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The freemium Pro WordPress Design is optimized for SUPER FAST loading. The Freemium WordPress Topic The Freemium Pro is a light, fast, clean, ultra-manageable, bootstrap-based design for commercial or private web sites. The Freemium Pro themes are build on Twitter' boatstrap, which means that your website can be viewed on any type of equipment (PC, notebook, portable equipment, tables, etc.) without having to scroll horizontally, it has user-defined widgets, themes etc. to suit your needs.

The homepage contains a built-in slide control and the last articles are touch-friendly sliders on the basis of the Eulenkarussell. Comes with 6 basic themes, WooCommerce Ready themes and many other speed-optimized encodings for quicker website upload.

Breathtaking 21 premium-like free WordPress themes

Recently one of our user asked us how to find premium-like free WordPress themes. Many nice free themes exist that are just as good as a high-quality business one. Here we show you some of the most impressive premium-like free WordPress themes. The Slipstream is a nice free WordPress topic created by the ThemeLab online store.

The Slipstream is a fully reactive topic geared towards performance and ease of use. The Hueman is a very adaptable free WordPress theming. There are several layouts available, a user-defined option window, softkeys, infinite colour selections, etc. The Sydney WordPress is a breathtakingly nice topic. It' s full of functions and can adapt to any type of WordPress site.

It' a light weight WordPress topic with supports for Postformats, eCommerce and cbPress. is a fully portable, fun WordPress topic. Very adaptable, it can be used for a commercial, company, private or blogsite. Kodium uses a raster design with presented pictures to build nice web sites.

The Freemium topic has a dedicated top level navigator that allows the user to easily navigate the Freemium topic. It is an elegantly designed WordPress topic, perfect for a commercial location. Customizr is an easily customizable, feature-rich WordPress design. Support for a tagged slide bar, user-defined logotype, several page layout, and various colour selections.

The Quill is a free WordPress topic for law offices. Blendend can be used for a commercial, company or journal website. Supporting a labeled slide control with call to Action button, customizable widgets and limitless color. The Moesia is a challenging WordPress topic with pallax kernel protection. Enigma is a nice WordPress topic from Bootstrap that is perfect for any kind of website.

Supporting a marked slide control on the homepage, it comes with a number of side bars and laysouts. Contemporary offers a refreshing WordPress look with full-screen sliders, vibrant colours and nice looks. There is a nice raster where all the pads are oriented perfect to adjust the user's display sizes and devices.

Enlightenment is an excellent topic for your website, thanks to the eponymous topic frame. Provides flexibility for adjustment, a variety of layouts, styles, and side bars. The Gridsby is a nice Pinterest styleme for WordPress. Allows you to insert nice picture gallery on the home page of your website.

The Poseidon is a premium-like, free, multi-purpose WordPress topic. Delivered with a homepage for the journal design and a full width slide control. Characteristic is a nice typeface with a generous blank backdrop. Harmonics is a breathtakingly nice WordPress topic with nice parallel axis effect. Support ing and message contents type and allows you to customise their look using the custom themes.

Courage is a nice WordPress mag topic. It' great for magazines or message sites that want to present contents from different areas of their website. Like the name says, Split Me is a two-column WordPress-Topic. There is one large wallpaper and your website's navigational menus in one of the columns, while the other shows the contents.

And it looks just as good on portable equipment. It' s beautifully crafted to be a versatile WordPress themed. Hopefully this item has help you to select the best grade of the free WordPress topic for your website. Feel free to take a look at our WordPress topic selection guidelines.

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