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Merge Slider Wordpress Plugin

With this plugin you can implement an image and video slider on your page or post it to your WordPress website. Slider Pro Universal Features: With the plugin you can make limitless faders, and each fader has its own short code and its own preferences. The plugin comes with a multi picture loader that saves you a lot of work. You can use the pull & dropdown function to specify the order of the images to be displayed in your slider.

Completely reactive slider plugin. Multi-picture uploader. Insert unlimited picture slides into a single slider. Generate multiple sliders with unique short codes. Display multiple sliders on the page / in the post. Adjust the width and height of the slider. 100 percent width option. Options for designing slider texts (background colour, font family, text colour, line height). Enabling/disabling navigation spheres and arrow options.

Aligns center, auto play, hover pause and randomize slider option. Adjust the slide speed. Dragging and dropping the image location. User-defined custom style sheet option. If you have new Slider Plugin idea and we can help you implement it, don't hesistate to send us a message. If you are using the Universal Slider plugin and have issues and conflicts with other plugins and topics, please feel free to e-mail our customer service staff at the following address: address:webhuntinfotech@gmail.com.

Slider Pro Universal Features: All you have to do is set up and assemble the slider in a few moments. 100 percent responsive design. Seven Slider types. Slider One. Flexible slider Two. The Jssor Slider. Carrousel slider. Resilient slide control. The Nivo Slider. Reactive slider control. Fader Effects. Multi-picture uploader. Dragging and dropping the picture location. Each slider abbreviation and unique settings.

100 percent width optional. Adjust width and height. User-defined color options. The Font Typography Font Type Options. Key options in Flex Slider One. Enabling/disabling the Navigate options. Speed dial key on the posting or page. User-defined custom style sheet options. The Universal Slider Pro is fully compliant with all types of device such as iPod, Mac, iphone, mobile etc. The plugin has an extremely Admin Dashboard.

The plugin configuration is very simple and user-friendly. Using Multimage Uploader you can simply upload more than one picture in seconds. You can use the Picture Darg and Drag options to move the slider. Click the Activate Plugin pushbutton. First, you need to install the plugin. Click the Activate Plugin pushbutton. First, you need to install the plugin.

Is it possible to make several sliders with the slider plugin? Yes, you can make several sliders. Every slider has its own speed dial and setting. If my slider has a conflicting plugin or design, what should I do? If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us an e-mail: Short-circuit slider has two tab pages, what the use of both?

Short Code tab:- Pass the short code in the page or postal contents area for the slide show. Use this short code in your slide show templates to create the PHP files. It didn't work for me, but I did contact the plugin help (webhuntinfotech@gmail.com) & they quickly fix the problem and tell me what the problem was.

Stunning Feature & Backup Group! This plugin was developed with a lot of love and effort. This is the feature listing we offer in this plugin: Fully reactive slider plugin. Multiple image sliders in a single page / post. Multiple image uploader. Unique short code and settings. Adjust the width and height of the slider.

100% width optional. Show slide titles. Show slide descriptions. External links optional. Slider Text Styling (background colour, font family, text colour, line height). Custom display position of the sliding title and descriptor. Sliding transition velocity. Slide animation effect. Enable/Disable navigation balls and arrow options.

This plugin has been created by the following persons. Solved: Slider does not work for problems with the homepage. The name was renamed from "Fusion Slider" to "Universal Slider".

It is the first and fundamental release of the slider plugin. It' really difficult to resume developing and supporting this free plugin without input from like you. Please send us your feedback if you like the use of our Universal Slider Plugin and find it useful.

We will use your input to help us promote and assist the further evolution of the plugin and better usability. Help us to compile our plugin.

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