Free Wordpress Themes for Service Business

Free-of-charge Wordpress topics for the service business

Comfortable, business-oriented shortcodes simplify the marketing of your services. Comes with a companion plugin that adds customer feedback, services and a home page section to your website. It' s compatible with popular free Page Builder plugins and provides out-of-the-box support for WooCommerce. Main feature of FortySeven Street: Business can vary from product to product and service to any idea you can imagine.

LaunchRight - the new free WordPress topic for business sites

StarRight is a high-quality, free Business WordPress topic that provides an excellent basis for building world-class business Web sites with WordPress. What is so unique about StartRight? Let us be honest, the WordPress themed year 2016 marketing is unbelievably competive. They can usually find a variety of topics for a particular niche. What is more, you can find a variety of topics for a particular area.

Let's take a look at what we think are the key functions of StartRight and why you should select it for your next WordPress work. Throughout the years, we have talked to virtually a thousand individuals who create WordPress Business Web sites with our themes. A large proportion of our customers consider the overall qualitiy of the designs to be the primary reasons why they decide on one of our themes.

Proud to create breathtaking design that instantly gives your website a great basis for your business results. There has been a lot of effort invested in making every singleixel you see in StartRight. WordPress topics are regarded by us as fully-fledged product that must inspire: While we believe there are literally thousand of well-designed WordPress themes, the overwhelming overwhelming number of free WordPress themes are not good enough for business and company Web sites.

Before we made a livelihood, we should know that we were part of a web design company that created WordPress sites for large corporate customers. Never would we have thought of using a free WordPess topic as a foundation for one of our project - they just weren't good enough.

One of our main objectives when we started developing StartRight was to develop a free tool that we would highly suggest to any WordPress website user, large or small, as the foundation for their website designs. StarRight is this topic. Over the last 5 years or so we have seen great changes in the WordPress theme's eco-system.

And one of these major tendencies was the emergence of the multi-purpose themed. Hundreds of demonstrations for many different kinds of companies, tons of themes for almost anything you can think of, and more slider controls than you can handle with a cane. Here is the darkness side of the multifaceted themed world:

They' re slowly and inflated - all these functions, demonstrations and choices are associated with a high cost. On some occasions, laughably slowly and incompatibly with some of the most beloved WordPress web sites. You make WordPress complex - WordPress came from the origin of ease. Actually, WordPress is still relatively easy.

A lot of multi-purpose WordPress themes force this ease by incorporating a variety of control elements for things you'll never need. At the end of the day, the issue stands in your way of leading your business. In the past we have created some vocal, all danceable multi-purpose WordPress themes.

So we saw what was becoming widespread and thought it was what they wanted and what we needed to do to make a business work. Most of the time, we found that most endusers wouldn't use many of the functions we had been working on for week and month. Have we done the bad stuff?

Another reason was that many people bought the subject because they liked the look, rather than the wealth of functionality we offered. And as we continued to create more themes, we simplistically honed and refine our choices and found that heaven did not perish. So, although StartRight comes with a number of topic choices, we've tried to keep them as easy as possible so as not to overtax someone who's starting WordPress for the first foray.

With no shame in making informed choices about things such as layouts and call to action placements, we can draw on our own knowledge and skills to deliver what works best for the ten thousand sites that have used our themes over the years. So, once we've learnt that our clients don't need a ton of topic choices, what do they need?

StarRight is primarily targeted at business or company Web sites. Many of our clients are small business or WordPress developer and implementer who create web sites for small and medium sized companies. Most of us know that WordPress is still a blog/publishingngine and as a consequence it can take a long way for someone to create a company website in WordPress.

StarRight solves the problem. Extensive homepage containing well-established designs to best present a company from a homepage. These include a light slide control, a service highlights area, FAQs (which are a good way to clearly express what your business is doing), an area to express your USPs, and several clear Call to Action (including a well-designed interface with Contact 7 for homepage forms integration).

The majority of companies have fairly basic blogging/news requests - that's why we've kept it very easy when it comes to topic choices. We just scraped the interface of what StartRight has to provide your business website. Here is an overview of some of the other functions we offer: We are very proud to say that we believe that StartRight is the best free choice available for building business or business WordPress Sites.

Take a look at StartRight Pro! StartRight Pro has been developed especially for those who need expert StartRight assistance. We have a strong industry record as one of the best supporting teams in the industry, and we're one of the top-ranked topic writers on Themeforest and other topic-places. StartRight Pro provides several additional improvements in over and above our expert support:

With StartRight Pro, your website will look great in RTL such as Hebrew and Arabian. For some companies that have many different types of product and service that they would like to present, our product range function is really useful. Being the founder of the first WooCommerce themed store, we know WooCommerce inside and out and StartRight Pro comes with a deeper WooCommerce experience.

StarRight Plus also offers useful topic choices and custom weblog template for even more customized and controlled web browsing. Professional clients really enjoy this function because it makes it very easy for their clients to get in contact with them. Keep in mind that StartRight is 100% GPL conform and totally free for any kind of website.

You can download StartRight or watch the StartRight demo. When you need StartRight Plus assistance and additional functionality, you can get StartRight Plus for as little as 59. Get StartRight Plus or watch the StartRight Plus demo.

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