Free Wordpress Themes 2017

Complimentary Wordpress Themes 2017

Best free WordPress themes of 2017 Creating your own WordPress website can be quite simple if you use a free WordPress topic. Fortunately, a committed fellowship of WordPress design and development professionals is constantly delivering new WordPress themes so you can concentrate on your core work. As we know, there is no single issue. That' s why we have compiled a listing of the 17 most amazing free WordPress themes published this year.

Hopefully it will help you select the topic that best suits your work. Brickwork is one of the best free WordPress themes of 2017.'s minimalistic themes are ideal for your web site, whether it's a private website, a web site or an advertising website. Offers fast response designs, raster layouts, overheads, stylistic typefaces, styles, social metal icon, permanent navigational bars, etc.

This topic can be downloaded and used on as many web pages as you like. Colorlib's new WordPress topic which is also available on is named Fresspaper Quark. Published in mid-2017, the topic is very much loved by those who create newscast pages and on-line magazine.

News Paper of the Year 10 is quick, reactive and SEO-friendly. Look and feel neat and attractive. If you need to customize, you can directly modify the design in the WordPress themme customizer. Easily modify colours, laysouts, fonts, menus, logos or widgets via a WYSIWYG user surface and make real-time previews of changes to your design.

eCommerce Free Shop is a free eCommerce WordPress topic that looks simply and elegantly. Designed for e-commerce retailers and those who specialise in creating attractive e-commerce websites. The appealing design is fully WooCommerce compliant, the most effective and versatile plug-in for creating your own shop. Thanks to a stuffy navigational toolbar, Free Shop is easily navigated.

Additional functions are a clear raster lay-out, a full-fledged blogs, stylistic typeface, user-defined backgrounds, limitless use, and much more. Actually, this topic is ideal for anyone who likes ease and concentrates on the contents. Sapely is another mighty free WordPress topic published in 2017. So you can for example simply insert portfolios, test stories, para laxes, call to Action and more.

It is a fast reacting, WooCommerce compliant and WEO friend. In addition it does support some great WordPress plug-ins like Jetpack, Gravity Forms, Contact Form 7, Yoast SEO, and Google Analytics from Yast. It is a universal theme: it is well suitable for face-to-face blogging, Landing Pages, Web portfolios, newsgroups, e-commerce sites and other ventures you might have in mind. Just click on the link below.

Do you want to create a private website, a web site for your company's portfolios or an internet site for your agencies? The Minimalist is a free WordPress topic to help you show your creative and character potential. This topic enables you to prioritise contents efficiently. It also offers an appealing look, sleek typeface, classy picture control, user-defined wallpaper and more.

Framer Lite, another award-winning WordPress 2017 topic, allows you to build a breathtaking web site, be it a face-to-face web site or an executive web site. In addition, the WooCommerce topic is WooCommerce-compatible, which means that you can not only present your works, but also advertise them on your website. The Framer Lite offers a fast response grid-style design and a number of other functions.

As an example, it is WPML compliant, so you can use it for a multi-lingual website. Allows you to customize the design with a user-friendly custom themes customizer. After downloading Framer Lite, you will receive an extensive installation and usage guide. Use Ripple if you're a big fan of one-page WordPress themes.

Designed for land pages, web portals, corporate web pages and more. The Ripple homepage is extremely customizable and includes section such as Profile, About Us, Feature, Blog, Contact and others. A full-width slide control, a gooey meal and a parallel scroll effect complement the design.

It is also fast reacting, easy to understand and translate into any foreign languages. To make some changes, simply use the customize themes. The Hamilton is a new free WordPress topic from Anders Norén. There is a clear raster, large pictures, a burgers meal, stylish types etting, endless scrolls and many other possibilities.

Designed for the photographer, designer, traveler, and other creative professionals who want to present their pictures, artwork, and blogs, this minimalistic WordPress portfolios topic is ideal. It also works great with the standard WordPress picture album. Actually, the subject has a dark mode. Hamilton, in a nutshell, is one of the most exciting free WordPress themes of 2017 that will be good for image-heavy web sites.

The Belise Lite is a free WordPress word topic dinner service from ThemeIsle. It' s fast, easy on your ears, SEO-friendly and easy to translate. Topic is optimised for performance, which is important for usability, as well as increasing visitor numbers and conversion. Additional functions includes slim styling, clear layouts, fat type face, full-featured blogs, customized wallpapers (image, sliders, video), a user-friendly super menus, etc.

Belise Lite is also WooCommerce compliant, so you can not only present your food, but also yours. Indeed, the ThemeIsle staff guarantees a one-minute set-up and real-time theming. You will also receive a complete introductory wallpaper on how to create a website with WordPress.

Generic WP is a fast-reacting, SEO-friendly and translation-oriented WordPress topic. You can use this free multi-purpose WordPress topic successfully to create a commercial website, on-line product range, agent website, or e-commerce website. Featuring nine homepage layout, two blogsite layout, two teamsite layout, several colour choices, etc., among other things.

Concerning the processing, all changes can be made in the WordPress Customizing. ThemeFurnace' Louis is a free multi-purpose WordPress topic. It' is intended for various kinds of sites, as well as private blogging, company sites, agencies sites and so much more. They can even create e-commerce sites with this topic because it is WooCommerce plug-in compliant.

Additional functions are a fast reacting redesign, a raster lay-out, the Live Customizer and a detailled dokumentation. Incidentally, this WordPress topic is available on WordPress. org means that it complies with the latest WordPress topic requests. The Yosemite Lite is a classy WordPress blogs topic that fits every blogs you have in mind, ranging from a face-to-face blogs to a fashions blogs, from a travelling blogs to a photographic blogs.

This topic is fast reacting and optimised for fast response. It' s key characteristics are a clear lay-out, a tacky headers, an imageslider and an endless scrollbar. One of the latest free WordPress themes published in 2017 is Family Express. Key characteristics included fast response designs, pallax scanning, menus and reservations, etc. The WordPress topic can be integrated into well-known WordPress plug-ins like Restaurant Reservations, WP Google Maps and others.

Worldwide, it' s conceived so that those with little or no programming knowledge can design web sites and blog recipes. And, of course, seasoned web design professionals can also use this topic to design web sites for customers. The Croccante is an elegantly one-page WordPress topic perfectly suited to showcase your best work, your personal identity and your cv.

There are some special paragraphs in this appealing topic: There is also a blog page in it. Croccante is also WooCommerce and WPML compliant, i.e. it can be used for eCommerce or a multi-lingual website. It also has an easy-to-use Topic Options control Panel that lets you easily manipulate the design.

The Croccante is definitely a good idea if you are building a blogsite, a target page, a web site or an on-line shop. We' re taking Serenti next place on our 2017 best free WordPress themes page. The WordPress blogs come with a clear lay-out and classy typeface. Design is quick to respond and simple to adapt.

It also comes with a free of charge charity share broadget and imageslider. is a breathtaking one-page WordPress topic for contractors, freelance photography professionals, designers, publishers, digital media companies, retailers and anyone else who values one-page layout. It is a fast-reacting, SEO-friendly and translation-ready subject. There are eight customizable areas (Features, Info, Services, Gallery, Team, News, Contact, Shop), a permanent headers, a trend parallel effect and an integrated custom izertizer.

OnePress is a Bootstrap four topic that is fully compliant with the latest WooCommerce release. All this makes it a good option for a web site, a web site in your product range or an e-commerce web site. Magnetizing is a free WordPress topic designed for the blogger and anyone who likes to publish regulars.

Featuring a clear lay-out, sleek typeface, broad bottom line and side bar, and other great choices, this gorgeous magazine-style design is a great addition to any home page. You can edit it in the Live Customizer. Actually, you can actually dowload this topic on Thank you for your visit to our best new free WordPress themes of 2017 listing.

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