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The Funki is a fast-reacting design theme with an artistic flair. funky The following are some of the default functions that are available in each topic. Generate any layouts with real-time previews on the front end. Styles almost every item of the topic from the headline to the bottom line. Simply point and choose, and see it alive on the thumbnail.

One click automatic updates in the administration area, no need to install a FTP or FTP file.

Build your own trademark with customisable text on the website or create your own logos.

There are 30 WordPress themes, funky and shallow.

And if you haven't already realized it, slim styling is the order of the day. What is shallow construction? It'?s styling. That' shallow. UI skew omorphism usually relates to a piece of software that's supposed to imitate something from the physical realm - think of the seam of cowhide lining the calendars on an Apple machine or the pinewood bookshelf in iBooks.

With its Zune - the technology giant's unsuccessful response to Apple's iPod - Windows for the first time drove the ''Flat Styles'' trends in 2006 and continued the Windows 8 and website philosophies. And Apple has also adopted the slim look in its latest revision of iPOS, as well as Google, Mailchimp, Rdio, the listing goes on.

There are five different features to shallow designs: no additional effect, basic element, typographic emphasis, colour emphasis and minimalistic use. You won't see bevelled corners, transitions, shadows around the edge, or mirrors that produce a 3-D look in shallow themes. It' s simpleness and clearness in terms of styling. The WordPress theme designer has enthusiastically focused on shallow themes and created attractive themes and practical styles for any type of shop or profession.

I have compiled a selection of themes that best show the beauties of shallow styles. What comes after the shallow construction? Which are your favorite slim sample models? 1.6 million WordPress supers are reading and trusting our blogs. If she doesn't help WordPress companies with her words or work on web sites, she likes to brunch, cycle and wander.

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