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Link to all official Genesis-related websites

The last reincarnation of the Genesis site ran from July 2001 to May 2010. - the band's old offical website. TOONY DATES - The formal website was launched in 2012 and concentrates on Tony's latest orchestra release, Six Pieces For Orchestra, and the long-awaited remake of The Wicked Lady (soundtrack).

Or you can visit the Tony Banks Facebook page and the Twitter page. PaUL CARRACK - This is the offical website of Paul Canrack. There are some exclusives in the shop that are not available elsewhere, like e.g. available "official bootlegs", etc. This is the offical website of Phil Collins.

Look at that! There are also Phil Collins' Facebook page and Twitter page. shil collins bigband - There's not much on this page, but you can buy scores for the big Band arrangments of Phil Hot Night in Paris albums. Notes transposed by Harry Kim (from Phil's band), Harry Nestico and others (note: these are NOT inexpensive arrangements).

This is the Peter Gabriel website. As well as breaking newscasts, tour information and the like, you can also buy many fun multi-media treats, exploring his Royal World Records page and even Gabriel and Royal World Gooodies in his online store. Feel free to visit the Facebook and Twitter pages of Peter Gabriel.

STEP HACKETT - This is the new Steve Hackett website! Contains a new Steve blogs function to keep your fan, messages, tour date and more up to date! Or you can visit Steve Hackett's Twitter page. MICHAEL & THE MECHANICS - Newly opened in February 2011, Mike and the Mechanics is focused on current project work, with the upcoming singles 1986-2014 collection(s).

Feel free to browse the Mike and Mechanics Facebook pages. ALTHONY PHILLIPS - This is the offical website of Anthony Phillips. MIKE RUTHERFORD - Until today there is no "official" site for Mike Rutherford. Whether you believe it or not (please see the Mike and the Mechanics page). This is the offical site of Charyl Stermer.

This is the offical website of Chester Doompson. This is the offical site of Ray Wilson. This site provides historic information about his past work ( Genesis included ), what he is working on, tour information, videos, photos and more. Or you can visit the website of Ray's Stiltskin.

Visit the Sad Cafe site, one of Paul Young's former groups. others (founded) officiel pages: - The offical website of the jazz/fusion group that Phil Collins once had as cardholders seems to be offline at the time. This is the JOHN BURNS website.

He has been instrumental in producing classical Genesis records such as Foxtrot, Live, Selling England By The Pound and The Lamb Reads Down On Broadway. Have a look at his website to learn more about his carreer and some of the newer artists he currently works with. It is the offical website of Ronnie Caryl, Phil Collins' tourgitarist since 1996 and former member of Flaming Youth and Hickory, two of Phil Collins' pre-genesis groups.

  • Much of what is now the Flaming Youth Keyboarder's website. Have a look at images, critiques, a bio and more! This is the offical site for the longtime producer/engineer for Genesis. It is Nick who is in charge of the remaastering of the Genesis back catalogue on CD and the current 5. 1 encoded DVDs.

He has also worked behind the scene on assignments for Phil Collins, Tony Banks, Mike & The Mechanics, Marillion, XTC, It White and others. VIRGILIO NICK D'VIRGILIO - Nick was one of two sessions of drumming released on the latest Genesis recording date, All Stations Sound. He is also a member of the progong rock group Spock' s Beard.

You can find the latest information about his sessions, soloprojects and much more on his website. This is the offical site for the Brotherhood. Have a look at their website and get photocopies of their elusive records like Breakfast For Dinosaurs, Hunter, Entropy, Last Blue Sky and others with Chester on drum.

In order to find out which Chester tracks contain, visit the WOG Purchasing section. HOWAR TOIM - The offical Howar page is under develop. Tintin is sharing the singing leadership with Andrew Roachford in the latest reincarnation of Mike and The Mechanics. At JONATHAN KING - "King of Hits" is the offical website of Jonathan King, the producers who invented Genesis and recorded their first ever From Genesis To Revelation record.

This is the offical website of Tony Level. For Genesis enthusiasts, Tony is probably best known as Peter Gabriel's long-time bassist or perhaps as a member of King Crimson, but Tony is a very busy sessions musician and has worked with John Lennon, Lou Reed, Pink Floyd, Lawrence Gowan and many, many others.

Take a look at his page and don't miss his now-famous Tour Diary! This is the offical website of Nir?Z, one of the two guys who performed on the Genesis All Stations Album Calling. We are an experienced sessions drummer and have also worked on a number of recording sessions with Ray Wilson, among them the Cut Millionairhead and Stelzkin She series.

Visit his website for the latest information about his carreer! Andrew Roachford is an independent, accomplished performer who, together with Tim Howar, leads the singing work in the latest release of Mike and the Mechanics. The SAS BAND - This is the Spike Edney's SAS Band website.

To those who don't know, the SAS Volume is an all-star group with different musicans. The members of the group ( at different time periods ) were Paul Young (from Sade Cafe and Mike and The Mechanics), Bob Geldof, Lionel Richie, Fish and Steve Hogarth (from Marillion), Roger Taylor, Brain May and John Deacon (from Queen), Phil Manzanera (from Roxy Music), Ian Anderson (from Jethro Tull), Paul Rodgers (from Bad Company), John Wetton (from Asia) and many others.

SPOCK'S BEARD - The offical site for the former Genesis sessions drum Nick D'Virgilio's group. Contains current messages, a diskography, a message boards, an online store, route information and much more. Paul WHITEHEAD - This is the offical site of Paul Whitehead. He is the artist best known to Genesis enthusiasts for having created the art work for the group's Trespass, Nursery Cryme and Foxtrot album.

Take a look at his online galleries and buy some great Genesis toys, as well as replicas of the art work from these three records!

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