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Download free Wordpress Themes 2015

We post some of the latest, 90 best free WordPress themes from 2015 for business, portfolio, photography, magazine, news sites, blogs. The Top 10 Free WordPress Topics 2015 2015 is now over. I' ve been exploring the web and have compiled a listing of the best free WordPress themes in 2015. Let's see the top 10 free WordPress topics'15. Twenty Fifteen Results 1 Million+ Presented by WordPress.

org Twenty Live Installations. It is currently the most beloved entry in the Topic Index.

The topic focuses on B2B or B2B sites. User can customise the look and feel to create an efficient web experience. It'?s a mobiles first topic. Like the name already says, this topic has a slim and stylish look. Looks beautiful and fits any company, commercial or investment site. Another free WordPress topic developed with the shop in view is Space.

When you think about starting a newspaper or newsletter page, the free ColorMag topic can help you safe some time. Everything you need is substance to give the subject meaning. Entering is a nice one-sided topic. You can use this topic on your blog, your portfolios pages, your trip diary, your company pages, etc. Because Sydney is a great looking model of doing things, you can create a great looking website.

Unnecessary to say, this eCommerce topic can be your entry into the on-line commerce universe. The subject is for photograph pages. And if so, you can use the Pictorico design to organise, view and split your photographs. Have you got a free topic proposal?

Best free WordPress themes available in 2015.

Also in this Blog we have a tendency to discuss how best to use these themes and plug-ins (or themes and plug-ins like them) to get the most out of WordPress. I' m going to summarize some of my favourite free WordPress themes. Subjects I gathered below are all available through the WordPress plug-in repo.

Most of them I chose after a mix of appeal, ratings and styling. The ones who don't have very high numbers of downloads or who are relatively new and untried made the grade because of the uniquely designed and/or plugin-compatible plugin. The Zerif Lite is the free copy of a nice one-page WordPress topic from source editor codeinwp.

It is fast reacting, based on BootStrap with pallax assistance and has a contemporary look. The Lovecraft is a nice two-column blogs topic (named, I suppose, after the author H.P. Lovecraft) by Anders Noren. There is a nice picture in full width (replaced by post/page thumbnails when on these pages), an appealing layout, a wonderful typeface and much more.

Hedingway is another great-looking Anders Noren blogs topic that seems to be really good at making nice themes for (and after) authors. That special look offers two-column, fast-response designs, retina-capable objects, a full-width head frame with full-width parallel axis scroll effect, customized highlight colors, user-defined logos, user-defined widgets, page styles, and more.

The Storefront is the stylistic and highly extensible free WooCommerce topic from WooThemes. It' the whole point is to be the ultimative free themes choice for anyone who uses WooCommerce. With multiple layouts and colors, an appealing look, and a burgeoning collection of premier enhancements for enhanced functions and capabilities, it's a great place to be. It' a great way to get your next e-commerce venture up and running for free and scalable with premier quality tooling when you need it.

Long form is a classy and strong subject for story-tellers. It' the only free WordPress topic with full Aesop Story Engine interoperability. To the best of my knowledge, it may be the only free WordPress topic developed for narrating long form comics. In addition, it offers an appealing look, retinal images, an enhanced administration control, WPML and more.

The Gridsby is a pinterest-style art galleries topic that' great for photo blogs. Has an appealing look, retina-enabled artwork and a simple way to publish your photographs to the cover page galleries. We' ve got a last one from Anders Noren for Blogger. To be honest, I didn't want to get three topics from the same guy in one posting, but I'm a suction cup for a great blogs topic and it definitely provides.

It uses large full-width pictures and translucent postal titles to make a big stand with the default postal archives. It' a nice one-column blogs topic with fully appealing designs, user-defined colours for every entry and six different posting styles to select from. Each article is easily legible with great typeography, large headline pictures (or not if you don't want them), and text spaces that are comfortable for the eye.

It is a marvelous topic for dividing and consumption of contents. I was always a big supporter of the next two topics on this schedule. I' m not a blinder of the standard WordPress themes that come out every year, but I think at least two of the last few have been noticed and will keep up over the years.

It' s a straightforward concept that avoids you as both a publisher and readers of blogs. It' probably also one of a few page navigational themes that I like. Think its a largely eclectic subject for a free standard motif; something that can be customized to a commercial website just as easy as Blogging.

His responsiveness comes with a title page style sheet, custom Widgets, Custom Screen Style options, Style for both index and individual mail styles, and an optionally No-Sidebar page style sheet. You can really make this topic work for you with a little adaptability. The DW Timeline is a WordPress topic with a new DesignWall look.

Influenced by the Facebook Times, DW's Mail Archives templates were developed to show post-like occurrences on a horizontal timescale. It would be a particularly good topic to tell chronicle tales or a blogspot with a temporal dimension - like 100-day pizza (or a similar idea).

The Pinnacle is a brave and varied subject with lovely scroll Parallaxes by Kadence Themes. Comes with a slim minimum size and a fully reactive lay-out and features that make it ideal for business, shops, portfolios, home use or more. The Arcade Basic is a unique c. bavota carcass. It is light, fast reacting and with large image sizes in combination with several postal sizes.

Customize to include your own large head picture and produce compelling contents with videos, images, sidebars, states, sounds, offers, links and galleries. In order to get the most out of this topic, combine it with JetPack, BuddyPress, WPML, bbPress and WooCommerce. Sparkling from Colorlib is a neat, minimum and reactive WordPress topic.

Designed with Bootstrap 3 and using the latest HTML5 and CSS3 standard (with an SEO-friendly structure), Sparkling is an excellent choice for a multitude of sites; from travelling, to healthcare, to shops, portfolios, face-to-face and more. Allows you to customize the design of your website, as well as the colours, font styles, sliders and more.

It' s multiple language and optimised for working with cbPress, Contact Form 7, JetPack and other common free and premier plug-ins. It is a versatile topic from the people over there in the layer themes. There are two page layout choices (full width or boxed); it has a nice picture slide bar, simple icon load, 600+ font, strong themes option, customized style sheet and many colour choices.

Virtual by Kadence Themes is another beautiful multifunctional theming. Distinguished by a clear, contemporary look with a high-performance option field for individualisation. Virtues are constructed with Bootstrap to provide a reactive, portable and welcoming website. FlyFreeMedia's Amadeus is a neat, easy topic for blogs. Comes with fully reactive styling, a para-lax headers picture, sub-slider incorporation, the option to use Google fonts, soft symbols, full colour controls, user-defined Widgets and more.

The Oprum is a versatile topic for DinevThemes creative and entrepreneurial. You can customize it using the customizable tool provided with your game. Select any color, exchange head and backgrounds, load a wallpaper, and much more. Harmonics is an automatic topic that is addressed to anyone who wants to make a message with its full -width contents in fat print.

It' perfect for anyone who has a large number of high value and high performance pictures. Volume, a logger or a story-telling could use this topic well. Justin Kopenpasah's 1980s is a beautiful single-column topic that can actually be more than just a blogs. Users can either submit a user-defined cover picture or use separate presented pictures (of articles/pages) as cover pictures.

Though I have shown twenty themes above, I know there are many that I have been missing. When you have a popular free WordPress topic that you would like to post with the fellowship (or a referral backed by your previous experiences with one of the above topics), please take a moment to post your thoughts with the fellowship as a whole in the comment box below.

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