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Here's Oana from PixelGrade, authors of SILK Lite & other beautiful WP themes. Not all free WordPress photo themes come with picture galleries. 24 November 2016 17:12. Our goal is to help you find the best WordPress theme for your next project.

In order to make things even better, it's completely free.

The best free WordPress themes for authors

There are WordPress themes in all forms and heights. Free or Premier, eye-catching or easy, there is an outstanding choice of themes for all groups of users. Now when it comes to selecting a topic, I would probably suggest to choose Premier. After all, premier themes are (mostly) of higher value, have more functions and are more often refreshed than their free equivalents.

But I also concede that prime themes are not necessarily suitable for everyone. For new WordPress subscribers who want to immerse their toe, hobby site builder and those working with zero budgets, the free WordPress tour is better. Indeed, the qualtity of the free themes has risen sharply in recent years.

A lot of reputable designers publish free designs - it's their way of giving something back to a communities that has given them so much. There is also a wide range of free designs that are published for a wide range of uses. This begins today when we present 20 of the best free WordPress themes for authors.

And as you can see, this means less eye-catching designs and more concentration on what's really important - your work. The 20 themes are all available in the WordPress Topics Archive. Topics were chosen according to their level of excellence in terms of style, equipment and appeal. And in order to prevent repetitions, all topics in this listing are fully covered.

The Hoffman is a beautiful, minimalistic topic aimed at private blogs. It uses a small single-column design with large, eye-catching pictures. When you want to give your website some of your own individual touch, the design also includes full-width customized highlight colours and a customized backdrop. Design includes five widgets, built-in community messaging and endless scrolling for fast loading time.

Your topic is easy to read and your contents are clearly visible in a central pillar of the page. Topic menus appear to the right of the page, with your contents at the forefront. You can change the colour of this side bar as well as the highlight colour of the contents with a simple click.

You can also use four page styles to present your contents in great style. What's more, there are four page styles to choose from. It is a well-designed, supersophisticated design developed for publishing professionals. Topic divides the page into two parts - the one on the right with your navigator menus and side bar widgets; the one on the right revolves around your work.

These include esthetically appealing pictures packed in cardboard boxes and neat, legible writing. It is also able to add many additional features using user-defined widgets, and it has built-in community sharing button. Wonderfully minimalist styling combining a small headers, giant pictures and impressive type. Delivered in six mail sizes - Default, Movie, Audio, Quote, Galery and Link and offering a special lay-out for each item.

The Radcliffe website features breathtaking, full-width visuals and links to your blogs. That makes it perfectly suited to complement your writing with your photographic capabilities. Blogs look gorgeous and merge the large picture with a minimum single-column outline. Even the typeface is well chosen: neat, clear and legible, just as it should be.

There is also a wide foot area and user-defined highlight colours. The Kouki is a beautiful, two-column topic addressed to authors and blogs. Even though it lies strongly on the blank room, it also provides large miniature views, making it ideal for photographs, gourmets or blogs that require pictures. There are also a variety of customizations, with limitless color choices and a selection of Google typefaces.

The next thing we have is Just Write - and as the name suggests, this topic is all about your work. Using an inconspicuous look and feel, with a clear navigational top bar at the top of the page and a basic side bar that can be faded in and out, it's easy to navigate and has a wide range of options. You can also customize the side bar with a selection of limitless colours that can be adjusted using the WordPress Customizer.

It is also possible to choose a user-defined highlight colour. Adirondack, with a homepage dominating a full-width picture and a classy raster of smaller minis. Contents pages look wonderful, with a giant picture and a neat text pillar on the top right. The Exposition Lite is a wonderful, content-oriented topic aimed at long-form authors.

It uses impressive pictures - making it ideal for photography - and clear, sharp type. The content is shown in a separate row, and to the right of it there is even a clearly visible authors area. In order to prevent mess, the Navigate window must be switched to viewing mode, and there are a number of user-defined Widget's that can be placed in the bottom area.

It also comes with unrestricted color and full Google web font capabilities. Maybe the most minimalist topic you will find, Simppeli is all about the contents. There' s room for a logotype and a navigation bar, and that's it! Everything else is contents - clean and easy.

The most important stylistic feature here is type, so the designers have chosen a neat, stylistic typeface that your reader will love to read - a good one. Scrrawl is a nice, neatly designed piece developed by the folks behind, Automattic - and some of the best free WordPress themes creators!

It uses a lot of empty spaces and offers you the ideal plattform for your contents. Contents pages contain a breathtaking full-screen picture that is sure to delight your audience. Their contents are presented in large, fat types, which is a joy to look at and ideal for long stretched contents.

At the push of a simple mouse click, your side bar glides into/out of screen, and you can also insert styleful style share badges into the side bar. Renamed after the iconic Ernest Hemingway, this is one of the most beloved topics among authors. There is room for a large user-defined head screen that can be operated with the WordPress Customizer.

And it comes with a beautiful typeface that makes your contents come alive. There is also a basic side bar and a colourful bottom bar that allows you to insert additional features via user-defined widgets. You can also modify the highlight colour to include a logo item. The Simplenotes is a relatively new topic, and certainly one of my favourites.

It uses a minimum, two-column shape with plenty of whitespace. They also use an appealing typeface for title and menus, combined with smaller miniature views. Track is a breathtaking visual face to face blogs topic that can also be used as a photo themed. On the homepage, there are organised grid displays with miniature views and contents, completed with a conspicuous over-effect.

Blogs look amazing with large images, classy fonts, one-column contents and easy writer boxing. In my view, the subject has a slightly dark atmosphere that is clear and fascinating to the touch. The Pratt is a nice, feature-rich WordPress topic aimed primarily at authors and blogs. Uses a slim styling, with a catchy, full-width user-defined mural.

And you can even include full-width color segments in your contents - perfect for quotes or to highlight specific segments. There are seven page layouts and many integrated shortcuts that give you a lot of versatility. Notice: Pratt is a children's topic for the free Flat Bootstrap themed.

Because of the pictures used in parents' blogs, the Eryn topic is laser-controlled. These pictures, however, can be fully customised - set up in your own pictures, Eryn can be used by authors and blogs in all niche markets. It uses a fun headers typeface and a fade in navigational tool.

The Lovecraft is without a doubt one of the best free WordPress themes. Using an adaptable, full-surface head frame that leaves a powerful first impact for the visitor - this head frame is substituted by the miniature picture of each entry to allow for a more agile outline. Their contents look wonderful, with nice typefaces and particularly classy block quotations.

The program also features support for user-defined highlight colours, many wide areas and a number of user-defined widths. Rams is a distinctive subject, characterised by a large head area and a strong, dominating colour of the back. Widder comes with seven ready-made skin or you can select an individual colour. And if you want to use an existing picture, you can use Widder to create a full-screen wallpaper.

Widder is also a very versatile topic: it starts living as a separate pillar until you insert a sidebar widget whenever it changes to two pillars automatic. Founder, a neat and professionally designed motif that uses a classy, minimalistic style, is the last word in today's Founder series. It focuses on your contents using sharp, legible type.

Can also add colour to the page, with large thumbnails. Its design also features a drop-down navigational menus and contains search able button for your favorite content. Having a 20 topic listing may seem logical, but with so many great free WordPress topics available in the formal WordPress library, I'm sure I might have missing some.

So if you know of any fantastic free author topics missed in this listing, please post your suggestions in the comment section below!

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