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Genetic Blog

Standard, archive and blog page. Nowadays, food blogging is very popular, so I thought it would be helpful to list the best food blogging topics for the Genesis Framework. Do not use the Genesis Blog page template. This is not the primary request, so adjustments to the request will not work. Turn your blog into WordPress by using Preferences > Read).

The Genesis has been developed for several years. In my view, the largest one is the blog page style sheet. The first time you start installing WordPress, your home page will list your latest blog entries.

When you want a statically stable homepage and want to move your blog to a page, you can do so under Preferences > Read. The WordPress application looks at special WordPress file for these different pages. home.php is used to list your blog post (whether it's your home page or a subpage). front-page.php is used for the home page of your website, whether you want blog post or a fixed home page.

So if you want a fixed homepage and your blog on a page like /blog, just build the pages "Home" and "Blog", go to Preferences > Read and make them the corresponding pages. Use front-page.php if you want to generate a templates for controlling the homepage.

When you want to make a templates for controlling the blog, use home.php. A lot of older StudioPress kid topics mistakenly use home.php for their statical homepage. I' m not sure why, but I suppose they wanted to spare folks the hassle of going to Preferences > Read; when the topic was enabled, the homepage was already a fixed homepage.

Trouble here is, you can't have a blog right now. Once you have a page built and configured as a blog under Settings > Read, it would use the home.php which is now a fixed home page. Your answer was to build a page style sheet that listed blog entries.

Here the issue is that the blog post is enumerated in a user-defined cycle, not in the page's master cycle (the master cycle is the page contents substituted by this user-defined cycle). That means plugs and other codes intended to change the blog don't work.

Do not use the blog page style.

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