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Choose a topic below to get help setting up or using Go Daddy email on your phone: Juggling multiple email accounts can be confusing, especially if you have multiple Go Daddy domains. Login You can open Gmail by signing in from a computer or adding your Gmail application to your mobile device or spreadsheet to open Gmail. When the information is already completed and you need to log in to another bankroll, click Use another bankroll. When you see a Gmail description page instead of the sign-in page, click Subscribe in the upper-right hand corner of the page.

Tip: If you log on to a computer that is open to the general public, make sure that you log off before you leave the computer.

Can I set up a Go Daddy email address on my desktop 4ROID?

Choose a subject below to get help configuring or using the Go Daddy email on your phone: Perform the below to create your own email inbox. If, for any reasons, your email address is not included here, or you are experiencing issues with your email address, please consult your email service representative.

On the E-mail Accounts page, choose Other. Press Manually Set Up and use the following manually adjusted settings: To set up your Go Daddy email address, please complete the following steps: In the Applications pane, tap My Items. Several of the most common email addresses, such as Comcast, should be set up automagically. When you are not successful with the automatic creation of your email address, on the email address page, hit Other, and then uncheck the box to disable automatic configuration of your email address, and then use the following manually set preferences.

After you have recently upgraded your softwares or experienced problems to send or receive e-mail, we recommend that you remove your user from your machine and perform the recovery procedures above. In order to remove the account:

Exporting Go Daddy emails to my Google emails

Juggling several email addresses can be quite baffling, especially if you have more than one Go Daddy domain. Google Mail contains a function named "Mail Fetcher," which allows Google Mail to connect to other email addresses as if they were email client like Outlook. The consolidation of other email in your Gmail email client will save your precious email resources and reduce the chance of important customer, customer and vendor email outages.

Go to gmail.com and sign in with your Google account. On the Accounts and Import page, click on " and then on "Add a POP3 mails you own". Fill in your Go Daddy email and click "Next Step". Fill in your Go Daddy email user name and your Go Daddy email user ID and your Go Daddy email user ID number. Verify the option and place a checkmark in the field next to those you want to enable (see Tips).

Then click "Add Account". Google Mail verifies your Go Daddy log-in information to make sure it works. When you select the checkbox next to "Leave a copy of retrieved message is on the server," Gmail leaves every email in Google Papa's mailbox so you can retrieve it later outside Gmail.

When you select the Use Always a Safe Internet Connection when Getting E-mail (SSL) option, Gmail uses encrypted email for added protection when getting e-mail. When you select the checkbox next to "Tag your received messages", Gmail will auto-tag any email that has been added from the Go Daddy email.

Selecting the checkbox next to "Archive your mail (skip inbox)" will move email from your Go Daddy email client directly to Gmail's archives, i.e. it will not be displayed in your email client's Gmail folder, but will be available through the Outlook and Gmail archives. "into my Google emails."

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