Free Wordpress Themes for Painters

Featured Wordpress themes for painters

The Clean Portfolio is a super free WordPress theme for artists to create a modern looking website with ease. The York is a free WordPress theme with a beautiful design. Complimentary Responsive Portfolio Theme WordPress. New WordPress Theme - Infinite Scroll.

Fifteen free WordPress themes for your own personal creativity

You' a big fan of Malevich your Black Square picture? Although it is a question of flavor, a question of creativeness is the most important thing for all of them. Quite the opposite, a clever website redesign can even enhance a satisfied customer environment. The WordPress room can make an artist feels secure as there is a vast library of one-of-a-kind, adaptable themes capable of reflecting (or at least not spoiling) their idea and styling.

In addition, there are many free themes that can become their winning point of departure. Most of the presented topics are related to painting, photography, designing, writing, etc. To get to know the WordPress functions, you will find in this summary the topics for different needs and tastes: Topics that make it possible to present full height/wide detail painting and photography; WooCommerce assistance if you have something to trade; Photo blogging solution if you are planning to provide your works with story or detail description; Bright and Black Style; Topics that are appropriate for the presentation of works of extensive as well as classic arts and designs; Topics with built-in WordPress non-technical visually editing; SEO-friendly solution for multi-file upload; Animated and parallax themes for smooth workflow; Topics with animated and parallax effect for smooth multi-file upload.

Supporters of scholarly and bare metal arts, engravers, painters, photo bloggers, sculptresses, graphic designer and other creative people should be able to find a WordPress template for their needs in the following group. The Munsa is an ultra-pure subject for the artist. It looks more like a blogs topic at first glance, with the ability to present all your works along with the text on it.

Comes with a classy headers with a full screen wallpaper, neat type, a fresh, upcoming page and a fade out menue. Unfortunately, wallpaper colours, footers and some other features are only adjustable within the Professional Edition. ?ketch is another neat and light design from Automattic. Top Contents control is a great way to present your favourite handicrafts.

It can be used to present any kind of work - painting, photography, graphic art, writing and works by any of the designers. Clearly arranged whitewashed backgrounds and gray lettering are ideal for minimalistists. You can use this topic to refresh the website logotype, convert the title page to one or two columns, insert a page bar, etc.

It also comes with a full suite of full featured socially shared icon, so you don't have to add them. Standard subject matter is a photographic product range of the edible foods group. Modify text and place your work into a professionally designed library that reflects your personality.

You can turn this deep motif into a bright one with several colour patterns. It also is very dependable and adaptable: it extracting your data from the contents and displaying them in full width on a unique web page - it makes folks happy to see the works in detail, and full width and full width solution are just perfectly suited for these needs.

This topic comes with a comprehensive guideline and advice on how to make the most of it. Looks like the artwork topic was done by an artist. Comes with a singular, enigmatic feel, it satisfies the needs of lovers of art lovers and photographs perfectly: especially widescreen/full-screen image layout so that every detail can be seen in advance, a multitude of colours, the lack of disturbing features, small areas for describing works, gentle parallelism.

It can be perfect for a private artists or photographers file, an on-line arts library, an arts or tourism log, and any space where you want to concentrate on high-resolution pictures and blogs. Technically, it is also very reliable: all features for non-technicians (built-in plug-in for drag-and-drop editing), title page viewing via WordPress Customizer, Google scripts, a wide range of mail types like videos and galleries, etc.

Its design is also compliant with many common plug-ins, such as WooCommerce. The Verbosa is a great subject for artist who are planning to show works of art and tell the history of each one. It can also be used by photo bloggers, design professionals and other creative people. There comes with a convenient linksidebar pull-down menus and the ability to modify the position, drop-down menus, Google scripts, softkeys, simple front end adjustment via the WordPress Customizer, and great typographical choices.

This topic is also referred to as very SEO-friendly and easy. Though the name of the subject says it all, it also does not set any boundaries for painters, carvers and decorators when presenting their works. In the same way that a single topic can be used for completely different niche businesses. It is also up to you whether you focus on the image or text contents.

Design comes standard with the classic colours that look very classy - white, blue and blue. This topic can support multiple mail sizes. This is a classy and minimalistic subject for portfolios of artist, designer and photographer. It' s pretty contemporary with sweet hill-boy looks, perfectly complimentary colours and standard contrasts of deep backgrounds and bright contents - these are great usability enhancements.

Lots of choices that are very often bought in many themes are offered for free in this one. It' s the ideal place to present all your works on the front page and learn more about each work on the cover page. The Hitchcock also comes with Jetpack endless scrolls, customizable highlight color, and the ability to customize the headspace.

The gallery's postal formats are also encouraged in this area. When you are looking for maximal pictures and minimal text, this topic will be a good choice for you. This would also meet the needs of engravers or exponents of modern arts. Add all your pictures and categorise them for faster searches and keep your customers satisfied with appealing designs and practical sat nav.

You can also modify the theme's appearance by adhering to narrower or wider themes, updating your search for softwares, icons, colours, etc. WooCommerce is the topic and child-friendly. The name of the topic is thus interpreted from Latin. It' really a WordPress concept for artist, designer, photoblogger and other creative people.

Our basic idea consists of full-screen pictures that are so popular with those who want to present their craft audaciously. This topic allows people who are literal immersion in your works. It'?s a very harmonious theme: Montserrat Google headlines and Karla paragraph typefaces complete the theming.

Fotographer is a very imaginative WordPress topic for photographs and other artist. It can also be used for the presentation of works, performances and performances of the Kunstgalerie or a group of artist. It is a very catchy subject, so you can be sure that your guests will be thrilled by its imaginative design and your work.

The Divina is a wonderful WordPress subject in deep black to put all your works in the forefront. Apparently, the designers wanted to focus on women in their designs, but it is the pictures that create this special ambience, so that your special collections, whether natural or masculine, can offer your readership a completely different adventure.

It is a great topic for presenting works of modern artwork, designers' portfolios, model agencies or any art-related fans' blogs. It is a great way for an artist who has works of different size and wants to take the titles and descriptions with them. Brickwork styled homepage page helps you get automatic fully textured presentations of your work.

Thanks to the unique layout, each work can be placed in an elegantly designed setting and the number of raster column can be adjusted. They can also modify the topic color via a WordPress Customizer and use it to refresh the most important contents and designs. MétroX is a very classy deep WordPress topic with a wide range of postal styles, create symbols and of course great layout for your works.

In the first place, it can meet the needs of modern artisans and designer. In addition to pure pictures, the subject allows the presentation of the works in other available postal format such as videos, sound, quotations, etc. It also comes with many vibrant colours that look breathtaking on the dark backdrop. It is a completely appealing and well-researched topic.

This is a nice minimum topic with rather classic layout and perfect structure. It is a good option if you want to show all your trades at once, with the possibility of seeing each individual subject on a unique page. This topic comes with a great deal of empty spaces, which is a big tendency because it offers a higher legibility.

It' just right for painters, graphic arts, design professionals, photography and other creative people. This design can be quickly edited using the WordPress Customizer interface, so you can easily refresh the logotype, typeface, colors, user-defined backgrounds, and user-defined headers. Easy and neat, it' s all you need to draw readers' eye to all the pictures at once.

When you are used to a website with free floor pictures named Unsplash, you will see this similarity. It is a great topic if you want to present a vast library of your works and want to put the emphasis on pictures. Furthermore, the topic is ideal for photo blogging as it can be used without the side bar complexities.

Atlantic allows you to customise a logotype, headers, fonts as well as background to personalise the subject.

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