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Library of materials and HDR's for artists, including free textures, who want photorealism. Complimentary high-resolution CG textures available for private and commercial use....

The exercise is designed as a sandbox for texture painting. In this tutorial we introduce Multitexturing, i.e. the use of multiple texture images in a shader. Upload a FREE Wonderful Designer Top Texture!

Photoshop, textures for 3-D and graphics designs!

The Panorama Corrector is a Photoshop plug-in to eliminate distortions in your panoramas. Exact correction to pixels on multi-gigabyte pictures are not only possible, they are simple! Free Windows tool for visualizing the sharpening of a large number of photographs. Photoshop scripts to distribute pictures at random on a screen, with random and smooth control.

This is a time-lapse compilation of how we create our textures, smooth and masqueraded. Here's a tutorial about the Adjust Color function in Photoshop....

Get more than 90 free PBR textures of CC0 textures.

StruffelProductions, a 3-D artists, has released CC0 Textures, a new on-line multimedia repository that deals with... well, the hint is probably in the cover, right? As of the date of publication, the site contains nearly 100 phrases of textures - usually color, plain, AO, rough and shift - that cover popular real-world media, among them rock, timber, concrete and fabrics.

And of course, they are all provided under a single license of CC0, so you can use them in any non-assigned projects, even for business work. StruffelProductions says the site was created out of a wish to help other performers navigate the gray area that can arise from the use of textures from commercially available resources.

StruffelProductions has a Patreon page where you can finance your further work if you want to do so. New textures are added every day at the release date, and Patreon financing is only $30/month low as StreuffelProduction also adds free 3-D scanning to CC0 textures.


Textures are used in CG sceneries, graphics design and online training all over the world. Produced from our own rough photographs and prints, with extremely high resolutions and carefully reworked, they fulfil the demands of the most discerning designers. We' ve packaged them with fine-tuned standard, shift, reflection and other cards to give you the best versatility and usability.

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