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Codex Themes' multi-purpose, high-performance WordPress design theme WordPress theme that' fast, powerful, and rich in versatility and response, featuring a contemporary, imaginative theme suitable for a variety of web site creation applications. Conceived and engineered as the ultimative web builder toolset with style and function components, it helps you create an amazing, powerful website in just a few moments without having to touch a line of coding.

Designed with care for a wide range of imaginative applications, and with such versatility that it could really be the Swiss Army Knife from WordPress Themes! Featuring over 40 uniquely multi-purpose designs, 150 breathtaking demonstration pages, eight navigational options in over 20 different fashions, and versatile page layout, the options are truly endless.

Ideal for businesses of any sizes and for any use, creating agencies with unusual content, as well as the full-featured WooCommerce boutique, your website will come to live in no time. The theme also caters for the needs of freelancers, photographers, architects and digitizers and offers stunning feature portfolios with special design for custom needs.

A seasoned blogsman looking for uncommon blogs that help you set yourself apart will be drawn to TheGem's blogs-functions. Developed with creativity and devotion, the Gem is working with top Behance designer's. net offers eye-catching, sleek design that we know you'll like. WordPress offers everything you need to meet your ambition and your creativity needs.

But why choose ItGem? It has an amazing look, featuring creatively designed and beautifully tuned functions and functions. There' s nothing useless and strange here - every single piece of styling, artwork, layout and function is well thought out, built on years of multipurpose wordpress theme work. Our pledge is to culminate in a solid tool box with a theme that offers you maximal creativity and ease of use.

It was TheGem's primary goal to develop a WordPress theme for businesses, agents, web stores, publishers, bloggers as well as graphic artists that would offer maximal creativity to those who are not heavily engaged in designing & programming. With more than 200 stores for more than 50 items of information, you can quickly and easily make your own custom themes in just a few moments.

It is a one-stop tooling for Worldpress and really simple to use. UX Pin's 2016 web designs are the basis for TheGem's designs. The theme mirrors UI / UX contemporary trend designs in a uniquely way, free of tedious streamlines. It is a refreshing designer moment that aims to fulfil both discreet and insane fantasies in a minimalist or exaggerated way - after all, the final decision is yours.

More than 40 full featured designs, each with its own unique styles and characters, are available from them. They are not just easy to reskin; each demonstration has been thoroughly investigated and contains meticulously thought-out designs with a variety of store styles. Designed for high computing power, and fully optimised for advanced computing equipment such as laptop computers, desktop computers, smartphones as well as tables, THE GEM is capable of handling best practices in this area.

Therefore, when you buy them, you can be sure that you will get the website that will be successful in the long run. Only the add-ons and functions required to create a rich, uniquely rich website are focused on by ToGem. Through the reduction of plugin dependence and optimization of coding, we have been able to achieve a much more robust and reliable design than many other multi-purpose issues on the today' markets.

So you can be sure that your new website with the Gem is safe, future-proof, fast and yet full of fantastic functions without inflation. Focusing on the needs and expectations of the user with a multifunctional design, WordPress has optimised WordPress Plug-in compatible with the most common plug-ins from the WordPress plug-in folder.

Unusual page headlines with great wallpapers including updated log: IMPORTANT fix for all next topic fixes. The next up-dates will be available via a WordPress Dashboard. Upgrade the latest theme of your topic to this one! DESIGN NEW CONCEPTS: NEUE FEATUREN: NEUE FEATUREN: MISCELLANEOUS: NEW FUNCTIONS:

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