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Announcement of a One-Pager - A One-Sided Website Kind Theme For Genesis Website PARALLEX I' m pleased to publish my first WordPress theme named One-Pager, a children's theme for the Genesis-Framework, for free. First and foremost, it is intended for one-page sites that have several horizontally arranged segments, with the navigation menus easily navigating to the corresponding segments. Means for a one-page website.

It' still possible to have inside pages, like with any other topic. The Welcome, About and Contact areas are widgets. The PHP source for portfolio entry display is encoded in front-page.php. Title and feature image of 6 (modifiable) portfolio CPT records are displayed in the Portfolio section.

When you click Enhanced Image, the pictures are displayed in a light box with a prettyPhoto. Javascript for Parallax was taken from the StudioPress theme Parallax Pro. When you click on a navigation entry, you gently browse to the corresponding section instead of skipping heavily. Menus on the navigation toolbar are emphasized according to which section is currently displayed.

Integrated scrolling animations: fadeInDown for the welcome area, fadeInUp fadeIn for the product range, slideInLinks for the about area and fadeIn for the contact area. The scrolling animation, lightbox for portfolios and parallax are configured so that they can be deactivated on tables and mobile phones via the mobile phone plug-in. The Backstretch jQuery is used to let the wallpaper fill the section sizes in pills and cell phones.

If you want to use a different user-defined submenu in the head area of the inner pages, a new Widget-area "Header Right Inner" is available. Please obey the instructions below to install and run your one-page website like the demonstration site. Please click here to get the zip-file of the topic. scrolling page to id - In the preferences a) place a decimal point after the value in the Selector(s) box and insert. nav-header. genesis-nav-menu a (screenshot) b) change scrolling tempo to 1000 ms c) tick force individual highlighted.

If you want to use custom post types for the portfolio. Show short code for posts - If you use portfolio. Use Gravity Forms or any other forms plug-in or scripts of your choosing - if you want to view a request page in the Contacts section. Navigate to the Appearance > Broadcasts section and drop the required Widget in the Welcome, About and Contacts areas.

To view the Gravity Forms Widget in the Contact Area, simply make a shape and drop it into the Contact Area Widgets area. To view Portfolio CPT records in the Portfolio section of the Home screen, go to Portfolio > New Item in the dashboard and select your preferred records.

Be sure to include the presented pictures. Edit the title page to modify the number of portfolio items that appear in the Portfolio pane from the default value of 6 to any number of your choosing. The following line shows php: Notice that if you want to use wallpapers with different filenames than the above or in a different location, you need to modify the styling accordingly. see below for details. bss and in js/backstretch-init.js.

Modify js/backstretch-init. vs and type the proper picture URLs of the background of your page snippets. Make a user-defined meal and fill it as usual with meal elements on the #Section page: Type #top as your default address for the Home option. Select Appearance> Widgets and drop a customized pull-down list of widgets into the Top right area.

Choose the previously defined submenu.

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