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Take a look at these 25 best free and premium WordPress Shortcodes and Page Builder to make your WordPress website development easier and better! 3Klicks talk | Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress topic (page 37) Michal, I've been looking into your great subject for a few weeks. Now, we are considering buying your design to update our website with a more advanced design that incorporates periodic tech up-dates. At the moment we have a really large number of plug-ins, which we also want to cut back with a new design.

As we downloaded the new topic, I realized that of course items, pages, etc. remained the same.

Page Builder Problem After WordPress and Topic Updates

The Page Builder no longer works after the update to the latest topic and WordPress release. If I try to manipulate a widget within a page that uses the Page Builder, the display turns gray and there is a clear ribbon running in the center of the page. I' ll have to reload the page to get off the monitor.

1, each time I try to edit within a page that uses the Page Builder, it gives me a gray, translucent display. There are no plug-ins modified, only the WordPress one. Gray translucent display, only keypad works, Maus doesn't. If you have not updated any other plug-ins, simply upgrade WordPress to 3.8. #1 could crack another plug-in in a way that destroys the Page Builder.

The PageBuilder plug-in has become unusable since I updated various plug-ins, e.g. I can copy Widgets, but when I manipulate the content, nothing is stored. Could you verify that you tried to disable your plugs? I' ve got my page off-line at last to play around with, but I still can't get it out of my system, even with all but Page Builder deactivated plug-ins.

If I enable the plug-in, the slide bar on the start page disappears. Can' see it when I turn on the plug-in. Anything above the "shadow" at the bottom of the slide is not seen and does not work. How should this be the case and how can I use the Page Builder and enable the Start Page slide control?

Otherwise, can I disable the Page Builder only for the home page? Zero, his homepage has vanished. Any problems should be fixed after upgrading to Page Builder 1.5.3. After transferring the website from the locale hosting to the domains, the page design created in the Page Builder is absent. The Page Builder register card displays an empty line.

What can I do to recover the format? The latest Vantage release is 3. It' a Z-index thing.

Hi, after the WordPress Eclipse 3 (4.5. 3) I dropped the Page Builder page structure in articles and pages, the entire Page Builder structure (HTML) is shifted to the text area and there is no more Page Builder page at the top right of the edit area, the Page Builder Widget is shifted to the bottom of the page without any information.

ALWAYS when I make a new contribution, the Page Builder page usually pops up as a page in the upper right hand part of the edit area. Any ideas that might help me? 3, I made a page with Page Builder and then updated Worldpress to 4.5. 3, Page Builder tree has been gone missing, everything is transformed into HTML in the Text and Page Builder tabs desappeard, we re-treive an empty Page Builder widget at the bottom of the page, Andrew or Greig, do you have a work-around or have you been working on this problem?

I' ve had the same output since updating my website to 4. 53 the page layout tree is gone and everything is transformed into HTML on pages and postings. Three with Page Builder 2.4.9. Disabling / enabling the plug-in does not help.

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