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This can cause frustration if you want to create flexible page layouts. Listen to a fusion builder someone's used before? Avada requires only Fusion Slider and Fusion Builder plug-ins.

Introduction of Fusion - a flexible WordPress Page Builder for the page creator

Although the standard WordPress editors are simple to use, they have restrictions. This can cause disappointment if you want to design custom page layout. Another option that can help is the five stars Fusion Page Builder plug-in. This plug-in allows you to build sophisticated and appealing pages. Pages can contain a wide range of different contents and WordPress Widgets.

I will show you how to use Fusion in this article. Once you have Fusion up and running, you will find a new option under Settings. Here you can choose where you want to use the Page Builder. All pages and contributions are checked by standard and boatstrap and a drag and drop feature are enabled.

The last option is very important if you want your page contents to be appealing. If you add a new page, you can return to the Standard WordPress Editor by pressing the Change to Standard Editor button: Fusion editors begin by displaying a full-width layouts. There are twelve gaps in the liquid grille, which you can subdivide as you wish.

Width control - the perpendicular line - at each end of the 12/12 colum. allows you to decrease the width. If you want to make two rows, just move a splitter into it and make a second row like this one: Use the three points to the right of each row to organize the row with borders, fill, text orientation, and text colors.

If you want different lines with a different number of colums in each line, insert more lines. You can, for example, begin with two equally wide colums, followed by a 4/6 splitting and another full-width row: Inside each colum, insert an "element" that provides a pad for the contents you want to present.

You have added lines, text, tabs, code, and component by default. 4. Component are user-defined layout that you have put together from different lines and items. Merging provides a variety of other items, but these are separated plug-ins. At first it may feel a little cumbersome to have all the plug-ins you want installed, but it prevents you from inflating them with additional items you don't need or want.

Further available components are: Now I have chosen to add the following plugins: Gallery, Divider, Image, Video and Map. The Gallery item lets you choose one of the following layouts: Carousel options are a bit bewildering with the intelligent or handpicked options, but that only means old contents or new contents.

This textpad provides a complete HTML and HTML controlled editor: Pretty fast you can set up a site. And if you want to make a difference, you can move a collection or element by dragging and dropping it to another location or resize a collection. Imagine a fast page with galery, text pad and card.

Desktops reacted to the phone automaticaly to pile the items among each other. When used for manufacturing applications, the possibility to store layout for re-use and replicate items makes page building much faster and more uniform. The Fusion was rigorously evaluated against the latest WordPress standard topics TwentySixteen, TwentyFifteen and TwentyFourteen.

The Fusion squad also provides outstanding documentations and is actively involved in the Supportforum. Fusion plug-in gives you great versatility in creating WordPress pages even if you don't know how to encode. This is a great alternativ to the actual Kernelditor. She has since been developing content-rich Web sites with a wide range of open-source content managing tools.

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