option to apply motion to your layouts.

Premier add-ons allow you to apply motion and trigger to page items. A further advantage of buying SiteOrigin Page Builder add-ons is that you get free e-mail as well as free e-mail e-mail contact information. However, the Page Builder's relatively restricted frontend is the only big flaw of this plug-in.

The SiteOrigin Page Builder is an amazing freeware WordPress plug-in for your site. It' s simple to use and the choice of the widgets, along with the possibility to include third-party widgets in your layout, should make sure that almost anyone can make useful customized page themes for their WordPress website. Prefabricated page layout is also good, so you can get up and running quickly with your own design.

Frontend Live Editor is the major area where SiteOrigin Page Builder lags behind WordPress Page Builder plug-ins. Although you can design in similar qualities to a Divi or Beaver Builder design environment, SiteOrigin Page Builder takes longer and requires more work.

There are also some functions in the utilities that you simply won't get to with this plug-in - even if you buy the Premier Add-ons. Admittedly, for a free WordPress Page Builder plug-in, the entire SiteOrigin Page Builder site is good customer experiance, and if you are on a narrow Budget and still want to build sophisticated page layouts for your website, it could be a great help.

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