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If you use the Genesis framework, the appearance of your WordPress Web site can be improved and transformed by installing a Genesis child theme next to the framework. They' re available for education, real estate, fashion, church websites and others, but blogs are the place where the Genesis Framework shines brightest. You should always use a Genesis Framework for WordPress based childsme.

From time to time I will run a website that runs on the Genesis Framework. Actually, it's more than now and then, but what do you think when so many use Genesis?! However, sometimes I go to a website with Genesis and find that they use Genesis as an actual design instead of using a subordinate design.

All I can do is shook my brains when I see this, because not only is it unbelievably dangerous, but we strongly advise you NOT to run Genesis as an issue on any website. If you are reading a tutorial about how to add or remove things from the edition of your website, it is likely that the tutor will say something like "add this source to the functions.php of your kid's theme".

It' tough to do that if you don't use subordinate design. You can also run and maintain your own custom styles with sub themes. But the point is that you will have a very tough period to customize Genesis and your website if you are not using a children's topic. As soon as you are done adapting your website, you want to save all this heavy work from overwriting when we publish an Genesis upgrade.... and we are constantly upgrading Genesis.

Although we are not in an ongoing lifecycle, we are still driving Genesis upgrades and preparation for service release. So when we choose to make changes in the standard Genesis CSF, you want to be sure that your website remains designed well. Subordinate designs keep all your user-defined coding and style sheets safe in a separate directory, so Genesis can be upgraded without affecting the look and feel of your website.

When you directly enable Genesis, we now display a message on your desktop asking you to use a minor design. Would you really like to see this alert every single look when you sign in to your website? So get a nice kid's topic and get off this alert forever!

Ultimately, this means isolating the Genesis framework's key functionalities from the customization and styling of your website. Leave the frame to be a frame. Allow your creative mind and your customized codes to remain where they should be... securely placed in a children's topic. Genesis is not a framework for css.

The Genesis style sheet has evolved over the years. When you use Genesis dynamic as the basis for the website style sheet, your website's appearance will be affected by it. Begin always with a new style sheet in your kid's topic. This will not only work better, but it will also protect your entire CSS from any changes we make in Genesis.

There' really no need not to use a kid-topic.

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