Genesis Framework Review

Review of Genesis Framework

This review is about the Genesis WordPress Framework that fits the theme of this blog. Genesis Framework is a popular offer from StudioPress, the same people as StudioPress Sites and the Rainmaker platform. In order to use the Genesis Framework and one of its submotifs, you must upload both the framework files and the submotif files to your WordPress page. After uploading the framework and the submotive, you must activate the submotive and leave the framework as it is. If you are looking for a WordPress theme that looks fantastic and is actually SEO-friendly, you should probably try StudioPress.

WordPress themes that are truly SEO friendly, mobile responsive, and built into the Genesis framework (recommended by Yoast and Matt Mullenweg).

The Genesis Framework Review - An enhanced WordPress Themen-Framework

Speaking of my Genesis review, let me make one thing clear: this review is not about the Britishrockband. Philharmonic Collins's angel voices don't need verification. This review is about the Genesis WordPress Framework that matches the topic of this blogs.

Genesis Framework is a favorite offer from StudioPress, the same folks as StudioPress Sites and the Rainmaker platform. In this review I will deal with everything about Genesis and WordPress. About the Genesis Framework Genesis can be a bit bewildering for a novice because it doesn't work exactly like other WordPress topics.

You see, Genesis is a fundamental WordPress framework that you then design with a Genesis children topic (of which there is a variety). Genesis Framework is based on the WordPress kernel and provides a safe, best-of-breed basis on which to create your WordPress page. In essence, it is the basis of your website....on the basis that the WordPress kernel already has.

However, the installation of the Genesis framework itself does not give you a very aesthetically pleasing website. Therefore, use Genesis kid topics to again use the Genesis framework to improve your look and feel. This is your fast start into the Genesis Framework! Genesis Framework's advantages are difficult to "show" because most of them take place under the bonnet.

However, just because they are not immediately visible on the frontend does not mean that Genesis add-ons are not useful. These are the main advantages of Genesis: Streamlined, developer-friendly coding - Genesis' coding is well streamlined and contains easy-to-use features that developer like. Optimised WordPress coding means a fast load, error-free WordPress page. Accessibility - While Genesis may come at a bit more expense than other topics in advance, it is actually quite accessible considering that you get unrestricted access to Genesis and can use it on an unrestricted number of sites.

SOE OUTfeeds - Genesis contains a number of SOE OUTfeeds that will deteriorate graciously if you choose to use another SOE OUTfeed (like Yoast). For whom is the Genesis Framework intended? Since it is really simple to have a Genesis Kind themme installed (more on this later), Genesis is also ideal for novices who want a WordPress page that is well programmed and optimised.

Topics in ThemenForest are not always...well encoded (to say the least). With Genesis you always know that your basis is always the same. Whilst Genesis is great for all level user, it is not great for every individual character. And if you are someone who loves the ease of use for beginners, pull out website builder like Divi, XPheme or Avada... You'll probably be dissapointed by the Genesis framework.

Since many of the enhancements in Genesis are out of view, you may find that you are missin' the functions of these topics. Whilst the Genesis sub-topics give you complete visibility into what your website looks like, it is not nearly as in-depth. By the end of the review, I'll be discussing some third-party utilities that will give you some capabilities for creating websites with Genesis.

Allow me to show you how Genesis actually works by using one of my test pages. If you enable the Genesis Framework itself, you will see something like this: Recall when I said that you always have to use a Genesis Framework infant themed? At the moment, just about everything I benefit from is neat coding and SEO.

Going to the Framework Option Panels alone will only give you some elementary topic setting and advanced search settings: In order to get something more aesthetically pleasing, you need to include a child's topic. Don't be afraid, the installation of your children's topic is as easy as the upload as any other topic.

As soon as you've done that, you'll see something that looks like a true WordPress theme: In order to customise your Genesis children's topic, use the WordPress Customiser by default, which allows you to make changes with a real-time previewer. There are no true suprises here if you have ever used the WordPress Customizer. Which Genesis Childrens topics are available?

I used the centric pro childs design for the above example. It' far from the only Genesis children's topic out there. Currently StudioPress is selling 60 children's topics through its online shop and you can also find many third parties' children's topics. They have a high degree of versatility in using the Genesis framework.

Every children's topic usually incurs additional expenses in addition to what you have already paid for the framework. Recall how I said to you that there are third-party utilities that can help Genesis build a small "Website Builder" topic? Dynamic Website Builder functions as a Genesis Children themes that you can adapt even if you don't know any coding.

This means that you can take full advantage of the Genesis framework while getting some of the versatility of topics like Divi and Avada (though it's by no means a perfectly good substitute). Whilst the dynamic Website Builder does not need any coding skills, novices will probably have difficulty using it.

Besides the Dynamic Website builder, there are other utilities like the Genesis Extender Plugin and Design Palette Pro that can help you adapt the Genesis framework. Because of Genesis' widespread use, there are tonnes of third-party ressources that can help you get more out of the Genesis framework. Even if it should not be a decision criterion of its own, it is always good when a topic has a living eco-system, because it enables you to find help when you need it.

What does the Genesis Framework charge? The Genesis Framework alone is only 59.95 dollars. But, as I have already said, you will almost definitely need a children's topic. When you purchase this sub design through the StudioPress shop, you are typically looking at $99. all in all (i.e. for a packet with the framework and the children theme).

A few sub-topics are running a little more and sub-topics from third parties can of course have their own prices. If you are a developer or an experienced WordPress user (or a person who learns WordPress development!), I think Genesis offers a lot of value. It is a neat, easy to customize (via code) framework that optimises your website in various ways.

Genesis is definitely not the ideal choice for every WordPress customer. If, for example, you are an absolute novice trying to create a WordPress page without help, I don't think Genesis is your best one. Likewise, someone who wants to be able to quickly create new Landing Pages without having to know any coding.

However, a great thing about Genesis is the new offer from StudioPress Sites. Provides you with an all-in-one administered Genesis usage management system. So, if you don't want to be concerned about web sites being hosted and updated, StudioPress Sites is another catch in Genesis' favour. You like the Genesis Framework or the big developers like Divi and Avada?

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