Free Wordpress Themes for Freelancers

Freeware Wordpress themes for freelancers

Potassium is a wonderfully encoded WordPress creative multi-purpose website theme. Trending Item Gillion Gillion is a minimalist theme. Another multi-purpose WordPress theme, Uncode is great for freelancers who need a new website. The Divi has all the customization tools and options to help you create a unique and personalized freelancer website. This list includes both free and premium topics (subject to a fee).

Best 20+ WordPress Topics for Freelancer 2018

Browse this compilation of the best WordPress themes for freelancers to help you create the website that' fits your needs best, advertise your service and win more customers.... Regardless of which area you work in, this diverse choice should contain at least one topic that fits your work well. There are many different choices, from the creation of photographic and graphics portfolio to the creation of a website that presents your best features and capabilities.

Several of the best WordPress themes for freelancers in this compilation come with several pre-configured website demonstrations. You can import these demonstrations into your WordPress website so that you can create your own custom contents before starting your website. In order to help you bring your own personalities to your new website, you will also find many customisation possibilities under these topics.

According to the topic, this can involve granular panel controls that make it simple to tailor almost every facet of your website, as well as the integration of drag-and-drop page building utilities such as Visual Composer. Even if you want to resell your product and service directly from your website, then you are looking for a freelance WordPress topic that contains good e-commerce plug-in like WooCommerce functionality.

Another multi-purpose WordPress topic, Uncode is great for freelancers who need a new website. Besides the few demonstrations that make this a great WordPress topic for freelancers, many of the other ready-made website designs can easily be adapted to a free-lance website development team.

Our demo portfolios and agencies are an easy choice for anyone who wants to develop their service and capabilities on-line. On the other hand, the studios and card demonstrations are more than up to the job. As you set up your website, you can use the Topic Option Panels to customise how it is compiled and presented.

Those preferences give you a lot of controll over the look of your website, with the possibility to combine the different items from the different demo versions. Visual Composer, the premier drag-and-drop page creator, is available for more sophisticated customizations. Unicode will work well for a number of different ventures, but freelancers can really profit from it.

The Divi has all the customisation utilities and customisation choices to help you build a truly personalised website for freelancers. Divi WordPress Topic is full of different layout that can be simply uploaded to your website. You can use these layout as they are, mix and match them to make your own themes, or just make them your own using the drag-and-drop pageers.

Featuring the new and enhanced Divi Builder capabilities, you can now build customized page themes for your freelance website through an easy-to-use front-end point-and-click UI. Contractors should find the portfolios, endorsements, customer logos and customer interaction forms particularly useful for building their web sites. One of the other functions you'll find useful is the possibility to quickly upload and download page layout and page setting, a shared web site sharing and template sharing environment, and a high-performance splitting test utility that helps you optimise your web page copy and even increase the number of traffic to your customers.

Vivi has enough ready-made layout and contents to meet those who are looking for a fast way to build a freelance website. But thanks to its customisation features and features, Divi is also ideal for creating an authentic website without having to type it. The Oshine is another WordPress topic in our range, this one with a powerful emphasis on help you present your work.

Especially free-lance professional photographers, graphics artists and illustrations will find Oshine a good selection for their web sites. With so many different types of product designs and artwork, you should be able to find a look that fits your own unique creativity needs. The Oshine WordPress topic is no big deal with full-screen slide controls, a variety of different raster designs, double roundabouts, and various galleries that publish your pictures on-line.

The import of contents from soft ware and clutch hostings is also possible. Featuring a fine-grained suite of topic choices, personalising almost any aspects of your website is possible with this versatile WordPress topic free-lance. It can be seen as a real multi-purpose subject, but the emphasis on freelance and project portfolios makes it a great complement to this range.

is a WordPress topic suited for all kinds of freelancers and their web sites. There are seven major Dani configuration choices and all have a powerful emphasis on assisting you in publishing your portfolios on-line. You can either welcome your users with a welcome email or define your own portfolios first, based on which demonstration you use.

Because of the different layout Dani consists of, this WordPress topic is best for those who want to view visually. No matter if you work with stills or videos, Dani has many different ways to present your work. Ranging from full-screen televisions and wallpaper televisions to light box galeries and various raster designs - with this topic you are spoilt completely for choices.

And Dani is also great for building an agent's website. So if you ever move from freelance to owning an agent, this topic has the capacity to evolve with you. The Kudos is full of over 27 demonstrations for your website and homepage with many great features for freelancers. The import of demonstration contents is very simple.

Indeed, the most difficult part of getting going might be the choice of what demonstration to use for your contractor website. Among the best demonstrations for freelancers, the best ones are those for card, studios, portfolios and case studies. Since this is a highly customizable topic, each of the Kudos demonstrations and ready-made contents can be customized to your needs.

In addition, no matter what demonstration you decide on, you can still get all the great Kudos WordPress themes. The ability to select and select from a large collection of template files each and every times you release new contents will help you give your website the right look and feel. Your website will look and feels the way you want it to.

They include a variety of asset management tools, including various asset management tools, asset management tools, asset management tools, and case study publication tools. You will also find template pages for the most important pages that every website needs. These include Über-, Kontakt- and Blog-Posts. Also Kudos has full e-commerce assistance and all the pre-built template you need to be able to resell your items on-line.

In addition to all its pre-built contents, Kudos also contains the power of the Visual Composer Page Builder plug-in, which makes it a freelance WordPress topic with endless potential. The PILE is described as an unorthodox WordPress product range and certainly has an inventive look. Though PILE was initially published some years ago, this freelance WordPress topic has been completely upgraded and revised and is now in its second state.

That means that when you decide on this topic, you are choosing a proven codebase that now contains all the latest and greatest web site styling capabilities. PILE has only one major homepage lay-out, but this can be fully customised in many different ways. Using the Quick Look and Feel Manager, you can quickly and easily build the right look and feel for your website and its contents.

If you want to change the fine detail of your website, such as colours, font and page design options, you can change them using the customizable user interfaces of the themes dialog. The PILE Portfoliogrid utility makes it easy to create interesting designs for your PILE assets. Featuring full-screen home page slider and a one-of-a-kind asset management paradigm, PILE could be just the thing you need to make your freelance website stand out from the game.

The Lobo is a WordPress professional topic with comprehensive e-commerce features that helps you promote your work and selling your service on-line. Perhaps you are a free-lance professional who wants to use his photography portfolios to promote his best pictures on-line, or you could be a web design professional who wants to create web site building bundles that are sold from his website.

Regardless of how you want to integrate your company's e-commerce and products site with your own custom freelance service, Lobo should offer you many opportunities. While the e-commerce feature of the Lobo WordPress topic is completely elective and can be disabled at the push of a mouse, this might be the case if you are looking for a topic that makes it very simple to offer your work and service for purchase.

On top of all the backend technologies and features of this topic, one of the first things your traffic will realize when they get to your site is that this is not your default inventory line. Scroll and animation should help your website differentiate itself from the masses, while your asset management layout will present your work without undue detractions.

Lobo is one of the WordPress themes for freelancers who should be on your short list if you are looking for something different with the ability to add an on-line shop to your existing product range. The Pillar has recently been upgraded to offer you even more features and capabilities when building your freelance website with WordPress.

Pillar 0 allows you to customise almost any part of your freelance website. More than 50 topic choices can be access via the WordPress Customizer user experience, giving you a chance to see a lived previewer of your changes as you make them. Since the investment in one' s own personal investment of one' s own website is not suitable for everyone, especially those in the freelance sector, the Pillar WordPress section contains an amazing choice of over 26 home page demonstrations.

Every demonstration can be easily uploaded to your website with just a few mouse clicks. What's more, it's easy to import the results into your website. Below the option you will find many matching demonstrations for freelancers and agencies sites. Any of the column demonstrations can be adjusted with the supplied Visual Composer Page builder plug-in. When you want to present your asset values in a fun and interesting way, this slide bar offers many possibilities.

The Pillar is a real multi-purpose topic that focuses heavily on assisting designers in building the ideal freelance and agencies sites to advertise their service on-line. Potassium is a professional topic for creativity that could be exactly what your freelance website needs. You' ll find a large variety of choices among the increasing variety of ready-made demo files.

On the other side the demonstrations for photographers, agencies and freelancers should be of special interest for the reader of this book. Furthermore, with over 30 available portfolios style, it doesn't really make any difference which demonstration you select, as you can view your work with one of these playlists. You can also use Visual Composer to help you tailor your portfolios and other page themes and give you the ability to create your own customized layout from the ground up.

In addition, almost every aspect of your website can be customized using the Potassium Topic Option Dashboard. The WordPress topic for freelancers has some useful functions that help make the pictures on your website look good and can be loaded quickly. Adaptable imaging re-scales your visually rich assets into the most effective way to share them, based on the kind of devices your users use to connect to your site.

Potassium will impress you with its classy look and numerous demonstrations, but its behind-the-scenes functions and functions help make this subject more than the mere combination of its parts. The Rhythm is a versatile multi-purpose WordPress topic with an amazing freelance demonstration. There are several different versions of the freelance demonstration, among them fullscreen sliders, text and wallpaper.

It doesn't really make any difference which demonstration you select, as you can combine and blend the best items from each of the options to create your own custom website that' s customized for your specific work. In addition to homepage demonstrations, Rhythm has a burgeoning collection of inner page layouts for the remainder of your website.

Those themes cover portfolios, galleries, blogs, utilities and many other page styles. There is also a range of page hosting template that are perfectly suited to turn occasional visitor into dedicated customer. Creating a high quality land page that you can hyperlink from your favorite sites such as search engines, ads, guests and more can really help you expand your freelancer work.

The Rhythm is full of demonstrations, artwork, layouts, and other premade contents that really need to be seen to be recognized. Workshop was designed to give you everything you need to build a freelance website. In this topic, you'll find all the necessary utilities to build a user-defined freelance website using WordPress.

With the Visual Composer plug-in provided, you can create layout that would not be possible with the standard WordPress editor. You can then fill your customized page themes with any of the useful Visual Composer page contents. But if you don't have the amount of free space or the capability to create an individual freelance website, Werkstatt has more than enough demonstrations to help you put your website up and running.

Though there is only one specially designed demonstration for freelancers, Werkstatt has many other demonstrations that you can use for your website. Our demonstrations can be adapted to the needs of a contractor. The use of sleek workshop portfolios is another fast and simple way to use WordPress to build a winning contractor website. Creative branding is a tried and tested way to attract more traffic to your website.

In this sense it is great to see the workshop provided blizzard' own collection of blogs. Workshop is perfect for freelancers who want full access to their website, but also for those who are looking for a standard site look forward to this topic. Items is a topic that is full of functions, utilities, and preferences that will help you build a customized freelance website with WordPress.

A stunning range of website demonstrations include some features that are great for freelancers. Whatever kind of professional service you offer, the Elements Portfolios demonstrations should help you advertise your company in a stylish way and, most of all, turn more traffic into paid customers. Any of the demonstrations can be added to your WordPress website with just a few mouse clicks. Clicking on the demo will open the WordPress website.

You can then either create your own website by adding your own contents and publishing your new website, or search the detail topic option setting to customise your website. If you' re more resourceful, you can use the Visual Composer plug-in provided to modify the layout and template that comes with Elements. It is really up to you how much of this topic you want to personalise.

Elements is a WordPress topic, from selecting headers and footers to libraries of module and page styles, that can be used to build a myriad of different Web sites in a variety of business sectors. The QOON has some interesting layout and template that will help you to give your freelance website an inventive look.

QOON could be the way your freelance website stands out from the rest with full-screen artwork and contrast half and half page layout. In order to make the setup of your new website as easy as possible, the integration of your demonstration contents is done with just a few mouse clicks. What's more, you can easily create your own website and get it up and running. After importing the demonstration contents, you can decide which items you want to use and how you want to use them.

Featuring so many different layout and template choices, it's possible to pick the right theme for any type of editorial you want to post, every single day as you expand your on-line library. QOON not only support multi-page themes and layout, but also a variety of different medias and contents.

No matter if you want to post your videos or your audios, this topic makes it easier for you to do both. The latest QOON fixes have shown that this is an issue that gets better and better with each fix. So if you are looking for a topic that will help you keep your freelance website up to date, QOON is definitely something you should take a look at.

The Pitch WordPress topic is a product range developed especially for freelancers and agency. If that doesn't seem too thrilling, watch the pitch demonstration to see them in operation. There are 12 homepage modi to select for the beginning. In contrast to some other demonstration topics with several homepages, the pitch demonstrations are all suited for freelancers.

Therefore, you have 12 possibilities to select from for your freelancers WordPress website. A further striking characteristic of Pitch that will attract freelancers are the case studies provided. These ready-made layout choices will help you present each project in your portfolios in a fun and interesting way.

Rather than reusing a case study style sheet, each element in your inventory can be shown with a different page layout. It gives you a great way to get a high value website look that hasn't been strained on innumerable other sites. With Adios, you might have one of the best choices for your artist in this WordPress Freelancer themes group.

Everyone can profit from using this topic to create their freelancer website. Adios and its classy demonstrations will attract those who need something different for their work. Adios certainly offers something new in regards to style and aesthetic, from the wide range of different contextual layouts to the creatively using whitespace and animated effect.

Though the nine homepage demonstrations offer many possibilities, Adios makes it simple for you to make your own. Visual Composer's built-in drag-and-drop tools allow you to quickly build your own layout from available plug-ins and items. Adjusting the pre-built homepage demonstrations and inside page template is also simple.

Adios may be a good choice if you want to make sure that every page on your freelance site has the power to make you stand out. Another of our product portfolios, Assembly, is perfectly suited for the creation of freelance sites with WordPress. With 18 classy homepage demonstrations, you'll have lots of choices when it comes to designing your website.

Your contractor website may welcome new users with a welcome note and an introductory tour of your company, based on which demonstration you select. As an alternative, you can also view your portfolios frontally so that they are the first thing newcomers see. Further homepage features might involve showing a roundabout with your best contents, presenting your work on a full-screen slide bar, or passing on your own information and that of all your collaborators.

Assemble is well stocked with features when it comes to the inside pages of your contractor or web site. There is a wide range of asset allocation models that you can select from to ensure that you present them optimally, regardless of the kind of work you create. Blogs are best served with this WordPress topic.

Assemble gives you a good choice of archives of blogs and posts that you can work with. Here you will also find all the e-commerce page layouts you need to build an e-commerce store with WordPress and WooCommerce. And as if that wasn't enough, the high-performance Visual Composer Page Builder plug-in is also available in the Assemble themeset.

Milan is a minimalist WordPress topic for freelancers who don't want their website to divert traffic from their portfolios. Milan has an impressing choice of demonstrations. While some are designed specifically for freelancers, others are more universal or better for use on agencies' Web sites. Regardless of which demonstration you decide on, you can modify it using the Visual Composer Page Builder utility and topic option and setting.

As the best WordPress themes for freelancers, Milan offers full native WordPress language native WooCommerce plug-in functionality for the WooCommerce Store Builders. That means you can put articles up for purchase in your freelance inventory and make payment transactions there. They can also offer on-line WooCommerce and Milan Topic selling service, which gives you many opportunities to make a living with your website.

Milano's creativity or limits and whitespace make it a WordPress topic that doesn't stand in the way of your work. The Brando is a multi-purpose topic designed to help you build any kind of website with WordPress. The 10 Brando demonstrations are all following the one-page homepage outline.

That means that the front page of your website usually contains a lot of information and contents to help your users better comprehend your service. From the many Brando demonstrations there is a good variety that would be perfect for a freelance website. One of the best ways to create a website is to use the website demonstration to enhance your capabilities and service list.

A further good choice is the face-to-face demonstration. Featuring your personalities and characters, this demonstration will help you stand out from the game. Fotodemo could readily be optimized to help you build a more universal on-line photo collection that presents your work visually. The integration of the Viscom Composer Page builder tools and the theme's preferences and choices make it relatively easy to customize any of the Brando demonstrations.

You can also use many shortcuts to add a number of items to your pages. We have a good variety of demonstrations available that are suited for a free-lance website, as well as enough versatility to help you create a customized website. There is a large collection of website demonstrations that covers many different kinds of project.

But if you are building a website for freelancers, there are more than a few choices. Our freelancer-friendly demonstrations range from themes that are perfect for on-line web sites to choices that focus on help you take advantage of the service you offer and encouraging your traffic.

The best web styling tendencies and web effect are contained in the topic signed freelancers. These include full-screen layout, slider animation, a variety of different menus and headers, customized Widgets, and a drag-and-drop home page build utility. Because the Visual Composer plug-in is built in, you can use the Plug and Play Build feature to recreate any of the pages that make up the signing demonstrations.

The one-click trial import utility lets you start customising your new website immediately after selecting from 26 trials. It will help you create a classy web site for your freelance company. Whatever your visions for your freelance website, you should have a suitable demonstration of it.

When not, these demonstrations can simply be personalised using the HyperX Customiser. There is even an on-line demonstration of the HyperX Customizer to show exactly how versatile this freelance WordPress themed is. When you need greater creativity over your website, Visual Composer and the Slider Revolution are part of the themeset.

You can now add enhanced slide shows and create customized page layout to your website. HyperX already has an extensive function listing that grows with each updated topic. The latest fixes and enhancements included introducing a new sets of icons, supporting Google fonts, and more demonstrations to name a few.

Offering a host of preferences and choices as well as a range of sophisticated and eye-catching features, Flash offers powerful and powerful tools to help convince your audience. Each of the 19 demonstrations that make up the Cookie topic has a pro look and feel that gives your freelance sites a pro look and feel. What's more, the 19 demonstrations that make up the Cookie topic are all designed to give your freelance sites a pro look and feel. Your website will be a great place to work.

Demonstrations vary from subtile styles that make good use of the whitespace to put your work centre stage to colourful and daring choices that are perfect for making a permanent impact on your people. Every cookie demo has a powerful blogsit feature so this topic is a good option for freelancers who want to be regularly informed about their service, business or everyday use.

There is also full e-commerce assistance that will help you in selling your service and collecting money on-line. There are also plenty of customisation possibilities, with a user-defined operating field and the supplied ASP PageBuilder tool. Because of the variety of demonstrations that make up the Cookie topic, this is a good fit both for freelancers with powerful image-based collections such as photographs and designer and for those who offer less visually rich offerings such as authors, trainers and volunteers.

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