Gateway Wordpress Theme

Wordpress Gateway Theme

The Gateway was developed on Foundation and Underscores, two of the most popular thematic frameworks for WordPress. This is a free Mobile Ready WordPress theme. The WordPress Configurator allows you to choose user-defined preferences and see the changes in live! Modify the website's highlight colour, load a logotype and associate a picture with the homepage. As a theme designer looking for a big edge on your next projects, you should be sure it is based on the world's most progressive, reactive, and trustworthy set of frameworks.

All our designs include WordPress Theme customization so you can quickly and easily create your website.

User-defined header screen

The Gateway is the ultimate blend of style and style, a home that is traditionally and yet adaptably home to your music. Strengthen your franchise with a location icon, include a cover picture in black and call for trade, and present your best entries or a dedicated homepage presentation videotape. Continue reading to find out how to get the most out of Gateway's unparalleled capabilities.

Both abstract and ornamental backgrounds are best used as custom headers. We recommend a head of 2560 pixel width and 640 pixel height for Gateway. There are two ways to adjust the display of the headers in the Customizer under Theme Options ? General: When you select Fix format, the head sizes for Gateway are 2560 pixel width and 1000 pixel height.

Notice that on small displays, the picture is trimmed and not reduced to match the available area. You can use the homepage templates (in use on the Gateway demonstration page) to present your best work with a fat heading, a call to action icon, featured content or a movie.

This page's titles and contents will be shown below the headline, as here: A Featured Image can be applied to the page as a wallpaper for the headers. When no Featured Image is applied, the Custom Image is used instead. Once the homepage template is activated, go to the customizer under Topic options ? Homepage template to make optimal use of the gateway functions.

Specify the title and content of the hero of your website in the appropriate boxes. They are displayed in the head area under the logo of your website: In order to present a movie, paste its URI - either by posting it to your website or from a sponsored site (such as Vimeo) - and paste a descriptive text into the field of the movie content.

The Gateway allows you to mark up to three articles or pages by selecting them and then typing that day in the Featured Content section of the Customizer. All featured images associated with these articles or pages are shown in the Featured Content section. Unless a day is specified, the home page submission displays your last three postings, except sticking postings.

The Gateway allows you to customize a text icon that takes the user to another Web page or Web site by simply klicking it. In order to insert a "Call to Action" pushbutton, insert the following HTML editor or text widget code: Substitute http://example. com with the address of your choosing and click the text with what the click should say.

The Gateway will support the Full-Width page style; if it is used, the page will not contain a page bar, as shown in this example page. The gateway also provides the following functions: Suggested head size: 2560 pixel width x 640 pixel height if the head display is permanently selected and 2560 pixel width x 1000 pixel height if it is scrolled.

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