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Fraud-related articles from the Internet. Tips from us: Wonderful web and time tales Wellcome to Our Picks, a guidebook for the best things to look, feel and hear on the web. Take a look at this place for the indispensable long essay, the next great Podcast for your ride, the Tweet Tower Newscast. We won't miss any of the Times weekly tales, and we'll be showing you some gemstones you may have missed.

We' d like to know from you! - Now that the kick-off of the soccer game is over, it's finally our turn to shift our attention to the game. - You' ve probably already been told about the terrorist Lonely wolf. A person who, without a connection to a terror group, radicalises and executes violence alone. But, as this play by Rukmini Callimachi shows, some of the strands we thought were the work of lonely worms were actually "remote controls" by the Islamic state.

Terror Group used the messaging app to offer online training and advice on attacking anywhere in the world. - The White House this past weekend released a shortlist of 78 terrorists, saying that most were under-reported. This is the roster, along with our notes on reporting the outrages. - If you' d like to hear something today, we can suggest our new episode "The Daily", which covers the most important daily newscasts in 15 fast mins.

  • In today's Hollywood, the best way for actors who have peaked at the "unhappy" 40 year old to find interesting parts or make complex grown-up woman tales appear on the screens is to take full responsibility for creativity and doing things. Visitors had many emotions about "Ten Meter Tower", a shortscreen by Op-Docs.
  • The New York Times Magazine won three National Magazine Awards this week: Start enjoying them for the first glimpse ( or visit them again) when you have some spare moment to turn off the remainder of the web. February 15, 2017 will see the release of a live episode of what happend to this larger-than-life episode.

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