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Clube Galaxy - FAQ & Feedback Visit the Contacts page for information on how to get in touch with me. So the only instances I make a commission is when I have the feeling I need to take a rest. If I don't have a photo of my personality, can I simply write you a description? for general assignments, no. Unfortunately, because of past problems, I work with this kind of thing when it comes to what a person looks like, only with references to that person.

Inevitably, the only exceptions to this principle are paperwork committees where I work with the descriptions. If I have a photo of another similar person, I can use it as a referral. No. Please don't email me photos of people who aren't yours as a referral for yours. There may be something particular for that person that is particular to the person who owns it, and they wouldn't want it unwittingly duplicated.

Some things are lacking in my character datasheet that I would like to embed, how do I make sure you embed them? You can either modify your datasheet, or you can add to your datasheet references pictures or small changes or a brief writing of the small changes you want.

To see a listing of what I don't do in terms of fees, please visit the fee information page. Is it possible to get a fee with my characters fee calculated on an animation/game/movie/manga I like? sure! To get an impression of what I like, you can look HERE, but it doesn't have to be something from this listing! As long as reference is given, it's okay.

Consulting on content and knowledge management, taxonomy and document monitoring

Counseling Galaxy..... Welcome to Galaxy Consulting! The Galaxy Consulting offers specialised information managment solutions. Galaxy Consulting helps companies of all shapes and sizes to organize and control their information resources so they can work more effectively, productive and profitable.

Perhaps you want to use a SharePoint application, deploy a Web site information system, create an information technology policy, comply with laws and regulations, facilitate and optimise your site searching and optimisation - whatever your needs, we are here for you! Check out Galaxy Consulting for everything related to your company's information.

Everything from content inventories, analysis and preparing for disasters and managing documents, storage and's all in our Galaxy! Creating order through information governance that leads to work efficiencies, legislative and regulative compliancy, and maximizes operating efficiencies for our customers. We are committed to the following values: sincerity, integer, efficiency, topicality, top performance, excellentness.

When a customer is not happy with our service, we will work with the customer to make it right. At all times we will offer you the best service at an accessible cost.

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