Full Ios Theme for Android

Complete Ios theme for Android

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I' ve got this crew on my T-Mobile GS8 with Android Bet 8.0 preinstalled and Samsung Theme takes over the standard after 10 mins. Shut down the shop and go to Development options > Operating sevices > find both Themes/Samsung Themes and STOP BOTH. Return to Preferences > Apps > Samsung Themes > Classification > CLEAR BOTH DATA & CACHE.

I think it's time we stayed on the subject. But there are other ways that fly around that do this automaticly for you, involve the tasker or whatever... You can find them in other different topic threading in this forums.

Installing iOS Theme on Android

We will explain in this paper how to install the iOS theme on Android. A lot of Android iPhone and Apple OS enthusiasts are intrigued by the iPhone style. They do, however, opt for Android because of its customisable platforms and the wide range of vendors it offers. Android smartphones are more flexible, and they will give a smaller dash in your bag than the Apple iPhone 5.

Android smartphones provide a variety of compelling customization options, including installing the iOS facial expression functions on your Android telephone. Stop being envious of those who are wearing the new iPhone 5 and try installing some of the applications available in Google Play that allow some functions very similar to iOS applications without much effort.

In the first place: The first thing to do is to get a launchers. It can be down-loaded from Google Play, and the best is known as Go Launcher EX. But the other option is the ADW launch. The GoLauncher EX allows you to adjust your home page, the widget sizes, the number of available pages and other more.

Once you have downloaded Go Launcher EX, open the application by pressing it. You' ll see a series of introductory monitors after the Go Launcher EX has booted up. Simply browse all the transparencies to get your new page. Stage Two: Launcher already have some topics that you can always get to know when you get close to the Apple iPhone theme.

Just there are many topics that come very near to Apple's iOS, like "Theme from Droid4fun", "iPhone Go Launcher EX theme from Urtegata", "Go Launcher theme from DG themes" and "iOS iPhone Theme Go launcher from AVillardoArts". However, take a good look at them and select a theme if it is suitable for your machine.

As soon as the monitor is down, you need to go to your phone's menus, select the monitor you just download and use it. Then the new topic is displayed. Your Android device's splash-screen now has Apple iOS 5.1 appearance. The Go Locker is the one that is suggested because it works well with the Go Launcher EX.

Just go and fetch Go Locker to your machine and now it's your turn to add a theme to the locking screens that is very similar to iOS. The Go Launcher EX Locker can be suitable or even you can try Magic Locker, which is free. Once the downloading completes, go to the Go Launcher EX Home Screen->menu button->plug-in->Go Locker and select the option- iPhone Go Launcher EX Locker.

Now' s the right moment to choose more applications that make your Android look like an iPhone. Check out Go Contacts, which organises and organises your contacts lists, and Go SMS iPhone theme, which treats your text messaging as speech balloons, and finally with the iPhone keypad emulator FREE your telephone keypad will get the look of the iPhone.

Thus, your Android mobile is now an iPhone, just take a break and quit the other adjustment choices and start enjoying it. Go Launcher EX's best characteristic is that it allows you to customise and customise many detail on the home page. Hopefully this post about installing the iOS theme on Android has really help.

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