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funny theme restaurants

What's the use of living in LA if you can't have a Tim Burton theme restaurant? C. B. Huntington's Family Restaurant - Bayville. Myth Restaurant, Islands of Adventure.

ungry for fun: Top 10 themed restaurants for school groups

Theme restaurants around the globe provide an atmosphere where visitors can do just that. Below are proposals for 10 restaurants in the United States with a range of topics that are sure to please any group. Enjoy seafood dinners at the Opry Mills Mall in Nashville, Tenn. Featuring over 100 different types of tropic freshwater marine life in a 200,000 gallon bottom to top tank, each dinner set is sure to provide an extraordinary viewing area.

In addition to the hottest freshly caught sea food, sea food and meat, the Aqua Café provides behind-the-scenes trips where groups can go behind the curtains to get a glimpse of the Aqua Café that most visitors don't see, find out more about the sea life in the Aqua Room and speak to the restaurant's ocean biology expert. Further sites of the tank are Denver, Houston and Kemah, Texas.

Casa Bonita is situated in the Denver Lakewood outskirts and is more than just a Mexico style dining place, it is an entertaining adventure.

Covering more than 52,000 m², this eatery offers space for more than 1,000 people. Archade plays, marionette plays and even a confidential hiding place make the meal in the Casa Bonita an unforgettable adventure. One of the restaurant's main focuses is a 30-foot tall cascade, especially when diving from a cliff like Acapulco into a swimming pool below.

For large groups there are meal and fun packs available. The last thing groups get when they go to Ed Debevics dinner in Chicago is a hearty welcome. Our menue offers a choice of genuine dinner dishes with several specialityurgers. A further dinner is Ellen's Stardust Dinner in New York City.

Featuring not only contemporary sport decor, but also a vibrant team that performs beloved show melodies and dancing while enjoying guests' mealtimes, this 50's themed dinner is a great way to get the most out of your 50's dinner. Menus available cover themed foods such as Marilyn's Burger and Jerry Lee Lewis Wrap. Dinner is served with breakfasts, lunches and dinners and includes food for large groups.

" This is the slogan in Lambert's Café, the only home of thrown breads. Perfection should not be a hassle with a dish filled with veal, hen, pork meat and seafood, not to speak of the free "pass arounds" with roastedkra, makaroni and tomato, black-eyed pea and roast potatos that are continually served at every dinner for anyone who orders a dish.

Past and present mementoes adorn the wall and contribute to the down-home ambience of this family-run Sikeston, Mo. dining area. Lamberts Café in Ozark, Mo. and Foley, Ala, can also be enjoyed by groups. Conceived as a rural guesthouse from the fourteenth centuries, Bors Hede (Eberkopf) takes you back in history to the Middle Ages.

There is a restaurant in the mediaeval refectory with a restaurant serving hand linen and fragrant waters so that visitors can clean their ears before having their meal of pig meat, hen, sheep or meat cooked according to genuine recipe of the fourteenth cenury. Boar's Head Inn is situated in Camlann Mediaeval Village in Carnation, Washington.

In 1376 the hamlet portrayed England in the countryside and gave visitors an instructive insight into the Middle Ages. Even though the Bayerisches Gasthaus in Frankenmuth, Mich. is known for its poultry plates and Geman food, they also provide a wide range of opportunities for everyone to indulge, as well as include either local or ethnic food serving according to your own personal cuisine.

Beyond the restaurants, guests can still stroll through more than 40 stores and fashion stores designed according to Bavaria's architectural style and still experience the friendly feel of Germany. Our hotel is situated on the premises of the Bayerisches Gasthaus. Enter ancient history at T-Rex Café downtown Disney on Lake Buena Vista, Fla.

Visitors can find discovery dinosaurs in the Discovery Dig area, seek past mysteries in the Paleo Zone, and seek valuable treasure at Discovery Creek. The T-Rex coffee shop provides "food for the mind" pedagogical trips that can be planned for groups eating in the restaurants, in additional to all the entertaining coffee shop outings.

The T-Rex Café is also located in Kansas City, Kan. Eating in a Rainforest Café is simple, with more than 20 sites in the United States and even six abroad. Every site is conceived to present elements of a rain forest with large robot creatures and bugs. In addition to an exhilarating eating and drinking experience, Languedoc also provides informative trips and information about tropical forests around the globe, threatened wildlife and nature protection.

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