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genesis icon

The associated icons include Sega icons, controller icons, technology icons, gadget icons. Use of location symbols with Genesis A new feature in WordPress 4.3 is a Site Icon (also known as Favicon). Allows you to specify which icon to associate with your website. Simply go to Appearance > Customize > Site Identify and you will find a Site Icon Icon Uploader on the right.

WordPress adjusts it to the right size and inserts the appropriate text into your page so that your browser can see it.

The Genesis has a similar function (although there is no user interface for it). If you have in Genesis a favicon.ico or . gif, .png, .jpg in the /images folder of your topic, Genesis will use it as your favicon node and include it in the page so that your browser can see it. Unless you specify one in your design, the icon is set to the Genesis favoricon by default, which is why you see so many Genesis sites with the "G" as their favoricon.

The Genesis 2.2 and later will already have this function turned off, but if you want to use WordPress' Site Icon with Genesis 2.1, you should turn off the Genesis function so you don't end up with two symbols in the site itself. Just append this to the functions.php of your kid theme: remove_action( 'wp_head', 'genesis_load_favicon');

The ICON Annual Summit

ICON team greetings, today we successfully held our first "ICON Annual Summit": Genesis". Ladies and gentlemen, we are very grateful for the interest and excitement you showed during the meeting. Over 300 attendees from around the globe attended the event and over 3000 attendees saw our live stream on YouTube.

To those who couldn't see the live stream, the main content of the meeting is as follows: The 2018 ICON Annual Summit marks the beginning of a new age for ICON's trip to Hyperconnect the World. Soon we will publish details and images of the summit, so please look forward to our next contribution.

Thanks again to all who have shown great commitment and interest in the Annual Summit and ICON.

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