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Get in touch with Fresh about Messenger. A metabolic life: Nutrition, fat and the absorption of diseases in India - Harris Solomon

Published by globally acclaimed "Globesity", the story assumes that the introduction of West German dietary habits is increasing the incidence of global addiction and disease, and that disorderly metabolic processes are the abridged result of globalisation and excesses. Harris Solomon reconstructs these stories in Metabolic Living by investigating how Mumbai, India, is experiencing the relationship of diet, weight, body weight and urbanity.

Salomon claims that being obese and diabetic is a matter of absorbing energy between the human organism and the milieu. Starting from ethno field research in Mumbai's home cooking, metabolism disorders, grocery stores, marketplaces and welfare institutions, he describes the intake of snacks and mangos to levels of levels of insulin, insomnia, stresses and contaminants.

Given that these compounds move back and forth between cities and cities and blur both areas, the beginning and handling of diseases of the metabolites raises issues of who has the ability to determine what enters the human organism and when nutrition means living. Solomon conjures up the state of the human metabolized fabric of today's metropolitan living and an important policy analysis, sheds light on the living constraints of obesity and diabetics, and reorientates our understandings of chronical diseases in India and beyond.

Rosewater and orange blossoms: Freshness & classic recipes from my cuisine in Lebanon - Maureen Abood

Maureen Abood's exuberant aromas from her early life as a Libyan girl grew up in Michigan inspire Maureen to publish her award-winning Rose Water & Orange Blossoms blogs. Maureen takes an ingredients-based stance that makes the most of every time of year and presents more than 100 compelling formulas that will captivate your reader with their atmospheric flavours:

Kofta burgers, avocado tabbouleh in Little Gems and pomegranate rose sorbet. Throughout, the tales of Maureen's Lebanese-American education, the road that took her to cooking schools and the start of her blogs, and living in Harbor Springs, her city on Lake Michigan, are interwoven.

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