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Templates for Genesis Wordpress

No matter if you are a beginner or advanced, Genesis provides the secure and search engine optimized foundation that takes WordPress to places you never thought you could go. Posts specifically related to Genesis templates and the Genesis framework. Most Genesis child topics use a custom home page template. We' re huge fans, actually this site is driven by a Genesis children's theme. There are several new templates I need to create for my design.

Best Genesis 15+ Child Themes for WordPress

Provided to you by the StudioPress talent base, the Genesis Framework is one of the most beloved and efficient thematic framework available on the web today. Genesis provides safety, function and advanced content capabilities to keep your website running smoothly and looking good. Genesis not only offers functions like user-defined Widgets, neat and easy coding and various layout to make your website special, but there are also some great kid's topics that are especially designed for working with your Genesis framework.

When you' re looking for a multi-purpose site with many easy-to-use customisation features, consider using a Genesis Kind Theme to truly build an outstanding website that stands out from your fiercest competitors. Let's take a look at 20 of the best Genesis children's topics for WordPress.

The Parallax Pro is the ideal topic for those who run a commercial or investment website. This Genesis children's topic, with its clear lay-out and minimum haptics, offers the reader a straightforward vertically designed look to work with. This topic divides the contents into paragraphs so that they are interpreted as a connected tale and finally guides your reader to your Call to Action screen.

The Lifestyle Pro is a colourful and classy children's topic in mag- style developed for Genesis. Intelligent layout and versatile customisation allow you to communicate creatively. Add blogs and videos, a slide bar, and six colour themes to communicate your point of view. Even better, make a great first impact with Lifestyle Pro's big pictures.

Featuring an integrated page for higher converting landings, a widgettized side bar and a neat, contemporary look, this kid topic will delight your website visitor. Life Style Pro conveys a refreshing atmosphere and provides a great overall adventure, ideal for those who want to exchange fashions, life style chocks or even healthcare consultation.

Developed for those who run an agent or WordPress Web site and want to take full benefit of the Genesis framework, Bradley is the ideal solution for all those who want to With Bradley, you get a clear, pro-quality look and a range of colour choices to suit your company's corporate identity. Handy and SEO-optimized, this children's topic is ideal for enterprise scale.

Although the homepage is widgetized, you can disable the widgets and turn them immediately into a blogs topic. Finally, Bradley features a number of side bars, call to action and authoring options for those who contribute to your website. Clear, stylish and vibrant, this premier Genesis kid topic is poised to present your letter in a space-filled manner.

Your website is light weight for optimum website performing and impresses your website users both in terms of website speeds and attractiveness. Obviously, this topic comes with customized footing widgets and large pictures for your contents. With thread annotations, your reader can interactively work with your contents without all the confusion that can take up too much room on some sites.

Innovatively, made by Pixelista, requires that you already have the Genesis Framework. There are three colour schemes to highlight your contents, especially if you share a foodsie blog with your pendants. This slim homepage is suitable for nice mail pictures in different size, which enhance the impression.

Finally, activate the categories layouts so your readership can quickly find your best prescriptions from morning to evening meal and afters. The Patron is a full-fledged Genesis children's topic based on the high-performance and free WooCommerce plug-in. Superb for those who want to resell all types of product, Patron has many great functions.

There are also limitless colour and type options and a contents control to highlight your best offers. Featuring a more subscriber landed page submission and cross-browser interoperability, Patron is sure to track everyone who visits your e-commerce store. What is great is that the sale will include extra Genesis Childrens Topics that you can try out as part of the package as well.

The Andrea is a nice grid-like Genesis kid topic that requires the Genesis framework to be purchased separately. Optin Boxes plug-in comes with the topic for setting up your e-mail lists and works well with key e-mail services companies. You can also view your website with or without a headline, add text in the bottom line for additional contacts, and even present related contributions to your reader for further integration into the website.

The Journey is a blogs topic based on the Genesis Framework. Journey is for single loggers and globetrotters and features two colour themes, highlight colours and feature-rich sets to share your experience. You can also use the Livingme Theme Customizer to toggle between a black and a bright colour palette, load a logotype and favoricon, and even modify the wallpaper colour.

The Metro Pro is another Genesis kid favorite provided by StudioPress. Selected pictures in many different size, with different layouts and many colour scheme, you will surely make something special. Remember the various types of online community functions that allow you to connect with your faithful supporters and extend the range of your information.

The News Pro is the children's topic of a website editor's dreams. Supportive items, voice and visual, there's nothing you can't part with your enthusiastic readership. Containing a lot of information, this story concentrates on the important things - hit contents, eye-catching designs and easy to navigate for a great viewing pleasure. Several widgets ensure that you give your readership all the information they want, from top to bottom.

View your story and post with different sizes of pictures, prioritising key messages. Monetise your high traffic website with the handy widget ad site and empower your reader to sign up for your newsletters and join via online community. Featuresured listings pictures show a brief explanation and a hyperlink to extra information so your customers know exactly what is available at all time.

The Penelope is a female Genesis children's Genesis story with a widgettized page land for a one-of-a-kind look, a categories index, a user-defined archival style sheet, and a 2-column outline. With the WordPress Customizer you can easily customize the colour of your website by uploading a cover picture.

In addition, Penelope contains a standard user-defined gravity for those who are interacting with your contents and don't have an image that matches the name. Attractive'Read More' beams fit the colour schemes of your website and add to the subtle character of the theming. Your website attracts your readership and they just keep rolling as they record everything.

Seven built-in colour themes make this children's topic highly customisable, so you can describe this website as one of a kind for others who use it. Additionally, Centric Pro provides ease-of-use, a customisable headers with a customized logotype and user-defined page templates. Customizing your website to your needs is easy with this one-sided Genesis children's topic.

Add stock option feeds, an opt-in field, and other information in the bottom of the page. A useful thing in this topic is the possibility to post a comments to a certain photo directly on the homepage. is a Genesis children's topic aimed at the educational sector. University, college and K-12 college Web sites take advantage of Caroline's capabilities.

This topic offers for example the possibility to create alumni/member profiles, board settings and an on-line shop. You can also use actions keys to get the reader to act. After all, it's a topic for pupils on the move and it's well encoded for quick page download. Embracing the Genesis Framework, ambient pro is an unmistakable children's topic.

Connect your photos and pictures with your blogs so your readership can find out more about you and your passions. And Patricia is another great Genesis kid topic from Web Savvy based on the Genesis framework. Patricia was developed for non-profit organisations, has 6 colour choices, and is SEO-friendly to attract and motivate people.

With feature-rich postal image, a number of side bars, a widgettized homepage, and call to Action Widget, you can get your messages across to everyone. There is an option of a events diary for your benefit organisation and a picture galery to complement it. Combined with your exceptional effort to help the wider community, these functions will certainly set you apart from your target group.

The Shine is a Genesis photograph kid subject that would be perfectly suited to share your big tag with everyone who follows you. Being HTML5, agile and reactive and SEO optimised, you don't have to be afraid of being found. Choose from one of 7 colour schemes, 6 layouts and enlarge your homepage to make it easier for the reader to choose which move to make next using the index of categories.

The Rachel topic is based on the Genesis Framework and is suitable for those who want to promote themselves on-line. Ideal for resumes and face-to-face web sites, this children's topic features four colour choices, a versatile picture rotation and, of course, 100% responsiveness. You can use the CV templates to establish your reputations, deploy pre-defined gravitational forms, and even post to blogs to strengthen your authoritative position.

Packed with white space, a neat atmosphere and a contemporary design, this Genesis Children themes is ideal for a wide range of sites. Vanilla was developed with high performance and light weight coding and is easy to use, compatibility with all popular web browser and even portable. It is a very versatile topic and is suitable for all types of projects you carry out.

This is a listing of 20 stunning Genesis children's topics for all types of web sites. The Genesis Framework has so many children's topics that it would be difficult to enumerate all the good ones. Hopefully, however, this summary has given you a little of everything, so no matter what kind of website you want to build, you have something sound to choose from when it comes to topics.

Did you use any of the above Genesis children's topics for your website?

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