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Thirty Popular Free WordPress Blog Topics 2018 Just ask any successfull person and he will tell you that if you don't consequently post, your blog will pale. But before you think about beginning a website, and in fact a blog, you will need to find out how to build your website. But WordPress, a professionally designed web site CMS, offers many more ways to personalize a web site for specific needs.

WordPress is recommended because it is the best. There is no way you can set a cost for tens of millions of free website themes and tens of tens of tens of thousands of other website plug-ins known as add-ons. Featuring so many free utilities and inexpensive one-click web site host, WordPress is inviting both novice and professional users alike.

WorldPress can be as inexpensive or as costly as you want it to be. WordPress itself can become a virtual enterprise thanks to the implementation of premier themes and plug-ins. Many of them took the chance to create their own topics for a small charge. Surely much less costly than recruiting a web designer, with the cost of more than ten thousand dollar for an individual webpage.

Instead, you're much better off picking a free topic. We have put together a synopsis of the best free WordPress blogs in this case. Your next web site could be on this page! Our latest free themes version, Newsspaper makes our overall number of themes released tenth.

On the way to some of the most beautiful topics (according to personal reviews) we learnt what it took to develop a topic that works well. Newspaper X is a sophisticated blogs topic with several journal items. Newspaper X's basic idea is to present as much new information as possible on the homepage.

This allows you to include many levels of category contents on the home page. But you won't need them because Newspaper X offers extra ways to emphasize any kind of contents. At the top of the homepage there is an orderly contents control to show the presented articles. Directly below the slide bar is an extra raster where you can place all basic contents.

In most cases, the contents are displayed in a two-column raster with sufficient space between the individual contributions. Within blog postings, the most important redesign is the inclusion of a side bar. While we primarily promote Sapely as a business topic, innumerable WordPress blogs have made Sapely a blog topic. An issue as varied as Shapely is easily adapted to your needs.

Unparalleled in terms of styling, we know that Sapely is one of the most progressive themes on the open world. WordPress reports more than 20,000 installations, and the numbers don't just be lying. Removable homepage items from Shapeley are simple to move and allow you to turn the homepage into a custom blog styling.

A lot of blogs have redesigned their pages by adding commercial issues to the homepage. The blog will be moved to the blog section of the website. needless to say, Shapely's blog design is flawless, with neat colours and type, making it a great blog in its own right. Our free themes all began gradually, but over the years the WordPress fellowship has caught our attention for detail and sophistication.

Activello - a straightforward multi-purpose topic - is a perfect example of a straightforward topic that can draw tens of millions of users. Professionals in blogging, writing and designing are just a few of the few who use Activello for their blog. All you need to build a blog with trendy contents is this minimum yet fresh design.

The Activello can help people like you turn your blog into a private label with an aesthetically pleasing component layout. Being enthusiastic WordPress user we know ourselves what it is that a topic has to be completed. One of the most important things for a topic is to be compatible with plug-ins.

Therefore the Activello design is suited for plug-ins like WooCommerce, Yoast, Jetpack, Cache plug-ins and Gravity Forms. for the best WordPress blog plug-ins. In addition, Activello uses schema markup for postings and pages so that you get a neat scrub when you use this topic.

Above all, our communications are always open and we are happy to receive feedback from those who wish to add new features to this already strong topic. Seeing how sparkling rose to the top was unrealistic, as perhaps the best WordPress topic ever made! Since a few monthsparkling Theme sees 500 to 1.000 Downloadsdaily.

Sparkling is an appealing and minimum WordPress style sheet for Blogger in all corners. Specialists in healthcare, marketers and blogs are just a few of the individuals who depend on Sparkling to deliver the best value from their contents. Feeling like using fonts symbols in a place like a menue is completely different from what you would normally see in a blog.

The Portum is a neat and easy free WordPress website topic. Last topic of our own catalogue is blinding. This is a quick blog topic that uses jQuery and code optimization for extremely quick load time. Also, if blogs are your thing and you want to do it often to make your mark growing, then you can easily take up adding dahzling.

Datzling has its own themes options dashboard that lets you manipulate color, adding new slider controls, or customizing the type of font used. Kale is a blog topic for feed blogs and gets its name from a suitably designated herb - Kale! A beautiful and super-smooth topic, "packed full" with functions that make grocery blogs simple and entertaining.

Life style blogs, as well as those who blog for private reason, can still use Kale as an alternate topic for blogs. There is so much to be had by foods blogs and they often choose to follow the path of a private label. However, kale is not just an issue for solving a transitory dilemma.

Finally, you can set up Kale to last for years to come and at the same time have a current look that meets current industry standard. Contents you publish will become SEO-optimized and the addition of an extra plug-in will further enhance your presence on your results pages. Kale's cover page is one part of the overall Kale style that has gained a great deal of affection and interest.

Convenient slider placements, contents box placements, and blog postlists ensure that your readership will see what you are publishing instantly. With Juliet, you' ll find a female subject for your life story, your personality and your fashions. Featuring a soft scroll optimisation and two integrated skin, Juliet is more than enough to build a classy and trendy blog site.

As soon as you find out the fundamentals of your blog functions, you can go ahead and activate your e-commerce shop. Out of the ordinary, broadget areas of Juriet are placed so that blogs like you can maximise the presentation of what's important to you. Currently, the Julia themes consist of functions such as unusual scroll bars, gooey postings, fast-response designs, front page posters, feature postings, and blog feeder widgets. What's more, the Julia themes are also available in a variety of formats.

With ColorMag, the MindPress audience has fallen in Love - a topic that ThemeGrill has constantly kept up to date and well maintained. It is certainly one of their better topics, and not without good cause. ColourMag is a classy topic for magazines that is available as a free as well as a fee required professional game.

ThemeGrill clearly says that you can use ColorMag for your messages, magazines and web pages. And the first is a special magazine-style design that is focused on winning the audience over to your work. What we haven't really seen yet is a "unique postal system" that ThemeGrill has created.

Postal system will scan for possible double mails within your widgets areas and ensure that every individual hyperlink on a page is entirely one-of-a-kind. If you look back at the state of WordPress blogs more than 10 years ago, the shortage of women blogs was quite obvious. Indeed, most blogs were technically proficient individuals who experimented with the use of a blog as a means of creating a fellowship.

Fellowship blogging issues have stayed the same, but today we see many more women blogs than ever before. Particularly in travel, lifestyle, fashion and food catagories. Consequently, we also see many more topics in women clothes styles, be it in the free market place or in paying market places.

Anyissa is a nice topic for female blood blogs/bloggers. In the Feature section, however, the feature is still a powerful package and is not limited to choosing the right one. Annissa greets the user with a smooth and reactive look and feel and tools to personalize this topic to suit your personal taste. Do you want a topic that gives your website room?

Topics can become excessively constricted with superfluous items and, in turn, hinder the reader's capacity to use your work. ThermeGrill has released a multi-purpose topic that greets shop owner and blogger with a businessplan. The roomy topic is just as adaptable to the needs of businesses as it is to the needs of blogs.

Blog pages have four different ways of displaying, while pages can be displayed in up to four different one-of-a-kind layout. Above all, it uses a neat edition of type face and contents positioning, making the subject easy to read. More than 100,000 people are more than enough to warrant the topic's fame. The Ribbon Lite is a topic that tries to go back to the classic WordPress topic design styles.

At that time, most WordPress themes used almost exactly the same pattern. While today, with up to 50,000 themes out there, every single one tries to be different. MyThemeShop's free MyThemeShop topic is as easy as it is quick! Not even prime themes have trouble keeping their numbers so high. This is a blogs topic for authors with 100% 5-star ratings.

One example of how designing efforts can help drive communities. It is a visual, breathtaking and reactive subject with its own individuality. Writee is therefore suitable for authors with a penchant for creativity and blogs. Often authors do more than just write text and extend their contents to areas such as videos and photos.

Writee Topic greets imaginative authors from all areas of their lives and as such offers customized posting options for posting more than just blog entries. Widget, postal information and postal outlets use imaginative edge stylings, resulting in a truly original and original feeling in your blog. The GoDaddy squad has extended its coverage in WordPress as well.

GoDaddy, as a hoster, offers WordPress blogging solution, so it's hardly a big surprise that they' re publishing their own WordPress themes. Primer is based on a highly reactive approach to designing with as many possibilities for adapting the look as possible. You can, for example, go to the Primer topic option and modify colours, font styles, and layout in which you want to present your blog contents.

Everyone who has worked with WordPress for more than 5 years should be familiar with ThemeZee - a trademark behind many of the notorious " Zee " themes. Poseidon is a regularly blogged and magazine hot topic of the ThemeZee family. By hearing community-related inputs and on-line evaluations, ThemeZee has taken Poseidon to the next stage of designing.

Consequently, Poseidon is home to more than 40,000 blogs. On the one hand, the slide show of the contributions is really nice and can be compared quite easy with slider that you see in premiums blogs. One more thing is the Magazine Homepage - a totally one-of-a-kind web page widget system that lets you create and edit your homepage wide pages to show your work.

For example, you can create Magzine Poss essions boxes and then a Magazine Poss ess Grid, and it will appear on your homepage. Discuss the ways WordPress features can be used creatively. As soon as you have opened Customizer, you can modify the general preferences, the page icon, the mail preferences, the slide control preferences, and the overall colors and fonts.

To tell the honest truth, we could redesign this whole summary to cover only ThemeZee topics, but where would the pleasure be? Respecting these boys as designer and loving their thematic styles, more than two should be enough to give you an impression of the ThemeZee lifestyle.

This is Wellington, another nice blogs topic that uses a Boxed Designer notion. Actually, boxes were one of the first samples of WordPress themes ever used. Until today, a large number of blogs have stayed with their old-school themes because they are so well known to them. Certainly with a few thousand blog postings, it could be changing, but that's why you have web page plug-ins that are easily combined with Wellington.

Press Customizr's Hueman launched a new blog styling approach and eventually the Hueman topic attracted well over 100,000 people. However, Press Customizr earns the accolade of being the best blogger and designer of newspapers it can be, as evidenced by its commitment to continually improving Hueman.

While the high contrast lens looks good on retina-friendly products, the fast responding features welcome portable scanners with a high contrast screen. For one thing, Hueman has certainly redefinded the way blogs look at two page bar layouts. Although it may seem like the Hueman issue hides behind a lot of adjustments, it doesn't look impressive when you look at the power levels.

The same applies to AEO, with clear markups and directions for searching machines to best comprehend your contents. Once you have familiarized yourself with Hueman as a stand-alone application you can start with the topic setting. Within themes you will work with a clever (but easy to use) timetable with page and mail themes preferences.

It' difficult to describe the early emotions for Blog Way, but they're all good! Remember that it was a empty page where you wrote your blog post, the link you want to use for navigating, and some information about yourself in the page bar. And that' the motto of the Blog Way! For authors who enjoy writing and don't turn designs into a larger business than they need to be, this minimum topic is a good one.

A great topic for private authors, blogs and all those who like to press the publisher buttons on a regular basis. The Blog Way Plus (premium version) will add a few more widgets to the topic, but nothing you can't substitute with WordPress plug-ins. Authors have a tendency to opt for easy blogs because they don't kidnap what's out there.

Often a topic in a mag looks great as a designer item, but at the expense of legibility. Whilst basic blog topics for authors are geared towards trivial needs such as neat type. Besides optimizing your search engine's search engine and making the code base lighter, the writer's topic is sufficiently versatile to protect the blogger from fashionable niche applications.

Writers will design your letter into a well presented WP-Topic. At Vertex we present a completely new blog approach and we welcome it with open arms! What a great blog! It is a blogs topic for blogs with specific needs. The most important thing is that Vertex is suitable for photobloggers and artisans who want to tell a story about their work.

Vertex's following paragraphs are intended for blog postings. Easily view blog contents with high-resolution pictures and blog title linkings. When you enter a blog posting, Vertex turns into a two-part layout. There is a side bar (left side) and blog-contents. Even though it wasn't even mentionned anywhere in the topic documentary, we don't think you can't include the comment area yourself.

Finally, it is only a WordPress feature to call the comment. Perhaps this option of not showing commentary suggests, however, that Vertex is suitable for visually minded blogs who are just looking for a way to place their artwork for an outside ad. Nikkon themes are uniquely twisted and infinite. Nikkon multi-functionality covers photo blogs and general blogs.

Fundamental styling ensures the reader's intimacy. The homepage, for example, mainly contains pictures of contributions. Small adaptations like these make Nikkon a beautiful, original and imaginative work. In order to create a perfect look, you need years of experiance. It'?s not like the lab is a loafer. Being a renowned label, the designer of our company place great value on perfecting a subject for maximal sheen.

xMag's designs are a classic journal lay-out with default mailing listings. Underscores Framework is an outstanding WordPress startup themed. Most recently it was noted in our summary of the best WordPress starting topics. On the basis of this approach, ThemeInWP's Prime magazines cover all facets of journalging.

One cannot ignore the contemporary feel of Magazine Primes. Professionally, the structure of the topic is prepared for prime-time music! You' ll find magazines like this, used every day by grocery labels, cosmetics companies and publishing houses with tonnes of new contents. Magazines prime has a user-defined tutorial mail style, which is perfect to explain ideas through a step-by-step frameworks.

There are several choices to choose from, including a variety of topic choices and a variety of layout styles to suit your needs. But Serenti is so enthusiastic that I might consider using it for my own blog, haha! But seriously, this sleek blog topic has great promise to gather a serious fan base. Serenti offers as it looks holiday, clothing, personal blogging and life style blogging.

Constructively, you have plenty of room for improvement. On the other hand, there is disorder, for a blog (or even travel) there is no room for diversions. Usually, a face-to-face weblogger who takes a tag out of his blog generates income through reading a book or taking a course. Don't go hungry when you make demands on a particular functionality, and use the Topic Options to add more to your Serenti website.

So far Anastis Sourgoutsidis has worked on two free themes, and Olsen Light is his most favourite. It is a fantastic life style topic suitable for both life style blogs and novelists. Exceptional designs hit you in the centre when you type and image.

Yes, Olsen Light prefers very much audiovisual contents. How you can see in the previews of blog postings, as well as a gallery translated into a posting in a comfortable usability. This is a must for mode loggers, but also for travellers and life-style authors. How would blog entries be without pictures? Favorite topics have a tendency to have a great deal of fuss around them, and it's tough work to make everyone feel lucky at the same of all.

ZBlack looks like a purely private blog topic. What is all we can wish for from a summary of the best free WordPress themes, isn't it? Important ZBlack features include customizer integration, color schemes, logo management, custom post and page settings, social networking (feeds and icons), translation support, and optimized URL!

I like ZBlack, if at all, as a neat and content-oriented subject. These widgets appear directly in front of the bottom line of your homepage, as well as pages and articles. During the three years that the Nirvana topic was available for downloading, it has received well over 30,000 registered visitors. Nirvana? What's the Nirvana issue?

Does this subject enlighten? Now Anders Norn has taken it upon himself to release a topic called Hemingway. This is a blogs topic for authors who love their work. What is the best way to describe the Hemingway topic? Featuring crisp colours, vibrant type and large pictures, the subject looks great in its native environment.

Do you want to insert a contentslider? The same applies to extra contents areas and widgets. Hedingway Thema tries to integrate as many as possible of the most intuitively designed features into WordPress. Though Dyad used to be an issue for the platforms, it was recently adopted into retirement. Dyad, however, stays on life on the self-hosted WordPress site.

So you can still take advantage of the convenience of using a Automattic-created feed of your favorite feed. Dyad combines a balanced equilibrium of styling, refinement and conceptualism. Ultimately, the end product is an excellent representation of the photograph and contents displayed. We haven't seen a single topic for which ThemeIsle didn't give everything.

A colourful topic for magazines, IsleMag will take your blog life to the limit. The boxed ( background) artwork is designed to meet the challenges of the most visited magazines in the wide variety of countries. Present your contents in layered views, with large portions subdivided into distinct contents widgets. What's more, you can also create a layered view of your work.

As soon as you have set up a Contents Widget, the addition of others becomes easy. Enthusiasts who earn money from websites like Google AdSense are happy! With IsleMag' support for business case wide banners and customized placements across the entire topic, you can help your write your most valuable letter. I am amazed at how many great topics are available for Blogger and Authors.

Today, nobody enjoys writing about free material because it doesn't look as beautiful as premiums. Free-of-charge designs can slightly surpass a prime designer, and sometimes even with great distance. Glob, a FameThemes topic in a magazin, is also able to complement the offer of a blog topic.

Glob does everything that makes a high-end look with optimized search engine optimisation, cross-browser functions and an integrated customiser. Would you be willing to alter your view of free topics?

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