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Navigate to Customizer - Front Page Builder Settings - Front Page Layout and Drag & Drop (or Disable) sections. The Elementor Live Page Builder is an open source frontend editor that takes page creation to the next level using drag and drop. Front Page Builder is a new feature and is only available in our latest designs. What is the difference between a Page Builder and a Theme Builder?

The design works with the Front Page Builder plugin.

User Defined Home Page

Custom home page provides a fast and easy way to administer your home page with Page Builder. To help you get up and running, Wantage provides a ready-made homepage. In order to modify the standard home page, go to AppearanceHome Page. Page Builder as well as the Widgets Bundle are theme-independent plug-ins, i.e. they work and display contents independently of the topic you are using.

As soon as you have the Page Builder up and running, you can start editing the AppearanceHome Page layouts and Widgets. To get a fast idea of how to use the Page Builder, please read our introductory movie. The AppearanceHome Page is operated via an ON/OFF switch at the top of the page.

If you are in the ON state, the content of AppearanceHome Page will be the home page of your website. If you enable this option, a page named Home Page is created and this page is defined as your fixed home page in the SettingsReading interfaces. When you turn off AppearanceHome Page, the home page state is changed from publish to design and settings are reset to the title page displays:

Use of the Front Page Builder

The design works with the Front Page Builder plug-in. Immediately after activating, the demonstration artwork on your title page is activated (and operational). See Customizer - Front Page Builder Settings - Front Page layout. Navigate to Customizer - Front Page Builder Settings and set up the individual chapters.

Activate the plug-in on any page. Creating a new page and specifying the page style (under Page Attributes) "Front Page Builder Template" For extensive information on how to use the Front Page Builder, see the Front Page Builder document page!

Use familiar tools to create your website .

Up to now, a normal human needed a pro programmer to make a nice website. PB Sandwich allows you to quickly design your own layout and design. Funny fact: This page was written by my spouse, a solicitor without programming skills! When you know how to use a text editor, it is simple to use PB Sandwich.

Others make things difficult with many things that appear here and there. Modify your website in the frontend as your users actually see it. Modify your current contents and the page layouts. There is no need to re-create contents. Just click Contents and immediately begin your work without going through pop-up after pop-up.

You can use the Page Builder and still process with the standard WP Web page builderditor. Just go back and revert your entries and pull changes to the layouts using your mouse. Modify roundabouts by dragging through the transparencies or directly enter into the button to modify the caption. Approximate number of increments to insert a text slice in the center of your page.

Below are some great functions that will make your page build adventure as pleasant as possible. Simply click on it and begin entering text to append. There are no pop-ups, just process them immediately. Embedding a movie is simple and uncomplicated. You' ll be able to browse our neat user interfaces without the hassle of pop-ups, and your contents will be kept neat with minimum short code stuff.

You can also get application tip manuals, help with extended functions and bug fixes.

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