Free Wordpress Themes for Business

Complimentary Wordpress themes for business

The Hueman is a multifunctional, free WordPress business topic. Blendend is a simple business model for WordPress. The Poseidon is a versatile WordPress theme with a beautiful, spacious layout. Optimized for SEO and compatible with many other WordPress plugins. They are suitable for both start-ups and small businesses.

Best 35+ Free Best WordPress Business Themes 2018

If you choose to create a website for your business, you can go a number of ways.... Another possibility is to create a website on WordPress with a free, business-oriented design. Business-related issues, even free ones, can look unbelievably professionally and work harder on your account to make your business stand out from the crowd.

Naturally, not all topics are the same, which is why we have put together the best free business topics for you here so that you can make an intelligent choice which is right for your business. When you have some room in your purse for a prime topic, you will definitely want to read our best business topics page.

However, if you're missing nothing, you've come to the right place. Read on to find our 37 most important free WordPress business topics! This free WordPress topic is critically acclaimed, fast to respond, and strong enough to help businesses quickly build an efficient Web experience. Customize with Google fonts and full colour controls.

Keeping your website with a quick branding brand is easy with a quick and easy icon download and bring your clients to your most important contents with the full monitor slide. An outstanding characteristic is the translation-ready character of the subject, which shows that you can get to almost anyone in the can. There is nothing better than not having to spend a cent on a nice subject like Hestia.

This free materials styling topic works miracles for a multitude of companies, among them agents, e-commerce stores and blogs. This versatile and reactive topic has an unbelievable start-up lay-out as you can present your pictures elegantly and present your service using symbols. Hestia's topic is set to work with WooCommerce, and the ordering procedure looks leaner than ever.

Its reactive look has been tried on cell telephones, normal computer and tables, while the Drag&Drop Builders will certainly help you a lot in the back end. And we like the fact that the topic is ripe for translating and that it is full of helpful software development programs. This Hestia themed has a minutes set-up and demos available to all designer to calm down, and it offers customized wallpapers and a huge menus for building the Ultimate E-commerce Store.

I always liked the fact that the ThemeIsle technical staff is always available. The topic is also delivered with tutorial videos that give you a hands-on viewing of your work. Concerning the contents of the homepage, you will see a nice slide control with superimposed text and button. Together with field reports, contacts and e-mail subscription form, the Hestia topic looks quite good.

Talon WordPress topic includes several premier functions, although it is sold at zero cost. For small and medium business, we like it because it has an appealing lay-out and a beautiful large headline that supports either a slide control or a fixed picture. Topic choices allow you to modify colours and type, and you can quickly load your own brand packs.

The Talon topic is included in a bunch of symbols, but if you want to include more symbols in the topic, you can do so. Page Builder plug-in supports the use of a graphical drafting tool, so you don't have to manipulate a line of coding during the entire page builder creation cycle.

A further area to think about is that the subject has a nice bottom line with broadly based moduls. Overall, the Talon WordPress topic has much to offer, but it is a good option for small business, professionals and blogs. It' s all about quickly creating a nice business website, and Astrid can help you by giving you all the logos, fonts, colors, and widgets you need.

Page Builder works well with the various Widget systems, so you can create your own business website design in just a few moments. It' s a fully reactive topic, which means anyone can open a telephone or tray and still see your work. The WooCommerce solution comes along with the WooCommerce topic and comes into the game for those businesses that want to begin to sell tangible or intangible goods on-line.

It is a free design, but you have the opportunity to switch to a more feature-rich pay design. Regardless, the free edition gives you a rush of premier stuff, so try it and let us know what you think. If you run a business, it's really important to have a strong web experience.

There are 11 pre-defined blocs that you can adjust to make a home page that suits your business. It also comes with Google fonts, various blogs laid out, annotations, a para-lax headers, a high-level user-friendly option board, an appealing look, customized widgets, community symbols and much more. The Zerif Lite is a one-sided subject that combines convenience and refinement for offices around the globe.

It was easy to see that this topic is used for web agency, business or creativity. In fact, it could work as a real estate investment fund for a creatively minded company. Whatever you use it for, this topic provides many functions to keep things interesting. Provides advanced search engine optimisation and functions to validate 3C WEO mark-up valid atedode.

It is also interoperable across browsers and was developed to work with WooCommerce, WPML and RTL. Business Point Topic is a free WordPress Business Topic with a clear layout and various items that will help you intensify your discussions and get clients to get in touch with you more often. Fast-response, this topic is a multi-purpose approach for companies of all shapes and sizes. Your company will be able to

It also looks at the realm of portfolios, with the option of pooling a complete image-based portfolios without having to invest a lot of extra money. Also, the topic's blogs section is great, with a few mail sizes and neat posts. Overall, the Business Point WordPress topic is a versatile, attractive business tool for a broad spectrum of companies.

If you want a complete picture in the wallpaper, the customized wallpaper is useful, while the logos area can be customized with codes and modified using a fast picture download. It also comes with a customized menus that's great for guiding users to the right pages and making your UI easier to digest.

In addition, you get a translation-friendly design that allows you to reach audiences around the globe. Business Point does not disappoint for a free topic. MediaPhase WordPress topic offers a stunning lay-out that is totally free for your business needs. Its design features appealing items for display on portable gadgets, and it provides a thematic customizer for those who are not interested in tapping coding.

Located in the back end of your WordPress page, the customized page editor provides a certain level of drag-and-drop functionality to quickly design your pages. It is also a WooCommerce-compatible topic that enables you to resell your products digitally and physically on-line. A lot of the functions that are packaged into the MediaPhase topic are some that you would generally find with premier content management software.

As an example, the slide control is prepared for your adjustments because you can switch around the animation, load high-resolution pictures, and deploy overlay text and button controls. Together with a Meet the Team area where you can speak about your employees and a place where you can present your latest blogs, the MediaPhase WordPress topic presents a high-performance professional look.

PartLax One WordPress Topic is a totally free of charge package that comes with a wonderful partLax wallpaper that attracts your eye and keeps your website from being slowed down too much. Localisation is an optional topic with the topic Palallax One, considering that it is advisable to address those who may not be speaking English as their mother tongue.

You' ll also get limitless colour choices and a modul that contains the latest posts from your blogs. Multiple societal mediabuttons are provided for your platform build, and you'll find a nice place to highlight your former clients with your logo and link to the works you created for them.

Allgiant WordPress themed website offers the perfect website set-up for a small to medium business. First point that the user will note is the large slide area, with assistance for high-resolution pictures and several elements that are passed through for your clients. Talking of plug-in integration, the Allgiant Business Theme has been tried with some of the most widely used plug-ins such as Yast SOE, Contact Form 7 and WPML.

Therefore, you don't have to care about the issue that conflicts with the plug-ins, and you get easy acces to high-performance utilities for search engine optimization, translations and contacts. You could, for example, choose that your business could do more business with the help of experience. Overall, the Allegiant WordPress topic provides versatility and a simple lay-out to instantly show your clients what your business is all about.

Vantage is the ideal option if you are looking for a topic that provides the greatest possible degree of versatility. It is not only a multi-purpose topic from the beginning, but also provides full page builder functionality and a variety of high-quality plug-ins so you can get the shape and functionality of the page of your dream.

It comes with multiple clustered widgets so you have full command over every page you build in Page Builder. Further important thematic characteristics are an appealing styling, the willingness to have a refractive error and much more. It is fast reacting and can be used for almost any kind of business. Designed for retinal use, this product contains 4 page laysouts, 2 page styles, 5 widgets and more.

There is also a Flickr customized widget to display your photographs and gallery, and it provides customized menu support so you can build the best navigation system for your corporate site. Additional functions included fringe linking, a slide bar, a full topic chooser pane, a broad lay-out chooser, bright and dim skins and much more.

The Tora theming is a good entry point if you are looking for style and refinement. This free of charge look more like one that comes with a dedicated technical staff and extra plug-ins, but you can actually get it for free. View all your contacts at the top of the website and see them snap in place thanks to the sleek look.

You can use the Topic Customizing tool to customize elements such as color and font. Multiple blogs option are great to make it so that each of your blogs doesn't look exactly the same. Headers are robust, while headers in Silebar enhance how your Widget looks organised for the users.

Tora Topic includes Live Composer plug-in functionality, so you can move items by dragging and dropping and keep your hand free of any sources. User-defined background and color supports the topic's efficiency, and you can't go wrong using thread commenting. Together with language editing utilities, tagged pictures and user-defined menu options, the Tora WordPress topic will certainly reassure many a webmaster.

Now, isn't that a neat and practical subject? Offering an appealing way to showcase your business to the global community, without having to spend a cent on website designs. Designed with HTML5, Bootstrap, Compass and SASS in mind, the website itself is fully reactive so it looks the way you want it to from any machine.

Featuring a full-topic panelset, you can adjust page layout, page width, background, color, fonts, and more. In addition, it supports eight different mail sizes and is conceived to be BuddyPress and BudbPress compliant. There is also Google font assistance. The subject is an eye-catcher to make sure.

Here is a design that's perfectly suited for the company kit. zeeNoble is an attractive design that looks good on any desktop or smartphone. In the Topic Option pane, you can customise things like colours, side bar layouts and logo, as well as other default tariffs such as widgets, wallpapers, header, and user-defined menu items.

Altogether a sound topic for business people everywhere. Here is another business-oriented business topic that provides an appealing lay-out and look, but can be adapted for any kind of purpose. There is a full-width lay-out that can be adapted to the desired appearance. This is possible thanks to a very useful topic option pane.

It lets you modify the logotype, headers, marked areas, marked sliders, widgets, and more of your website. It was easy to imagine that this topic would be used for an architectural office or a juridical location. The CPO Themes intuitive is a nice complement to this thematic series. It not only has an animated slide bar at the top, it also contains contents blocs to display your latest blogs entries or what you have.

The design is fast reacting, retinal, and was developed to work with some of the best plug-ins currently available, such as Contact Form 7, WooCommerce, Yoast SQL and WPML. The subject can deal with it. However, if you follow the business aspect, it will be particularly advantageous for you. On the one hand, it contains a drag-and-drop page layout constructor, which you can use for the homepage.

Additional functions included easy access to advanced functions such as easy navigation, a bootstrap frame, 3 page layouts, user-defined background, infinite colour scheme and much more. It is a versatile subject that can be used for almost anything, especially if your company needs to communicate a pro personality. It is quick to respond and contains many functions to satisfy even the most discerning business owner.

You can choose from 220 Google fonts, 6 pre-defined colour themes, a wide range of user-defined Widgets, 2 menus, buttons, social symbols and more. The Asteria Lite is a nice free topic that provides a stylish view of the business site. It' s fast to respond and has a slide control that lets you view your best or latest work.

Customize your site with over 600 font styles, include a photo galleries, activate service modes, and more. This topic has been developed for SMEs, is ripe for translations and contains WooCommerce and Contact Form 7 features. If anything is said and done, this topic can be used for just about any type of business and is sure to be adding a touch to the category of your website.

The subject is all business and is not scared to show it. However, this is a very good thing if you are looking for a free topic that makes it clear that you know how to do the work, no what kind of work it is. The Invert Lite is highly reactive and full of customisation possibilities so you can create your own logos, colour schemes and typefaces in seconds.

There are also 3 user-defined page styles, para-lax effect, soft symbols and hyperlinks, a call to action area, a presented text area and more. This Corpbiz topic is designed for use at company and business locations. Page styles are gorgeous, some are full width, and there is even a section in the portfolios so you can be sure you have a place to present your best work.

Customizr WordPress theming is a free and favorite choice for companies of all heights. Fast-reacting interface works well in all web browser and comes with well-documented coding for your personalization enjoy. Intermediate users can enhance the user-friendliness of the topic with different hook types. Easily load your own logos in seconds and add multiple photographs to the sliding control.

The Customizr topic can also be integrated into WooCommerce to monetize the site, and offers good customization features, such as pressability, to build a custom forums and build your own communities. It' s a highly reactive design that is minimized and engineered to make it simple to set up a business site in just a few simple moves. There is an administration option control for simple changes and allows you to build a portofolio on the fly if you want.

Several of your customisation choices involve a customized logotype, favicon, community link, RSS Feed, copyrighted text, and more. You can also adjust selected pictures and provide widget assistance, so you can be sure to see the functions and information you want, wherever you want.

Busiprof is a easy and uncomplicated topic, which could be exactly what your office needs. There are two page styles to select from, a single slide up to display your latest contents, and a service area where you can highlight exactly what you're offering. There is also built-in widget control and a widgettized bottom line so you can be sure to record the desired contents wherever you need them.

There is no doubt that this topic is highly technical and also looks good. There are many adjustment possibilities without overload. Using the customizable themes, you can, for example, change the logos, text, pictures and sliders with just a few mouse clicks. What's more, you can also change the settings of the themes and the sliders. There are also a few page styles to help you choose the look of your website, plus a page bar and full width layouts.

Professionally easy and absolutely attractive, Heavenly is an attractive topic that makes website design a breeze. The design is fairly easy to set up, but contains many adjustment possibilities to interest advanced designers, such as three built-in page styles, user-defined home page preferences, and user-defined backgrounds. InkThemes' Road Fighter topic has a somewhat strange name for its super-saint images, but who am I to assess?

The only thing I know is that my first look at the subject reassured me. Here, too, there are many possibilities for adaptation. Choose a customized logotype, introductory text, and background. Utilize the five different widgettized areas to create customized contents wherever you want. Frankly, you really can't go wrong with one of the themes WordPress developers themselves created, namely Automatic.

The Edin Islands are all business and this is definitely a good thing if you are looking for a free business subject that will give your business a contemporary advantage. The design is also highly reactive and comes with a customisable title page style, a mesh page style, a full width style and an alternative page style for the sideline.

The Edin comes with two user-defined headers, a user-defined bottom line drop-down list, soft symbols and more topic choices than you know what to do with your keen tips in the Customizer. Here is another great looking topic that you can easily use for your business website. There are two homepage style - a blogs ite and a presentations ite - and it's reactive so you can be sure that the important business detail is seen and used by anyone looking for it on any machine.

Adjust menu and color settings, adjust the home page sliders to include your own pictures, text, and button settings, and use the Topic Customizing tool to modify what information you see on your home page. Another easy topic is Bota, which can be used for business applications with relatively little effort. The Topic Option Control Panel allows you to quickly set up this topic with a minimum of effort.

Offered with multiple choice patterns, it is based on an appealing look so that your contents always look good. Kadence Themes' virtue themes are extremely versatile and the ideal way to emphasize your company's best work. It is based on Bootstrap, so you know that it is fast and dependable.

Topic option field makes it easy to customize. Imagine that this topic is used by a company that is involved in creativity in some way, especially since it contains a section on the company profile. When you need to quickly set up a website, Klasik is a good topic for you. It can be used for a variety of uses, from business pages to blogging, because it's essentially a launcher topic that serves as a skeleton for any type of website you want to create.

The design contains 12 user-defined and 6 built-in Widgets, so you can embed the desired contents wherever you want. Amazingly rugged, the Topic Option panel allows you to customise things like logo, font, colour and more. And it comes with Font Awesome icons and supports advanced features like Font Awesome.

Would you like something more classy for your retail space? The ButterBelly topic is a good option then. There are five widgettized areas that you can upload with user-defined contents and it provides assistance for selected pictures. You can use the editor to choose from a variety of specific postal style, full width and galleries.

You can design the logo, text and background according to your wishes. I can' help but loving. It is not only reactive and HTML5 build, but also builds on the basis of the GNU 500 and is quite light overall, which means it gets loaded quickly and provides a nice usability sensation.

Topic Option Panels also allow for a variety of customizations. Customize your design with a customized logotype, heading, or wallpaper. While Koenda is ideal for business locations, it retains enough creativity to work for private or imaginative locations. The design is appealing, so that portable people can always see what they want to see, and it incorporates several layouts available in the side bar, so you're sure to find a look that works both esthetically and functional for you.

The design also includes several blogs layouts option, a side bar builder, a sitemap and much more. Hold it professionally, hold it business proficient with the Rambo themed. It not only allows you to show fat and large photos on the home page, but also provides text areas with symbol assistance that refer to the particular pages of your website (services, portfolios, contacts, etc.).

The design includes two different page layouts to create a single homepage and blogs. There is also WooCommerce assistance, so if you ever get the need to establish a fast paced shop on-line, you have a way to integrate it directly into your website. The cover picture says "Beautiful," and it really is this subject.

Noctitate is a highly reactive business model that is perfectly suited for business and asset locations. There is a customizable lay-out that you can adapt spontaneously. And it comes with customized Widget that you can use thanks to the infinite side bar in almost any desired area. It is a lot of such a business location, but it succeeds in creating a good level of excellence without appearing cumbersome.

It is a fast-reacting topic and can be used for any type of web site you can think of. Although it's a free design, it comes with functionality that you'll see with higher quality choices such as a number of layout choices for your portfolios, events, blogs, galleries, and referrals. Supporting tagged content, it contains full-width sliders, full-width sliders, button controls for teammates, and a fast track contacts page.

The design is also fully compliant with many other utilities and functions such as BPress, WooCommerce, RTL, WEO and more. It has been already localized into several other tongues and even provides high level client service for anyone who needs a little help building their website.

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