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The Avada theme + Fusion Slider on the event page I' m having problems to add a fusion slider to the event page (/events). Found a former threads that provided a widget plug-in I used, and added Fusion slider short format to a textfield. Fusion slider is present, but does not help with translucent headers. However, the parallax does not work like other fusion slider functions.

Thank you for contacting us and apologizing for having this problem with the Fusion Slider. The problem can be seen on your event page, but it seems that the HTML fusion slider is displayed in the event box. Can you please tell us how to add the Widget to the event page?

Avada Topic makes some customizations to our templates. Do you also make a customized Avada Topic about a sub topic or change the Avada templates? Are you mentioning a Widget from the preceding topic, could you also include this topic as a hyperlink? And I think I know what you're saying about the Fusion slider HTML that appears in the event box.

I' ve added another screenshots that only show how I added the fusion slider to a text field in this wideget. But, as you said, it adds this to the event page containers. The Avada pattern has not been modified (in this case). This is why the Fusion slider appears in the event organizer and mixes with the event organizer text.

As a side remark, if you have an ideas how you can't make my section text so big on the event pages, that would be useful. It' s Paragraphed in the page editors, but it' not displayed that way on the page. I would suggest that you try to place this in front of the'div' containers and after the'get_header();' like the following: get_header(); I would suggest that you setup a staging/dev site to do all your testing, this way you won't interrupt your site if unwanted changes occur.

Concerning the text of the paragraphs, I can see that it contradicts some style added by the Java Movie Warehouse plug-in. Avada Theme + Fusion Slider on Events Page' is locked for new answers.

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