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Genesis SEO options and functionalities are inherited by all subordinated topics. e-shop Many designs have design choices that give you full one-click full functional controls. You can use our topics for any number of your own private and business use. Topics are children's topics and need the Genesis Framework, which you can get from StudioPress.

Designed to fit perfectly from the desk -top to the portable device. Genesis will inherit the Genesis SOE choices and features from all subordinate topics. The majority of designs are preloaded with additional styles and shortcuts that enhance Genesis natively. You can use our topics as often as you like and on as many different domain names as you need.

Translation of the topics into any preferred languages using the supplied.po/.mo file.

Genesis Child Themes Updates improve compatibility with WooCommerce StudioPress

Recently, when I looked at the children's topics on StudioPress, I realized something. Remembered that the Smart Passive Pro Childs theme I used was recently upgraded. First of all let me say that some of the Genesis Childrens Threads on StudioPress are now much more brave.

So, I've been updating the topic here on my site and that's what I've been discovering. Though you still need the Genesis Connect for WooCommerce plug-in, you don't need to insert this into your functions.php files anymore: add_theme_support('genesis-connect-woocommerce'); I happened to discover this because I hadn't yet duplicated my user-defined coding, but I found that things were still working well.

In the past, if you have not realized when using WooCommerce with children's topics, there are some subtile style that WooCommerce overwrites. As an example, on your store page, the default colour of the buy badge, what comes with Woo, is not the colour that your other badges not associated with Woo Commerce have elsewhere on the site.

Now, some time ago, my girlfriend Carrie Dils had written a plug-in named Genesis Style Trump that would fix this one. Now, the topics do that themselves. Here, for example, is what the store page was like before I upgraded my kid theme. Once the price has been refreshed, the colours of the topics will be drawn in.

You can also see that the search widget in WooCommerce's side bar is much neater now. A further subtile distinction on the store page was the page break at the bottom. And after the upgrade it's the same as now on my archives page: Prior to the fix. Following the upgrade, the pricing colour and buy buttons changes as well.

We are now on the shopping basket page. And finally the check-out page before the update: And after the update: As you can see, these are slight changes, but sometimes it can make a big deal of a difference. Now, some of my favourite kid topics and one of my favourite e-commerce plug-ins get along even better together.

In order to find out which topics have been refreshed, just go to the topics page and arrange them by category > eCommerce.

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