Genesis Framework

The Genesis Framework

A more advanced version of the Genesis - Featured Page Widgets. The Genesis Framework for Wordpress is much more than just a Wordpress theme, as you will see in a moment. Learn why you need to use the Genesis Framework for your website.

The Genesis Framework Review - Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Genesis

I' m sure if you have used WordPress in the past, you have seen many developer who have recommended the Genesis framework. Using their framework for every website I own. Now, when it comes to WordPress, the Genesis framework is the best of its kind.

I' ve chosen to compile this Genesis Framework review to give you some advantages and disadvantages when using your framework. When you' re tired of working with other WordPress topics that just don't work and end up getting broken, the Genesis framework and one of your kids' topics is what you should look at.

The Genesis is like no other subject, it is too mighty to be compared with anything else. GENESIS FRAMEWORK REVIEWS - WHO IS IT GOOD FOR? The Genesis was developed for WordPress, so it works fine for WordPress related web sites. They don't have to be developers to use the Genesis framework - it's designed for flexibility, but it's also simple to use.

Or you can simply create your own Genesis Children themes or buy them directly in StudioPress (developer of the Genesis framework). Okay, let me come to the good part of using the Genesis framework for a WordPress website. These are the advantages of using your framework: 1) The FRAMEWORK is well coded and is regularly updated:

In contrast to other topics that resolve your website after upgrading from WordPress to a new release, the Genesis framework does things differently. The StudioPress has a development staff that maintains and updates the framework so that it is fully compliant with the latest WordPress release. That gives me the assurance that every single times I need to refresh to the latest WordPress I have.

In addition, almost all of their children's topics use the latest mark-up idiom - HTML5. It just shows that the Genesis developer is updating the framework and their children's topics all the time. 2 ) genesis is support ed very well: When you buy the genesis framework and one of your children's topics, you buy from a serious business.

You' gonna be a member of the Genesis Fellowship. 3 ) FRAMEWORK CAN BE UPDATED WITHOUT LOOSING THE CUSTOMIZATION OF THE DESIGN: The Genesis framework, as I already said, uses kid topics that are similar to skin that make your website look different. Essentially, you make all the adjustments to your child's topic, not to the framework itself.

So when it's your turn to upgrade the Genesis framework, you won't loose the adjustments you made to the subordinate topic file. This means that these adjustments are saved in your subordinate topic file and are separated from the framework file that is being upgraded. Genesis Framework and its children's topics are like no other WordPress topic.

In contrast to other topics that restrict certain functionalities, Genesis does not. The Genesis framework does not impose any restrictions on what you can do. And best of all, you don't have to be a programmer or have a tech mind to do all this. Naturally, if you want to choose the simple way out, Genesis offers slightly more than 60 premier kids-topics.

5 ) GENESIS has fixed properties and devoted plugins: The Genesis framework has tonnes of robust functions right out of the box ranging from built-in SOE choices to appealing kid-topics. In addition, Genesis has several plug-ins developed by its own engineering staff that are designed exclusively for the Genesis framework. In addition, the framework and all its infothemes work fine with extern plug-ins.

6) THE GENESE ALWAYS WORKS THE SAME: Every update of the Genesis framework always works the same way. So the only thing that ever changes is the encoding behind the curtains that makes the real framework work better. Everything always works the same, even if you are installing a new design. While I think Genesis is a bug-free framework for WordPress, there are some small drawbacks.

This is what I found to be the only way to use Genesis for your WordPress website: As soon as you have acquired the Genesis framework, there is an easy learn-in curve to get used to how things work. So if you value your spare moment, this will be a blow to working with the Genesis framework.

This will be a problem with all WordPress topics. WHAT DOES THE GENESE ENTAIL? For the Genesis framework and a children's topic, a one-time charge of approximately $99.95 applies. Genesis Framework alone is $59. 95 and you can select a kid topic for about $20 to $60 (see Genesis and Children Topics here).

Please be aware that this is a one-time charge that gives you lifelong entry and sponsorship for the framework and any children's topics you buy. Use the framework and any of its sub topics on boundless websites. They can also buy the developer pro pack (includes the Genesis framework, all 60+ children's topics, and all upcoming topics) for a one-time price of $399.95.

Each Genesis buy, framework, or children's topic contains the development licence. GENESIS FRAMEWORK REVIEWS - IS IT VALUE? Genesis framework is fantastic and no other topic or framework is in the same group. Personal, whether you buy the framework alone or the Pack ProDeveloper, I think Genesis is valuable to every cent.

Why all WordPress pages should use the Genesis framework is for a variety of different purposes. And you don't have to be a freelance design or development professional to profit from Genesis. When you want a framework that is agile, scaleable, and able to do almost anything, then the Genesis framework is what I would suggest.

But if you are an expert web site developer planning to redesign your site from the ground up, I wouldn't suggest the Genesis Framework.

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