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From a technical point of view, WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin. Does setting up an e-commerce shop on WordPress cost nothing? When this is the case, we believe that your best choice is to establish an e-commerce shop on WordPress. What will it take to create an e-commerce shop on WordPress? When you only need a basic shop that will accept PayPal payment, and you're ready to create it yourself, you can do it for free (without the web site host charges that apply to any self-hosted site).

An earlier contribution described the essential prerequisites for establishing an on-line shop. We won't discuss web site scheduling choices in this review, but let's get into the other three of them. What is your basket plug-in? In order to say the obvious, if you want to set up a free e-commerce store, you need to select a free basket plug-in.

Fortunately, there are some great possibilities. When the free selections are too simple, you have two possibilities. Buy a free of charge trolley, such as Cart66, that contains the extra functionality you need, or purchase add-ons to one of the free of charge trolleys listed above. Purchasing a la card add-on has the added benefit of allowing you to select and select exactly the items you need and subsequently adding more as your company expands or as your needs evolve.

The WordPress topic should work with one of the free WordPress Shop carts plug-ins. WooThemes provides free WooCommerce topics, such as storefront and boutique, if you don't, or if you want to modify your look. MarketPress also comes with customisable designs, and Shopp has built-in template that can be changed.

The WooThemes also has tens of payed topics for WooCommerce that are in the $39 to $79 category. There is FrameMarket in MarketPress - free for members of FrameMarket or $19/mo for non-members. PayPal is a free payment method. If you prefer to pay via PayPal, then you have come to the right place because it comes with the free basket-plug-ins.

WooCommerce comprises for example Paypal, BACS and C. O. D.. When you need something other than PayPal, such as a PCI-compliant optional, you must either purchase a paid gateways add-on or buy a paid card plug-in that already contains it, such as Cart66. When you are familiar with WordPress, creating your own basket is quite easy.

When you are stuck, most plug-in vendors offer documentary and technical assistance (although some fees apply for technical assistance, so be aware of this when you compare plug-in choices in the basket). Unless you are familiar with WordPress and/or prefer to outsource the e-commerce part of your website to a pro, you will need to employ a web designer, which will be expensive.

The creation of an e-commerce shop on WordPress is free of charge for you: Although free is good, one can always make an case for strategic investment in extra functionalities or expert knowledge (as in the case of recruiting a web developer) to make your long term lives better. Which functions are you looking for in an e-commerce plug-in?

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