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The Gallery Pro is an elegant yet minimalist theme. The Inspiro is the best WordPress gallery theme for photographers, videographers and creative professionals. Theme Gallery There' a plain theme filename'gallery-theme-default.php' in the directory'themes' of the plug-in (wp-content\plugins\gallery-theme\themes). Use it as an example to create your own theme directories.

Simply copy it to your templates directory and try to modify it. Or you can duplicate theme filenames and manipulate the links in your gallery to use one of these topics.

When you name your gallery theme with this:: When you name your gallery theme with this:: If you want to use this theme, you should modify your gallery link in this way, by clicking'Gallery-Theme-Example.php' and placing it in your templates folder: Gallery ids="729,732,731,720? theme="example"]. Notice: It is better to remove all required stylesheet and Java script from your gallery theme filename.

Place it in the headers of your templates. Hint: Besides the standard theme there is another extended theme'Fotorama', which is already included and can be used immediately with this plug-in. To use this theme, simply add theme="fotorama" to your gallery link. Notice that this topic requires jQuery. People downloading a gallery theme by hand should make sure it is available under "/wp-content/plugins/gallery-theme/".

Enable the gallery theme in the Plugins section of the administration via the Enable button. "Gallery Theme" is open code game. Update the photorama theme to 4.6.4. The keypad navigator for the Fanama theme has been added. Corrected a problem with the short code plain[gallery]. Corrected plain[gallery] speed dial to display all appended pictures. Add theme to photorama.

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