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The Genesis HealthCare division offers long-term care services, short-term care, transitional care services, rehabilitation and special services. <font color="#ffff00">2018 Genesis G80 The G80 offers you an advanced, world-class user interface through forward-thinking designs and technologies. Utilizing more than 50 years of sector knowledge, marketing knowledge and analysis, ALG* is becoming the yardstick for predicting the value of vehicles and forecasts that the Genesis G80 will better preserve its value than any other automobile in its category.

Intense style, twin-turbo power and Genesis sophistication in our latest mid-range saloon.

Already after the first year, we feel honoured that the Genesis Go80 has already received a big award in the branch. Proof that if we start building from scratch around you and put your security and needs above everything else, good things will come. Powered by a 311-hp, 8-liter 3. 8-liter muscle motor, the 8-speed FHIFTRONIC® gear unit works together to ensure you're just as attached to the street as you are to your A80.

G80 has a 311-PS 3 built-in power supply. The HTRAC AWD system with dynamic power steering is available on all G80 model cars and offers improved rigidity and faster responsiveness on slippery surfaces. Classical rear-wheel drivetrain ratios generate a sense of movement even when the car is stationary. Featuring a new front apron, a newly designed six-sided radiator grill and LEDs, the self-assured front end boasts an elegant new designed 18-inch front spoiler and 18-inch front wheels.

The 2-inch split-screen HD LCD, Google POI searching, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay allow you to view navigation information and other audiovisual information at the same time, while staying in full connection. All amenities and technologies are arranged around first-rate interiors and fully meet your needs. The Genesis G80 has been engineered to be intuitive and comfortable, from key positioning and touch responsiveness to the entire interiors.

It' s a sophisticated information technologies, entertaining, seating and usability paradigm that puts you first. Display speeds, security information such as dead angle detection and lane departure warning, and even navigational instructions without taking your eye off the street. Approaching the boot with the keys in your bag, the Genesis handsfree opens in 3 seconds and allows easy entry into the boot, even when both your fingers are full.

Dive into a rich listening sensation with 17 powerful loudspeakers and rich ambient sounds. The Clari-Fi® Technology Restoration Technology can help recover your loss of tone from digital compressions. G80's sophisticated multi-media system gives you virtually hassle-free access to your navigator, AM/FM/SiriusXM radio, HD Radio?, Bluetooth connectivity and call, car setup and information.

Built-in memory keeps your Genesis always equipped with your own convenience preferences. In addition, you are connected to key information and support tools such as Enhanced Roadside assistance, Collision notification, car diagnosis, repair reminiscences and more to deliver the Genesis commitment to outstanding levels of after sales support and passenger experience. Long-distance features make ownership of your Genesis even more comfortable.

Functions included air conditioning controlled long-distance start with motor time switch, long-distance stop, long-distance locking or unlocking of car and long-distance controlling of buzzer and light. Use the possibilities of Google to find, input or transmit your destination or points of interest to your car via speech output, touch screen or the Genesis Connect Services application.

The G80 provides all our most sophisticated security technologies at the highest level with the utmost respect for you and your guests. These unprecedented set of functions works in concert to capture, adapt and support your consciousness behind the steering wheel. What's more, you'll be able to take control of your entire life. It' an unrelenting security policy that embodies our dedication to your well-being.

GENESIS IDEAS. Real luxuriousness is all about the whole adventure. The Genesis Project is our well thought-out set of advantages for the user. You Genesis comes with 3 years of free connectivity* services that provide a range of security, orientation and distance functions such as Enhanced roadside assistance, Destination search powered by Google? and Remote launch with climatic controls.

Free* for 3 years or 36,000 mph, we remotely diagnose, collect your car, ship a replacement for courtesy, and give your Genesis back when it's up. State-of-the-art tecnology provides free 3-year chart update for your vehicle's navigational system to make sure you always have access to the latest chart.

Get a worry-free owner-ownership experience with free planned maintenance* for 3 years or 36,000 mile, whichever comes first. In addition, the lubricant changes free of charge every normally planned service date. 3 years of free SiriusXM* transport and information service will keep you up to date with the latest information on transport and roads.

If your itinerary changes unexpectedly, the 3-year free tyre replacement service* offers you the option of changing tyres or transporting your vehicle to your local Genesis dealer or authorised Genesis dealer centre.

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