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one-press Moreover, it would be good to have all the functions you need to fully optimise your website, and it is a stroke of luck that WordPress, a dependable website build quality control system, offers you all this. Many WordPress topics are available that are extremely useful, nicely crafted and yet free! Below are the best free WordPress topics from 2017 that can be used for various different purpose and promises to supply without you having to break the bank. What are the best free WordPress topics from 2017?

is an impressive feature-rich and free design. You can also buy one press plus for additional functionality, but the free edition itself is good enough. It allows the site to be adaptable for any use, whether business or private. The free WooCommerce edition, for example, is WooCommerce compliant, so you can resell your product through your website.

Additional functions includes topic customization, advanced search engine optimisation, browsers compatible, plain para-lax effect, user-defined page styles and page velocity optimisation. The free edition, for example, does not have the ability to create section orders, adding new section orders, or stylizing them. Allows only two backgrounds and a restricted number of elements under each pre-set section.

OPTIMZER is another free, lean and up-to-date WordPress-topic. In contrast to OnePress, the optimiser has different options: Free, Pro and Ultimate edition. Pro and Ultimate editions are one-time and you can use all functions immediately. In order to make use of the free trial you do not need to register or use your debit as what others need.

Free of charge release is very restricted, considering that it contains only fundamental customizations, restricted functions and no default template. Also, supporting and updating the free release is relatively sluggish. You are still eligible for a life-time update, even if you only buy the free one. Anyway, free editions are still SEO-optimized, multiple themes available and other good-to-have functions.

Even though the functions are finite, Optimizer already seems to be a good capture when you consider that its slim yet contemporary look is already simple to use, especially for novices. The BizLand is a simple topic that you can get for free, although you can get more functions if you paid for them.

It doesn't have many enhancements for this topic unless it gives you default functions and a neat look that you can optimize, but only to a certain degree if you get it for free. Do not use the designs for your own purposes as the designs seem to have a more or less business use.

When you receive BizLand for free, you are restricted to certain functions of the topic. The free edition doesn't give you easy entry to the Help Desk, you have sponsor link on your website, you can't fully adjust your bottom line, and you can't use the design to create websites for your customers.

They are restricted to topic update, unrestricted use of the topic for other sites, and use for face-to-face or business use. Another contemporary topic that can be used for any reason, be it for business reasons or private blogging, is Sydney. It' s a clear and straightforward piece of art, but it looks amazing because it begins with a full width wallpaper that can attract people' interest.

There are topic choices, the background is palladium and it is translatable. The Sydney has default functions for its subject, but the styling is really its highest point. The only thing the user has to do is maximise the look. All in all, Sydney is definitely a good subject for which you don't have to pay a dime.

WordPress Plain Blogs Topic is a neat and stylish topic for your own private and business blogs. Conspicuous is the topic's styling, which is based on the boatstrap Framework. Designed to be fully portable and browser-enabled. Simple to assemble and adapt, this redesign is simple to use.

It comes with and without a sidebar and has built-in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn community share button. Topic has simple navigational structure and each contribution can be divided into different sections. The simple blog topic has a built-in keyword field that lets the user enjoy it even better. A few highlights of the theme's functions are discussed below:

It' really a nicestonishing that Hestia is a free topic, considering that it is well done even with its default functions. Seems ideal for prospective on-line companies that can't easily buy a good website topic to crack the deal. Hestia's designs are contemporary and attractive, and it is also efficient and functionally enough for the zero dollar mark.

Hestia will definitely let you buy the WooCommerce plug-in for a free topic to definitely make you safe a great deal. There also has a reactive style that many free designs now adapt. You can also adjust your designs using a drag-and-drop build tool, which is great for those who don't know how to spell them.

Though TheBiz is a very easy topic for business use, if you like it for your own private use, you can use it freely. It' s really straightforward and standardized but it' s neat, so if you want a nice and easy lay-out, TheBiz could just work for you. TheBiz is quite limited in its real-time previews, which is not a surprise for a topic you can get for free, but at least you have basic functions of TheBiz that you can benefit from, such as high responsiveness and adaptability.

Complimentary topics are usually restricted, so the free copy of TheBiz contains only a few functions, such as topic upgrades and Bugfixes, use on boundless websites and domain names, and use in face-to-face or business use. You must pay for accessing the Help Centre, the option to fully customise the footer, and the option to remove sponsorship link(s).

The Screenr is a slim, contemporary topic that is appropriate and marketable for companies. It radiates professionality and creativeness, which is usually what creatives are looking for when they need an on-line experience because it mirrors the company's character. Yet the actual look is not really the same.

Contemporary web sites aimed at creating agency clients already look similar to Screenr. Screenr's functions are even very common. Has an appealing look, uses pallax backgrounds, has extended themes adjustment, is optimised for slide show, has support for cross-browser interoperability, has user-defined themes widgets and is optimised for quick upload.

The Screenr is relatively common for a topic for creativity agency, but since it is free, it could be a good choice since the designs are already above standard. Larger businesses, however, need more functionality on their website, so Screenr is likely to be suitable for start-ups that can't afford it.

Cerif Lite is another topic that is a nice styling although it is free. Using a para-lax effect, it is not unusual in the WordPress thematic arena, but it is difficult to look for a free one. The good thing about Zerif Lite is that it's not restricted to a single use.

Cerif Lite has a customizable tool that makes it simple for novices to customize their website the way they want without making any errors. As an additional guide, the Zerif Lite developer is so kind as to be able to add tutorial videos on how to use the topic. This topic is already SEO-optimized and has one-click update and quick fix.

It' amazing that Zerif Lite is free, considering that all its offers are usually found in topics that have been subscribed to. Cerif Lite is another topic that is a nice styling although it is free. Using a para-lax effect, it is not unusual in the WordPress thematic arena, but it is difficult to look for a free one.

The good thing about Zerif Lite is that it's not restricted to a single use. Cerif Lite has a customizable tool that makes it simple for novices to customize their website the way they want without making any errors. As an additional guide, the Zerif Lite developer is so kind as to be able to add tutorial videos on how to use the topic.

This topic is already SEO-optimized and has one-click update and quick fix. It' s amazing that Zerif Lite is free, considering that all its offers are usually found in topics that have been subscribed to. The Astrid is a popular topic that looks contemporary and has a clear look. It' not very special, because the layouts are quite widespread nowadays, especially since more and more humans are willing to use them.

Since Astrid has a shared contemporary look, it becomes more versatile to use. It is definitely a good up to date and neat topic that is especially good to have for those who start their website, considering that it is free.

What Integral's clients have in common is that they find the subject straightforward to use and stylish. The Integral has a slender and stylish look. Integral's designs can be described as contemporary and straightforward, but the typeface and colour selection for Integral's designs make the subject look attractive in its ease of use.

The Integral product is free, but for additional functionality, Pro Edition is available. Integral's free edition is not WooCommerce compliant, it misses a brand area and other important areas that would completely maximise business or contract. While the Pro release definitely enhances the site with more optimized functionality, the free release is already sufficient for beginners.

Overall, Integral is a very good choice as a free subject due to its overall styling. ILDDY is a free, contemporary and neat WordPress topic that uses good typeography in its designs. While it looks very standardized, the symbols, fonts and colours are well thought out, so the look is pleasing.

Despite the different colours of the designs, it can actually be described as minimalistic. On the basis of what it looks like, it seems that illumy is good for geeks or creativity companies who need to place a project on their website because the subject makes it wonderful. However, Illy has very good default functions, but even so the topic is already as good as the other topics it pays for.

It' s RETAINED, has an attractive and slim look, allows a full picture of the characters, is translatable and even WooCommerce-friendly. As a result, the topic becomes even more versatile in its application. All in all, Illdy has much more to offer than you can ask for from a free topic. Another free WordPress topic, Activello is very attractive due to its simple and modernity.

Seems to use a minimalistic look despite the use of boundless color choices in the subject matter choices, but all its ruffles are included and not exaggerated. This topic has periodic functions, but it is good to keep in mind that some of its functions are not provided by other free WordPress topics.

There is also an endless Scroll feature that is included in many of today's contemporary topics. It is called this because its designs are based on its own parallel effect, which is said to be responsible for providing a good website viewing environment through gentle scrollability. It seems that the topic was specially created for creativity agency because of the way the page is laid out.

The topic, for example, has a customer section, customer feedback section and customer feedback section, so it is obvious for companies operating in the service sector. Concerning the other feature, the para-lax effect is already the most singular, although this is of course already quite widespread in many subject areas.

They use a unique page layout that allows simpler browsing and better web designing. Additional functions includes cross-browser interoperability, which ensures that your website looks good in any web-browser, a topic option pane, and localisation, which is useful for companies. Overall, Parallax One is a satisfying, contemporary looking topic that is free of charge.

Like the name already says, one of the topics paying attention to the pauses in breath in designing is Spacious, which is actually a good amplifier for the visitor experiences on web sites. It' s very contemporary and clear and it looks very minimalist. This is done by attaching symbols to the theme instead of plain text to ensure that the site is not too verbose.

Even though it can be freely download, it can also be bought for other functions. There are four free slider versions, but the free one offers limitless possibilities. The other good things about the pay per use feature are more colour choices, extra header lines and extra Widgets. Overall, however, the free copy of Spacious is good in itself, especially if you don't really need some of the extra functionality of the pay one.

One of those free WordPress topics you'll love to trip over is because it' free. It looks astonishing for those who want a professionally designed website, especially for those who are planning to create sites for their start-ups. It' s actually good for any kind of store, so anyone who wants to build their own web site can find a good first topic on vantage.

This topic is already WooCommerce compliant. The Edge is a good offer for a free WordPress topic. You will definitely not get the feeling that the topic you are using is free. Optically it looks breathtaking in its plainness, because the well thought -out styling. However, it appears that Edge is a multi-purpose subject.

There are three predefined layout options that can be selected according to the user's needs. Like most free designs, Edge also has a more feature-rich commercial edition. This free edition has only two Google fonts to select from, it doesn't have a fontsize setting and fader setting, it only has a widget and other restricted functions.

Of course, for more liberty, the Edge pay per use option can do more. Overall, Edge is a nice topic, but it would be good to have more functions to complement it. The Olsen Light is a minimalistic topic that is good for life style blogs. Actually, it is sold as such, and the intention is very evident in the applied designs.

It has a blank subject and almost all text is blank, with the exceptions of hyperlinks. The Olsen Light has good properties with it. There are user-defined Widgets, customized choices, search engine optimization, Instagram inclusion, customization option, SEO-optimized and translation-ready. There is even built-in customizer assistance if you get bored adjusting the design.

There is also a commercial edition which offers more possibilities in regard to type and colour. In general, Olsen Light, the free edition, is already a good business if you look at the look the way it looks. Like the name implies, Shopstar seems to be designed for those who want to start selling or opening an on-line shop and are looking for a great topic.

At the same time the styling is plain and contemporary. The Shopstar also has a pay per click option, the so-called ' Premium' one. Chargeable versions also allow a slide show fader for better viewing results. Further highlights are the connection to different types of platform for a good on-line connection. The free copy of Shopstar is good, but may be too restricted, especially for an on-line store.

Though it looks fashionable enough, it looks very clinically and tense. The Astera has many default functions. There are no bonuses to look forward to, even if you are paying for the topic. By paying for the topic, you get full entry to the Help Centre, your site has no sponsorship and you can fully customise your bottom line.

As a whole, the topic of your topic is very mediocre, but for those who find the simplicity of the topic suitable for their use, it might be a good one. Broad is definitely a petite, free WordPress topic that is good for blogs, be it personally or commercially. They have their own accents and know what they need to contain in order to make a good statement in matters of styling.

It seems that Breviter has off-the-shelf functions. Breviter, like most free websites, has a pay per visit release that offers more functionality like more headerstyles, feettyles, blogstyles, customized Widgets, free online content, free upload, free upload, free upload, free blogging, free blogging, social networking, and more. Broad is a good choice for a sweet topic. eConcept is as simple as possible.

With this in mind, eConcept is just your simple old free WordPress topic that makes it easier for you to get your website up and running when you're just getting started. Exactly like the topics above, eConcept provides the same functions as the free BizLand, TheBiz and Astera releases. Chargeable version also have the same functions.

Fair to the topic, it has a clear lay-out that is easily navigated. It is a subject for more tradition and conservatism.

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