Fullscreen Wordpress Theme

Full Screen Wordpress Theme

i class="fa fa fa-magic"> Easily customizable Modify background, headings, logo, favicon, menu, text block, and widget. Organize your portfolio, blog, newsletter subscriptions and welcome news in a visual way. Customise your website by adding text modules, subscribing to custom printed documents, subscribing to pictures, and more. Adds and infinitely number of gallery in a wide range of layout with one to five column. With one click, current members can upgrade topics to the latest release by themselves.

Best 35+ Full Screen WordPress Topics 2018

When you want to make a big difference to your audience, this selection of the best full-screen WordPress topics offers many possibilities. Whatever kind of website you create, the good thing is that the topics in this compilation can be used for a variety of different purposes.

While some elements focus on a sole objective, such as the creation of an on-line portfolios or a classy blogs, others are real multi-purpose topics that can be used to build many different kinds of websites. These full-screen topics include a number of home page demo features and numerous ready-made page styles that can be easily added to your WordPress website in just a few mouse clicks. What's more, you can also import your own WordPress page template into your WordPress website.

Additional functions you should be aware of are page creators, slide show authoring utilities, and a variety of adjustment choices and preferences. Several of these topics even involve complete e-commerce functions for the on-line sale of goods and related aervices. Full screen can be a great way to attract the interest of your website users as soon as they reach your site.

With the best full-screen WordPress topics, there are many ways to display your contents as part of the full-screen layouts. Those choices can involve full-screen slider animations, full-screen backgrounds and even full-screen backgrounds - a great way to make an unforgettable first impact with your guests.

You don't need to worry about what these full-screen topics will look like on smaller smartphones and tablets. Any of the best full-screen WordPress topics in this library are fully portable and look great no matter what your visitor use. Animation is a neat full-screen WordPress theme that comes with several different imaginative styles.

More than 30 different homepage lifestyles are covered, among them one-page page laysouts, freelancer design, agency design, portfolio design and much more. There is also a customisable lay-out that allows you to build your own custom website design to present your contents the way you want. The Helas is a high-performance WordPress theme for on-line shops.

Visual Composer's unique feature is its extremely versatile theme, which you can adapt to your needs. A full -screen version with RTL layout and WPML supported is also available. The Sartre is a high-quality multi-purpose WordPress theme that contains 24 different pre-built home page style templates in 8 different catagories, among them apple land pages, agencies sites, photograph sites, CVs and more.

Fully Visual Composer compliant, the theme includes more than 100 table of contents that allow you to create your own custom pages and paragraphs. The Lagom is a multi-purpose WordPress theme with more than 20 different homepage fashions. This theme is characterized by an elegantly full-screen lay-out with ready-made layouts for creating agencies web sites, web hosting/landing pages, medicinal, property, fitness and more.

And there are many one-of-a-kind themes in this theme that allow you to create more appealing sites. The Masuta is a full-screen theme with a full screen theme. It has a peculiar and contemporary look that enables creatives such as graphic artists, authors and artists to present their work and service in an appealing way.

Topic comprises a Hamburg meal and several case study, portfolio and service description presentations. OneFold is a full screen WordPress theme designed specifically for photographic web sites. More than 11 original pre-built homepage style themes with breathtaking animation, transitions, sliders, videotapes and more.

The theme is ideal for designing a website for a bridal bouquet, photogallery or even a website for a designer name. is a multi-purpose WordPress theme with RTL and WPML compatible features. This theme comes with 29 different homepage themes, among them themes for the creation of on-line stores, corporate sites, web sites of creativity agencies, portfolio and much more.

There are also 10 blogsayouts, 6 headers and 10 portfolios. The design created with Visual Composer can simply be adapted to your needs. Thath is a light, brave, corporate or agency related issue. It' s great for any kind of enterprise or store and comes with a variety of different layout, pages and styles so you can build a completely versatile website.

By dragging and dropping, Visual Composer makes it simple for you to move to a nice design that is fully tailored to your company. This theme contains 18 further items developed for Dash! in an exclusive way in supplement to the Visual Composer's off-the-shelf component. The EOVO is a WordPress theme that has been designed using the Slider Revolution plug-in.

Preconfigured slider controls can be used to view your product range, branding advertising, or business product information. Using e-commerce and imaginative website demonstrations you should be able to get the right look for your website with this slider revolution theme. is a multifunctional slider Revolution WordPress theme that can be used in either standalone or multi-page mode.

As soon as you've uploaded the demonstration contents, you can begin customized website customization using the Theme Option Dashboard or the supplied Visual Composer Plug and Play Pagebuilder tool. The Ignite is promoted as a basic, one-page, WordPress creativity theme. It does, however, contain some amazing functions that will help you create a full-screen website that is customized to your needs.

Using the premier plugin for creating Visual Composer pages and Slider Revolution slideshows in one bundle, you can improve any of the themes that make up the Ignite demonstrations. This makes it very easy to add backgrounds, faders and pictures to your full screen layout. The Pistis is a WordPress theme that makes very good use of the full-screen layout in its ready-made contents.

No matter if you are looking for new customers or job openings, this full-screen theme helps you pool your capabilities with potential business associates. Colour and character matching make it simple to give your website a distinctive look with Pistis. olor Folio can help you introduce a new and attractive on-line product range to present your best work and services.

This full-screen WordPress theme lets you simply browse and upload a blogsite to your website with a choice of different styles for posts and pages. Unless there is a ready-made page layout that meets your needs, you can always use Visual Composer's supplied drag-and-drop editing tool to build your own full-screen user-defined partitions.

You can select from several ready-made website themes, all of which can be easily integrated into your WordPress page with just a few mouse clicks. Vivian offers you a wide variety of website themes to use. Under the different demonstrations you will find a number of full screen layout options, some with large backgrounds and others with slide controls.

No matter what kind of website you want to create, Vivian should have a demonstration that gives you a good basis for your own customization. With a full screen look and feel, you can be sure that your website visitor will enjoy it. Topic choices and preferences allow you to precisely customise how pre-defined page styles look on your website, while at the same time having easy control over a high-performance drag-and-drop page building utility to personalise the remainder of the work.

The Bayn is a classy and contemporary WordPress theme with a full-screen outline. When you want to present your company or your imaginative product range on-line, this is one of the best full-screen WordPress topics available today. Your website's full-screen design will look great on desktops and smartphone monitors, making sure everyone can view your assets.

Cali is a multipurpose full-screen WordPress theme that can readily be used for a variety of different artistic purposes. With a wide variety of home page and inside page styles and layout options, you can quickly create the demonstration code that fits your website. Because Visual Composer is bundled with the software, you can customize the California WordPress theme demonstration contents with ease.

Almost all of these site demonstrations have full screen layout, making this a good option for anyone who wants to make a big difference to their site visit. The Visual Composer and Slider Revolution are bundled and give you easy entry to two high-performance customisation utilities. The Darklight is available in both bright and deep colors, giving you a good range of choices on how your website will look.

Other customisation choices are a wide range of font choices, several page layout choices, and three different headers to work with. The Mauna is a full-screen portofolio and WordPress theme for agencies. Mauna not only helps you put your portfolios and your services description on line, but also offers full WooCommerce assistance.

Thus, this full-screen theme is suited for the creation of an on-line store and the on-line sale of goods. Codax gives you the ultimate way to present your product and your inventory elements in a full-screen, classy look. It is also possible to use the full-screen slide control to show a series of elements in front of and in the middle of your homepage.

Codak is full of customisation features that make it simple to give your full-screen website a personalised look. Implicitly, it's one of the best full-screen WordPress topics for blogs and magazines sites that have a lot of news to communicate with the rest of the community. Because of the peculiar theme look and lay-out of this full-screen theme, you'll have no problem building an unconventional WordPress website that will stand out from the masses.

One of the newest full-screen WordPress topics in this recently published compilation is Rydon. If you set up your website with Rydon, you can display a full-screen wallpaper of your videos to attract your eye. Based on the beloved Bootstrap frame, Benedict is one of the lightest full-screen WordPress topics available today.

But that doesn't mean that this blogs and portfolios theme lacks feature. Benedict can help you build the WordPress site you need with a wide variety of page styles, a drag-and-drop build utility, and many adjustment choices. Featuring a choice of full-screen demonstrations, the supplied Superior Visual Composer, and over 300 page styles to work with, you'll have lots of creativity when it comes to creating your website with this versatile WordPress theme.

But you can change to a more classic meal type with a variety of adjustment choices. Orlando is one of the most creatively full-screen WordPress topics in this range with many other interesting functions. Cellsius is a full-screen WordPress content suite designed for freelance, solo preneurs and agency use.

When you have top-notch work to present to prospects and prospects, this is one of the best full-screen WordPress topics to have. Visual Composer Page builder plug-in is also provided. The Do is a great example of a real mix-and-match multi-purpose WordPress theme.

The large number of pre-configured page presets, layout, styles, and adjustment choices make it easy to compose the parts that make up this full-screen WordPress theme to build a truly stunning website that's just right for your work. This is a really awesome full-screen WordPress theme in this great full-screen theme library.

If you use this design to build your WordPress Web site, you have the ability to implement an eye-catching animated navigator. Empire is one of the premier full-screen WordPress topics portfolios available today. A highlight of Ampire is that to build a classy and professionally looking collection, all you have to do is post your pictures.

It is this automatic WordPress theme that takes charge of the remainder. Every demonstration can be easily uploaded to your WordPress website with just a few mouse clicks, so you can create your own customized music. Visual Composer offers you the Visual Composer Premier Page Builder utility when you need to make adjustments.

One of the most versatile full-screen WordPress topics on the market today, WebPress Graphics is the most powerful and versatile application of its kind. In addition to the variety of home page demonstrations contained in this theme pack, Graphics also includes a fully loaded Page Builder utility, many features and more to help you create the website you want.

The Tosca is something of a multi-purpose theme, with an amazing mix of portfolios and a full-featured alternate e-commerce outlay. No matter if you want to market your product and service on-line or just want to split your assets, Tosca and its full-screen design gives you the opportunity to do both at the same of them.

Lychee was published last year and has proved to be a favorite selection in the WordPress theme class for the full-screen folder. A recent Lychee upgrade now adds even more layout to your Lychee product line, a custom Visual Composer release, and a variety of reporting template blogs. While Corpus is a business theme, it is by no means a dull addition to this compilation of the best full-screen WordPress topics.

Despite its reduced size, Corpus is a good fit for a variety of applications. Blogs, creative people, agents and even merchants will find that this topic more than satisfies their needs. The wizard is another asset in the WordPress Topics full-screen mode group. Wizard will become a very favorite topic thanks to an amazing variety of website demonstrations and a number of premier plug-ins contained in the pack.

The ILNY is another real multi-purpose full screen theme from WordPress that can be used for a variety of work. ILNY's standard homepage is full of standard layouts and specials. But thanks to the customisation choices and preferences, you can select what's on your website. Slider Revolution and Visual Composer are supplied as standard, offering even more creativity.

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