Funny Chrome Themes

Fun chrome themes

Favourites chrome plated in funny extensions. Those funny chrome extensions are a must. Miss Little Fun Chrome theme, Submitted theme, Supported resolution: infinite. The personalization of your Chrome browsing is fun and temporary.

Let's get weird: 9 Wacky Chrome enhancements that you need to try out.

Chrome Google is the present that gives again and again. Your web browsers have a variety of enhancements to make your page more literal. Enhancements are downloading functions that change your Chrome page and provide the final personalised web browsing. Starting from the elimination of words you don't want to see, to the addition of Nicolas Cage images everywhere, there are tons of strange functions to choose from.

There are 9 Google Chrome enhancements here that you have to try to believe.

There are 14 fun and romantic Google Chrome Heart themes for Valentine's day.

Which is more romatic for Valentine's Day than the picture of a big old flame? When the love festival vacation is approaching, it is the ideal season to be surrounded by cute, romantically charged feelings, such as Valentine's Day chrome themes. Whenever you use the web, you are always remembered that you are beloved and that there is a particular person with your own particularity.

Obviously, you don't have to be with someone to experience one of these chrome themes; in fact, these themes are the ideal refresher for everyone. So whether you're insanely in love, find yourself, or just loving everything that has to do with the core and doesn't have to be with someone to be able to appreciate it (be it you!), we have you under control.

Five fun chrome enhancements to screw with your mates.

Among the many ways you can party the trick of the trade is to sneak onto your friend's, enemy's or colleague's computer and block his webbrowser with all kinds of funny cuddles. Featuring this exciting add-on, you can change the text on any website you go to - from newsgroup pages to Twitter.

The Cornify appears as a raindrop key in the system tray, so if you want to use it for efficient franking, you should have it installed and sent on a friend's page before he returns. It' s easily overlooked that it's in the system tray, but this prank toolkit provides the above toggle lists to make your unhappy buddies wonder what the hell is going on.

I personally like to reload my tab by accident and hide the cursors - they are not obvious tricks, and they will more than likely lead to a great deal of mess and disappointment. But don't let the wit take too long! Also, NuCage, an expansion that substitutes a Nicolas Cage painting for any Chrome painting, embodies the arts.

Whilst this trick may not last long, his short lifetime will shake heads and make them think that it' destined for arts. nCage would be my favourite addition to this roster, but it's not the boss. Use all the things I just said about arts and double it on this expansion that is appropriately called Cenafy.

The Cenafy is an expansion that offers a 1/100 opportunity for the users to be met with a face full of unexpected Cena every single day they download a new website. Apart from that, this expansion is totally laughable; it is deeply tucked into the expansions, and no one ever sees it come. It' not an expansion that you can set up and immediately see the fruit, but it's an expansion that you can set up on your roommate's notebook.

It' an outpost that you can listen to screaming "AND HIS NAME IS JOHN CENA" from the other room while your flatmate calls confused and only wants to see Netflix. I' ve set up the best Jokes enhancements for Chrome that might come to mind up here, but do you have any better suggestions?

Maybe a funny article about the FireFox expansion?

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