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Submit updates from Fusion about my product, news and new product information. Click on the registration field to start your registration. Registration page is now live and ready to accept payments! Picture Recording & Information Fusion.

- Image registration: - Geometric (and photometric) alignment of one image to another.

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Use your name to check your registration when you call our service or to interact with you about your transaction or product. In order to respond to your request, we need an e-mail adress. In order to determine effectively which assistance teams you will be directed to when further assistance is needed, we need the geographic area in which you are located.

In order to support you in an efficient and effective way with your upcoming issues, we need the type of products you are registered with. In order to support your request in an efficient and effective way, we need the series number to exactly determine which products you have bought. If you have any further information or question, we need a short explanation of it in order to help you with your products.

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Application & Prices | Fusion 2018

Discounted registration fees for Fusion 2018! To enable teachers to better understand the subject, Fusion's registration rate has been adapted this year. Now all the great talks and talks you want are available at a new, lower cost! Registration for the main meeting will include full entry to breakdown meetings, keynote speeches, exhibition space and other meeting activity, breakfasts, lunches and tea break for both dates, and a Social Events Passport.

Registration after the meeting will include admission to post-conference workshops as well as breakfasts, lunches and coffe pauses for the entire afternoon. Groups - At least 5 people must register at the same moment to be eligible for the registration fee. The prices are per registration. Social Events Plus 1 Ticket contains the entrance to the Social Events.

It would be in conjunction with a Social Events Passport which is already contained in a registration for a major meeting. Laptop rent including $25 security. Must be registered by 30 April 2018.

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