Fudge Wordpress Theme free Download

Wordpress Fudge Theme Free Download

The Fudge is the perfect theme for a conference or meeting. WordPress Premium Conference Theme for Meetings " Fudge The Fudge 2... 0 is the most attractive WordPress conference theme.

... Caramel 2. Begin to create your own events now. With one click, instantly add information such as date and hour, name, location, and pictures of the meeting. When you use Eventbrite, you can quickly get your tickets rate, your descriptions and your state.

Even information about events such as date, hour and place can be retrieved with ease. Simply include your Facebook Events ID and view your Facebook Events ID, as well as your Facebook Events ID, images and RSS feeds. Caramel 2. The 0 service gives conferencing and events pros the ability to choose what goes where on their website. Just quickly draw and dropping items in our composer and you're done.

Caramel 2. If you want to place an element on a page that fits better to your meeting, you can choose to place the element on the page without any borders, you are in charge. In Fudge 2.0 you can modify the color of all items. Caramel 2. Caramel 2. Caramel 2. Caramel 2. Caramel 2. Adjust the date and hour of your meeting to quickly see a nice timed down timer for your meeting.

Before I buy an Wordpress theme, what should I consider? What is the difficulty of setting up your topics? They need basic WordPress skills. The Help Center is very extensive, we fill it with video and FAQs. Are you offering an update for your topics?

Could I watch the backend demonstration of your topics? If you are landing on a demonstration, click the Show Backend icon in the Topic Picker. Is it possible to customize the colour theme of the design? Our designs all have editing style sheets (CSS). Several of our theme templates provide full adjustment without opening the style sheet, comfortably via the dashboard.

Are your topics configured like your demonstration pages? WordPress must always be installed on your domain/hosting. Fudge 2, Conference Pro. Zero, Mondree, Khore, Vertoh, Tyler, Januas and Fudge have the possibility to fill the page with your own dates so that you can make it look like in the game.

Is your topic ripe for translating with . mo and . po data-file? Fudge 2, Conference Pro. Zero, Mondree, Khore, Vertoh, Tyler, Januas and Fudge come with Translations and we can also make. pos file available for both them. Theme is not supplied with . Po documents for translating.

Now you can simply compile a poster with free translation tools. Are your topics offering registration/ticketing? Our topics have NO natives registration/ticketing system. Fudge 2, Conference Pro. Zero, Mondree, Khore, Vertoh, Tyler, Fudge and Januas all work with Woocommerce, a free method of registering participants. As soon as you buy one of our topics, you will get a clear licence number.

You can update the new versions of the theme simply via your WordPress Dashboard. They can use our topics on any number of domain names. Our topics are all 100% GPL. Would you like to buy Fudge 2.0?

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