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The Genesis Portfolio Topic

The Minimize is a free, minimalist portfolio theme for the Genesis Framework. The Genesis Portfolio Pro will add a new Portfolio post type where you can add portfolio entries with images and galleries to present your visual content. Add a portfolio to any Genesis child topic.

Free-of-charge Genesis portfolio theme for minimally invasive artists

The Minimize is a sophisticated, bare-essentials styled, naked portfolio theme based on the Genesis Framework. Minimize was designed with a view to creating minimumist designer and agency and offers a easy and stylish way to present your work. Inspired by no sidebar and authenticity, Minimize seeks to eliminate all diversions from your portfolio in order to highlight your talents and make them visible to the outside canvas.

Overview Genesis Portfolio Pro

Genesis Portfolio Pro plug-in generates a user-defined mail item named Portfolio Items: a mail item that allows you to view your visually rich contents in an appealing grid-style format known as a Portfolio Archive. In order to get going, please start installing and activating Genesis Portfolio Pro. For more information, see How to set up and enable a plug-in.

The following is an example of a portfolio archive from the Minimum Pro demonstration that contains six portfolio items. Once a reader selects a portfolio item, they are directed to its page to see the full picture and any extra contents you want to in it. The following is an example of a portfolio item page from the Minimum Pro theme demonstration.

Genesis 20 themes for photographers (integrated into the Genesis framework)

The 20 photograph topics are integrated in the Genesis Framework of StudioPress. They are all portable + can be used using HMT5 and most of them have an integrated portfolio. I' ve added some Genesis theme shops (and links) if you need a larger choice. Remember that you can exchange contents at any time if a topic does not contain photo related contents/images.

Here is a listing of Genesis WooCommerce topics if you need to advertise on your website. Keep in mind that all 20 of these Genesis photograph topics are SOE free, safe and with cleaner coding for quicker loading through the Genesis framework. When you need WordPress web hosting that loads your theme/website quickly, they are always #1 in #1 Thread for #1 as they will be migrating you for free and most folks will see beautiful loading enhancements.

The Genesis kid theme of a professional is Fearless. However, the upright page head style that is commonly used for photographic web sites is not as widespread among the Genesis Infant Theme styles. Imagesly provides a number of similar page topics, most of which have an impressive full-screen slide show on the home page, along with the photo-centered blogs and page templates as well.

Imagly has 12 Genesis topics for the photographer to purchase as a package. An Erick (from Imagely) was really useful in supplying pictures and topic description for this article - so if you care about supporting, I suppose they handle clients the same way. The Free Spirit is a photographically focussed variant of the current Genesis theme design.

Expands the look to bricklayer and grids log layout and large picture submission. So if you haven't seen the 8 Genesis topics from Hello You Designs, you should. Includes more than 20 WordPress videosutorials, lifelong topic assistance, and installation guides. The Hello Gorgeous site has a nice homepage with a top gridsayout, a centred navigational menus and a number of columns while you are scrolling down.

One more masterpiece from Hello You Designs... that's really the only thing I can use to describe it, because I didn't see anything out there that corresponds to what this theme shop is producing in matters of good workmanship. The Gallery is just one of many Zigzagpress topics that can be used as a photographic website.

Zigzag print topics are smooth, simple to edit (I've used vanilla, mindfulness, prestige, megalith and drone). The most come with an integrated portfolio + shortcuts. Galleries has a large homepage slide, several galleries and shortcuts. Next topics are also from Zeigzagpress and can be used for photo pages.

The Bijou has a styles slider that you can use to select colours, backgrounds and full widths before you buy the theme compared to box-slides. Contains several Galerie layout + shortcuts (some of which can be found on the homepage) as well as a clear navigational tool. It is a rugged Genesis theme that, like most Zigzagpress topics, you can easily work with.

The Expose is a Genesis photo theme developed by StudioPress (developer of the Genesis framework) so you know the image encoding and image processing are first class. Your homepage has a weblog roll that you can use as a portfolio or present your latest messages in your weblog posts. Pro is a Genesis theme of parents that is presented on StudioPres and can be adapted to a photo page.

Check out the example pages to see what different styles, colours and styles can look like. The Altitude Pro is similar to Parallax Pro only with a one page (homepage) where the different parts are longer than in Parallax Pro. However, you can also do this with Parallax Pro.

Only another option if you like this theme styling. Treu is a Genesis photo theme with eCommerce capabilities that allow you to market your photographs and products/services. There is a full width slide control for the homepage, an integrated portfolio and a centred navigational bar. Resored 316 designs is featured as a Genesis recommender on the StudioPress website, so you know that (Lauren) of Restored 316 is legal.

The Swank is a WordPress photo theme created by Lindsey of Pretty Darn Cute Design. Swank has 10 female Genesis topics in her shop, Swank would simply be good for a photo website. It was published on the website of StudioPress and focuses on photographs. The Ansel is the first and most important children's theme published by Bildly in 2016.

This topic is used by Bildly at the moment of going to print to run its own website ( It is a visual appealing redesign with a full slide show on the homepage, a widgettized homepage and the wide use of featureted imagery for blogs and featureted imagery page layout and page template. Journaling is a page-style blogs topic.

Although it makes good use of pictures and photographs, it is less photographer-specific than other topics from Bildly. There could be a beautiful "journal" or blogs topic for many different types of interests or alcoves. Unusually among the page-style topics, it still comes with a widgettized homepage that allows beautiful page layout.

The Journal is one of the latest supplements to Imagely's relatively new thematic range. Best topics are easy, easy and catch your eye. There is no integrated portfolio, but Themeforest's portfolio plug-ins can do that. So Shine comes from the Creative Market, a smaller part of ThemeForest, but has a bigger Genesis theme.

Shine's wallpaper structure can be used on any theme, but it still highlights it. is Genesis' theme for photographic web sites, created by Oh Hello Designs. It has been conceived to present a main picture and photo service including an option to blog about me and a Genesis eNews Extended section for newsletters.

Created by dinosaur Stew and represented on the Creative Market. Fairlight Theme is a Genesis kid theme specifically created for photographic web sites. Featuring 2 and 3 columns with an integrated portfolio to help you organise your photographs and work. Zigzagpress created Zen as a light, easy theme.

Contains a portfolio, colour themes and functions for monochrome design AND a theme selection. The Zen theme was used for one of my clients' web sites and I found it very simple to work with - and the site has become very beautiful. MegaIthe is a lightweight theme with a filtering portfolio, a number of galleries and shortcuts, and an embedded blogs.

Focus strongly on the portfolio, if that's important to you. It' great for story telling with your most mighty pictures, and although it doesn't have an integrated portfolio, this can be added by a beautiful portfolio plug-in. Appfinite has over 15+ topics, some of which have been introduced in StudioPress.

Have you found a beautiful Genesis photo theme? Do you have any question or need help selecting a topic, please send me an e-mail.

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