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You can use our free designs and plugins to create a beautiful custom website. WordPress free themes and plugins Kaira has been offering web designing and webvelopment in Cape Town, South Africa's lovely, relaxed little town since 2010. Since 2014 we have been concentrating on WordPress and have put all our wisdom and web expertise into creating world quality WordPress themes and plugins...

and help our customers create their own web sites simply and without programming expertise.

Check out our free WordPress themes, with the ability to update to Premium.

Twenty+ Free & Premium Upcoming WordPress Themes & Plugins 2018

The best WordPress themes that you can use as a landings, under constructions, or soon. Each of these topics are equipped with progression bars and/or timers to keep up with your progression. The topics are full of user-defined registration form, contacts and online contacts and online content.

Those topics will make your web projects noticeable to the general audience even before the start. The best free and premium WordPress are available on the building site pages and a plug-in to select from. The topic is always a simple option, but plug-in gives you the liberty of how and what is shown and when it is shown.

Whilst there are many great free upcoming soon to come sites out there, most of them cannot be likened to what prime themes have to say. When creating websites in Jevelin, everything revolves around usability and diversity of selection. These include all high-resolution pictures contained in the demonstrations. Using the powerful page creator and enhanced management tool, you can turn your website into your own with just a few mouse clicks, comprehensive website labeling, page-wise graphic adjustment and colour enhancement, custom layout for your portfolio and blogs, and much more under the bonnet.

Yevelin is ideal for the webmaster who needs complete creativity. The Kallyas is a high-quality multi-purpose WordPress topic with continuous motion and updating. More than 6 controls and numerous colour mixers. Discover endless possibilities with HTML5 and CSS3 compliance even for animation! Obtain your free upgrades and benefit from extensive documentations and online training sessions.

The Kallyas range includes both the infamous BuddyPress and the BuddyPress. Create the best website creation ever by doing it right now! Unicode is a very versatile topic that can deal with a large and varied selection of web sites. Equipped with the power and plug-ins to manage your portfolio as smoothly as corporate blog.

It is a great topic for the webmaster looking for a full-featured website build kit that allows them to quickly and easily build their website for future work. At any time you can concentrate on the essentials - your current, future ventures! In addition, there are plenty of plugins that make your job much simpler, so you don't have to concern yourself with the website aspects of your work.

Uncode lets the outside worlds know what you're up to and tempt them to keep returning for more while you concentrate on your real work! Do you have an upcoming application? The EOS provides you with a well-designed design with a beautiful page to land on before the start, complemented with the lead gene form to create your e-mail rank.

It comes with many different colours. The user can select between a bright and a black colored variation of the subject, so that it fits perfect to their own corporate identity. The EOS also has 4 different layouts, fantastic fonts, symbols, field reports, newsletters and an Ajax-based feedback tool. In addition, it has a pre-launch page where you can run streaming while your application or your products are still in the game.

These include advanced price charts that allow you to view up to 3 price packs. Phone mockups PSD images are also part of this topic so you can present the screenshots of your application with ease. Attract your targeted audience with future apps, softwares or services you're working on by designing a coming-soon web site page with xLander WordPress themes. xLander is an original and sophisticated design that' perfect for setting up a Landing Page, Portfolios or future web site for your application or your products.

Well thought-out, mobility optimised and extremely versatile design, using the latest bootstrap technolog. xLander allows you to create an upcoming page without much effort, just by the import of the topic's contained demonstration database XML files. The subject works seamlessly on all kinds of websites and looks stunning on retina-enabled screens.

These include the Revolution Slider and the Visual Composer plug-in. Visual Composer plug-in gives you complete freedom of choice over page/post page lays. Incorporated into the enhancements of Whoathemes Visual Composer to help you build a better page design for your Coming Soon website. With this topic, you can choose from a wide range of retinal symbols from Entypo, Font Awesome, and Glyphicons.

You can also choose from 55 different styles of CS3 animation to enhance the look and feel of your upcoming website and motivate your audiences to join your mailinglist. You can also customize color, background, fonts, layout, make your own skin, and much more without programming skills thanks to xLander's intelligent management options window.

Developed with web defaults and best practice analytics to bring significant web traffic to your website. The Startuply Landing Page is an endlessly useful, multifunctional templates page for WordPress-based Web sites. The design incorporates the most customizable of all with up to four column layouts, compatible with all major web browser, Bootstrap 3, HTML5 and CSS3, all integrated.

The next item will be on the Startuply Landing page soon! is a WordPress topic for on-line marketing professionals who can appreciate good value for money. Visual Composer enables simple personalisation and removes the obstacle of this one-debunting-procedure. Obviously, extended functions are pointless if the searching machines cannot find your page.

The topic is fully translateable and can show contents in more than one language. The MiEvent is an intelligent and stylish design that has been smartly encoded with an effective wrist that makes it unbelievably quick and vibrant, making it simple on your server and in your pocket. It' s an excellent topic to use and customise, with over 20 pixels of great demonstration sites for everything from brand building to musical concerts and even Christmas releases, with stunning particle-based backgrounds that will blind and amaze your audiences and make them come back for more, and with parallax and infinitely soft scrollability.

Each individual demo in MiEvent contains a thorough and visual coherent Come Soon artwork that makes MiEvent an absolute fabulous Come Soon website topic for all possible upcoming work. The Magnium is an enormously attractive, visual compelling, incredibly versatile WordPress multi-concept topic, tailored to the very different needs of all types of corporate, professional and private web sites, with a flair for specific specialties and specialty applications that Magnium produces like no other topic on the open source web site landscape.

Magnium's speciality are the Coming Soon Websites, which offer a wide range of professional, catchy and appealing layout to attract customers, assess audiences, resonance, demand and much, much more! Included with Magnium are high-performance plug-ins such as Visual Composer and WooCommerce, which allow you to easily create your own pages and easily and securely resell your goods through your website.

Personalized short pages and maintenance pages allow you to deactivate the front end of your website for a while, with beautiful timer countdowns and user-defined timer countdowns that you can use at will. Let Magnium make them come for more while you find out what's more! The Rozana is a neat, imaginative and versatile design with the latest and greatest themes you can use to create an efficient coming soon website.

It' a topic perfectly suited for businesses, corporations, consumers, bloggers, photographers, portfolios or any kind of web site you can think of. Featuring 20 colored skin designs, this skin lets you select between bright and deep designs. Rozana is the ideal option if you want to attract the interest of your people.

The powerful and agile frameworks is build on Bootstrap All elements of this topic are correctly styled and fully optimised for retinal display. Embracing HTML5 and CSS3 technology, this themes contains over 600 Google fonts, FontAwesome icons, menu with Font Awesome icons, FontAwesome animation, endless colour choices and sleek scrolling.

The Rozana is fully embedded in the Visual Composer Page Builder and contains several hundred high-performance shortcuts. The design also contains the Revolution slider and is very fast and simple to adapt thanks to its Redux Framework-based design choices. It is a well-thought-out topic that has been designed with consideration for best practice in the field of globalEO. Some of the other great functions and abilities of this topic are: the possibility to suppress the bottom line from any page, supporting the 7 Contacts tab plug-in, MailChimp plug-in compatible, limitless page bars with the WooSidebars plug-in, simple addition of Google Analytics, including PSDs, native XML file demos, preparation for translations and much more!

The PaperPlane is a one-page WordPress topic designed to make your next web page look great and appear soon for your next work. PaperPlane's crisp and neat styling is perfectly suited for creating any type of website such as corporate, portfolios, personal websites, etc. It includes a one-click trial installation that lets you build a one-click website.

The design is very adaptable and uses Bootstrap 3.2. Frameworks and is fully reactive and builds on the 1170 gridsystem. Featuring 11 different colour schemes, neat typographic choices, embedded with FontAwesome icons, soft scrolling and high-performance themes choices. The Visual Composer plug-in in this topic lets you design any page layouts you want to make for your website.

Coming soon, the page on this topic is available in 3 versions: Parametric Picture, Parametric Control and Videobackground. The PaperPlane plug-in contains Price Table, which allows you to create unbelievable and demonstrable price and function comparisons with just a few mouse clicks. PaperPlane is also available in a variety of formats. It' re engineered with neat coding and constructed with the best possible end-to-end selling point (SEO) technology in place to help your site get more web traffic and a good ranking in the webmarket.

After all, the PaperPlane WordPress topic is well documentated and provides special service to customers. It is a design that is simplicity and ease of use, offering high performance features and selections in an ultra graphic user friendly user environment that allows designers with any backgrounds or levels of qualification to quickly and easily build their own perfectly pixelated, professionally designed, shallow and advanced web sites in just a few moments, with all the customizability their hearts seek and without having to write a line of coding.

It comes with 8 fully pre-configured, ready-made layout for your comfort, as well as the Big Image Portfolio area and a lightbox gallery for the beautiful use of your photographs, with a working contact sheet inclusive validating and a working subscription sheet inclusive validating that keeps streaming messages away from your website.

With Sturlly's additional pages of blog and incoming soon template content, it's simple to create your own professional-quality incoming soon website because you can install with one click and perform a demonstration import with another click. Postage is a masterly designed design with a true abundance of functions, plugins, ressources and utilities easily accessible to you, all chosen for their simplicity, and for building rich, engaging, dynamic and stunning advanced web sites that look and feel professionally within a few moments without having to write a line of coding.

It' a truly changing subject, with over 24 totally original, conceptionally varied homepage demos, in which you can reach the floor under your feet within a few moments of the simple 1-click installation and be setup with your website. Ton of powerful features like MegaMenus and MegaMenus vertically, e-commerce integrations through WooCommerce and ton of store page styles and more are all readily available with postage, as is a range of different Soon Coming Page Styles with timer countdowns and all kinds of useful, handy shortcuts that make postage a great topic for the design, development and maintenance of advanced, challenging Soon comings.

Keeping their interest aroused and come back for more, with postage! The Applay is the best application to use in your website, especially in the context of the best application showncase and application stores. It' s such a fantastic subject that you don't need photo-shop just to make nice display cases and shops.

Apart from the page coming soon this topic provides more demos available for use such as classical styles, cell phone games showscases, teams portfolios and businesses page. Nearly every facet of this subject is retinal and looks clear and crisp on high-resolution monitors. Applay provides endless opportunities for designing your website with high-performance themes and shortcuts.

Featuring 3 navigational modes, bright and dim headers, fantastic scripts and symbols that compliment the user-defined wallpaper style, parallel axis effect and more. Featuring an intelligent draft and dropout front-end creator based on the Visual Composer plug-in, this coming soon theme allows you to build your website's own page layout.

WooCommerce also works well with WooCommerce plug-in, so you can set up an on-line shop in no time at all. Comes with WC Vendors, a free multi-vendor plug-in for WooCommerce. It also offers functionality and unbelievable inclusion in your community content for quicker interaction. Finally, Applay includes support for the use of the Applay Platform, so you can integrate a panel into your website with ease.

The Landy WordPress Design is the ideal design for you if you are looking for a minimalistic and shiny design for the next page. Keeping this WordPress topic neat and crisp might help you tell the word what you're up to and ask your targeted users to involve you in your formal application or launch.

There are several ways to navigate your homepage and inside pages so that your users can instantly find information about your portable application. With over 12 homepage element layouts to choose from, you can easily use them to set up your application for soon comeback. Its design has user-defined homepage elements with scrolling effect.

It is a gentle scroll to give the visitor an incredible viewing sensation. Latest Playtime Shortcodes plug-in has been added to the thread to help you easily create detail pages or postings. The Dikka is a very flexible website submission, which you can also use to create an attractive upcoming site for your application or your products.

One of the most popular websites in the world is the one that you can use for creating a nice upcoming website for your portable application. Twitter Bootstrap provides a quick and simple way to develop your website. The design contains a fully reactive design that adapts to all kinds of device intuitively.

There are 6 different menu types that you can personalise via the topic's administration pane. Retina-enabled symbols are included to help you create your next page. It is very simple to create and adapt to your needs. You can also use Revolutionliders to create distinctive slider for your website.

CubePortfolio, which is part of this topic, makes setting up a real estate investment a very simple job. After all, this topic is constructed with the best of the best available technologies for solving your problems and works with the best plugins on the shelves! A WordPress topic worth your attention is Launch. To test the functions of this topic, you can simply go to the online demonstration.

It can give you an impression of what to look forward to, and it is totally free. Configure the customization of your logo, favicon, sub-title and heading. One standard picture is supplied with the base file and can be modified at any point. Ascendent is a WordPress topic for various uses.

I want it to adapt to every possible subject with many functions in its adaptable lay-out. You' ll find it simple to setup with its many user-defined shortcuts. The Ascendant offers limitless colour choices, up to 5 side bars and more! Discover this fully adaptable, reactive lay-out art by getting it right now!

Sapely is a high-performance and multi-faceted one-page WordPress topic with pixel-precise styling and excellent features. It' by far the most progressive free WordPress topic available today, with many unsurpassed customisation possibilities. It comes with multiple home page widgets that allow you to include portfolios, endorsements, parallax segments, your products or services information, prompts, and more.

You can use most of the free and high quality WordPress plugins like WooCommerce, Jetpack, Gravity Forms, Contact Form 7, Yast SOE, Google Analytics by Yast and many more. Unnecessary to say, the themes are portable, cheerful and quick to respond, making them look breathtaking on any machine. It' s perfect for businesses, landings page, portfolios, e-commerce, shop, retail, shop, personal sites, but also as a blogs, magazines or any other great site, while emphasizing its one-page set up.

It will be the last WordPress topic you will ever want to use because it is so much better than anything you have seen and it will provide the best results in terms of your best WordPress results as we have optimised the layout well.

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