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A world-famous game, Warcraft lets you choose whether you want to live in an Alliance or Horde of professions. And if you like both simple graphic games and the old arcade games, this may be of your taste. After all, our designers have just created some beautiful designs for your Android phone so you can really show that you are a true Game of Thrones fan.

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Wascraft is a world-famous game in which you can select whether you want to live in an alliances or hordes of different occupations. The brandnew Legend themes are especially developed for warrancraft enthusiasts. Utilize the Legend themes of Warscraft to join the Battleground of Allies and Horde and get more FREE and UNIQUE backgrounds and themes.

Warcraft Legend background image; Coolly cool 3-D transitions effect; Warcraft Legend background image. You will use the Air Launcher for Android - one of the best Android launches that people around the globe trust. Android FREE all-in-one themes launch, breathtaking high definition wall papers, telephone boosters, and more!

Use the Warcraft Legend topic now: Download and install the Warcraft Legend thread and submit your application. Locate the Warcraft Legend topic in all apps and submit your application. Find your favourite themes for Android FREE OF CHARGE. One of the best launches for Android, Air launcher offers launch themes for Android FREE. Design your home page with well-designed launch themes for android-free.

With the exception of the Warcraft Legend themes with Warcraft Legend background image, Air Launcher offers many other themes for Android FREE (Launcher themes in favorite Game Launcher themes, Film Launcher themes, Classical Android launcher themes, Girl Launcher themes, Simple Launcher themes, etc.). Android FREE more topics to come soon! We do not create all game character, logos and other detail, but the owner of the game.

Hubschrauberspiel and themes for Android

And if you like both basic graphics and old fashioned arcades, this may be to your taste. Indxphp123, a member of IGDA, presents a heli for your Android unit, based on the iCopter game for the iPhone. They steer a chopper and must avoid it coming into contact with the ground, roof or anything else.

Control is straightforward because the game only needs to be touched on the monitor so that the chopper climbs up and is no longer touched to get off. The game is quite straightforward and provides levels of addictiveness and excitement that make it a lot of pleasure. You can also use the developer's beautiful step-by-step guide to make your own designs. Hubschrauberspiel, customer-specific topics!

Some time ago I was posting about a game I made named "Helicopter Game" which is available in the Android-sale. I' ve now added a new function that allows anyone to create a design for the game. Are you interested, you can post topics on the free of charge markets.

For more information, see the Game Topic in the Game Topic Book.

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